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Day By Day Melts in May

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Good Morning All


Congratulations to your DD, Honeybear! She's a smart cookie! [smilie=th_thwoohoonaner2gy]


Debra...I think I'd....GO FOR IT!! [smilie=th_dancing_smile] :ssshopping: I'd be in BIG trouble if I lived that close!


Amy...that area is soooo beautiful! I hope you are able to breathe this time! I bet you're on your way home now!


It's been...

Dessas Soarin Above...o.m.g. ❤️❤️❤️

VCS Jenny and the Pink Ladies...unfortunately, can't smell anything.

So I switched it for

L3 Apricot Peeps ZB...yum.


Have a great one. ;)

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Hey there!


Melting Front Porch Pink Lemon Marshmallow Noel... Love!


Upstairs TSGS Dirty Deeds (Downy Clean Breeze+Gain Island Fresh)


Maggie, that darn VCS lol. I just tossed two large roses because the last one I melted had zero scent. I believe it was Notorious+Bold Eyes Red Lips+The Drive -In)


Debra I think we're in for some rain today too.


Honeybear, Congrats again to your DD! [smilie=th_slider_congratulation



Speaking of grades, DS#1 got all A's this semester and made the deans list! I think he has done so well for his first year in college! DS#2 is doing excellent as well in his sophomore year in high school. The undergraduate award ceremony is in a couple weeks. It's funny, but he told me that he doesn't think he should get an award for getting good grades. He said its like a participation award. You shouldn't be awarded for doing what is expected of you as a student. I see his point!! He's quite right.


Anyhooooo, got lots to do today. Hope you all have a lovely Friday! [smilie=th_WooHooRainbowWaveJack

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Greetings all,


Happy Friday, everyone!


Maggie, I second your motion to Debra - GO FOR IT!! I wish I lived that close to L3! ???? And that Dessa's...ohhhhh....Delicious! ❤️. You're so right - this area of the country is beautiful and lifts my sprits.


Honeybear, sounds like a wonderful time with your daughters! Congrats on the graduation and awards, not to mention summer job, for DD#2!


Aria, congratulations to both your sons, on jobs well done!


Mpfand, Peach Magnolia Raspberry, ohhhhh... Love that one!


Susan, you've got me going on the donut scents....????????


Well once again at the airport and coming HOME! Last night it was:


Wax Workshoppe Sweater Weather - so lovely - juniper, eucalyptus, Woody sage - fabulous. I thought I didn't like this scent last year, but the nose does change its mind from time to time!


Have a safe and peaceful Friday, everyone. ❤️❤️❤️

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I am glad it is home time again Amy!


Tonight it is a homemade tart from a friend that has started making them and she asked me to try them - the scent is berry ice cream. She is doing good! [smilie=th_aa17]

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I hope you will have a wonderful day, with lots of lovely smellies around you, and perhaps even a little road trip!


It's a beautiful morning here in Ohio, the birds are singing their heads off, and the grass is growing before my eyes. It will be in the mid-eighties today and DH is pushing for the A/C to be turned on. I am resisting...back to the air currents whisking away all the lovely wax smells...but soon enough we will need to turn it on, I suppose.


I returned home to, ahem, some wax I may have ordered...L3 and Rockets...and everything smells beyond beautiful, perhaps the best orders yet.


This morning it's still some wax I had started previously and had turned off:


L3 Celestial Sea Salty Mariner - an SSA blend and so strong and lovely that I may never change the melter, and


L3 Gentle Susan - a strawberry blend that is so juicy and delicious, I may need to go buy some real ones to snack on.


Have a lovely day, all!

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[smilie=th_balloons] Happy Birthday Debra. [smilie=th_8d1933ff]


Melting today: Thai sticky rice pineapple by CFOW, pineapple really come thur. I have the weekend off, going to a auction today.

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[smilie=th_f0424ea25f87db180cc7d Debra! [smilie=th_smiley_emoticons_hurr Have a wonderful day...and enjoy the weekend! Hope the weather is nice for you!


Good morning all!


Amy...yay for nice weather! I'm glad we have that bright, yellow ball in the sky today too! I'm sitting on my porch listening to all the lovely birds. [smilie=th_oregonian_mornincoffe I'm not one to want the AC on either...I'd much rather have the windows open...but I don't suffer from allergies.


Susan...enjoy that auction!


Aria...congrats to your sons! Job well done! [smilie=th_thwoohoonaner2gy] I have realized that the only VCS that are holding up for me have Cinnamon in them.


Last nights melts are still going...I'm enjoying them so much.

It was a blind pull...

Savannah Blue Pink Pear Coconut Milk

L3 Apricot Peeps ZB

Homemade Lavender Apples & Oak from a dear friend...this one reminds me of my Mom. ❤️❤️❤️ I don't think I'll be changing it until every last drop is gone. Thank you!


Have a good one. :)

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Happy birthday, Debra! [smilie=th_blij40]


Congratulations to your boys, Aria!


Melting Suit Up from SGA-blue sugar marshmallow vanilla bean noel. Great combo!

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Good morning


Melting a powerfully strong scoop from L3-Donut Shop


That's it right now will start some more melterS in a bit. Was out late last night as DS#2 had a late hockey game that was 1 1/2 hour drive. They won 9-0....it was a blowout. DS played a great game and got an assist.


Debra, it's your birthday! [smilie=th_c2e41937] [smilie=HBday] [smilie=th_00000020]


Maggie, VCS just had a restock yesterday with a Moulin Rouge theme, but I just cannot bring myself to order even though the scents sound great. [smilie=th_smiley-yawn]


Cookie, I love Swan Creek Vanilla Pound Cake!


amy, enjoy your weekend home. What did you get from Rockets? I requested a scent to be poured and by the time I went to order, it was sold out so I didn't order at all.


Our weather has been very weird this spring... Lots of rain and cloudy days and still quite cool. This weekend is no different. I'm freezing and tired of wearing layers already. Warmer temps are promised tomorrow but also thunderstorms. We'll see.


Another hockey game later today . Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Aria, this was a mini Rocket's order - a pie slice in Cucumber Mint and a Candy Bag in Coconut Cream Pie. Both delicious - I'm really tickled with her wax. Which scents of here do you like?

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[smilie=HBday] Debra!! [smilie=th_blij40] Hope you have a wonderful day! [smilie=th_LOVE]


Aria ~ Congratulations to you DS’s on the grades and the hockey game! You must be so proud. [smilie=yes]

Your comment on the L3 scoop has me thinking ???? . I may have to take a peek...


Michelle ~ I love that SGA blend you’ve got going. [smilie=th_slider_flirt]


Amy ~ Sign me up for any and all Salty Sea Air blends. [smilie=th_200912104451]


Susan ~ Yum. I remember really liking SC Vanilla Pound Cake. Have fun at the auction!


Maggie ~ I’m glad you’re enjoying the Lavender Apples & Oak. It’s also one of my favorites.


SGA Sweet Potato Toasted Marshmallow Sticky Marshmallow ~ a gift from a sweet friend [smilie=thank_you]

Swanky Lavender Fireside Cream Cake Cookie

LSC Sugar Sparkle ~ I think this is Day 3 now. [smilie=th_cc15]


Burning GC Coconut Angel Food Cake


DH has had a grueling week of long days, so we’re going to take it easy today. But I may be able to talk him into a trip to an Asian market followed by Thai or Chinese food for dinner. [smilie=th_c032]

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Hi Everyone!!


Happy Birthday Debra! It sounds like you have a wonderful day planned.


Aria-Congratulations to your sons!!


I’m hoping that all the VCS I purchased has scent. I went a little overboard. A lot of mine are Fall Scents so I’m glad to hear that the ones with cinnamon

hold up better.


I took a ride to the beach house today. Going out to dinner soon at a new restaurant. My brother and sister in law are down too. They have a house on the same street.


Melting SGA Coconut Cream SSA Sweet Lavender. This is just wonderful and strong too !!


Valerie-it sounds like you have a nice and relaxing day planned.


Have a great evening everyone!!

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Well good morning all,


I just spent the last hour rushing about because the kitchen clock is reading an hour late. There have been multiple power outages over the last week and that clock has no clue what time it is. Apparently, neither do I.


Maggie, that's lovely to find a scent that reminds you of your Mom. It's interesting, isn't it, how certain scents bring back beautiful memories of our loved ones. ????


Debra, I hope you had a beautiful birthday and enjoyed your road trip!! ????


Michele, glad you're getting to start going to the beach house! Also glad you have family around - how was the new restaurant?


Valerie, I'm with you - SSA does it every time for me. What is it about that scent? Idk..it's some combo of happy memories and a little mystery mixed in together. Did you end up going for an Asian dinner?


Susan, how was the auction? Did you nab anything?


Mpfand, oh that blue sugar combo sounds fabulous. The marshmallow and VBN with it...I love it straight up or mixed with just about anything.


Well I stayed home and cleaned for most of yesterday, and did the grocery shopping later in the afternoon. Then DH and I continued watching Hinterland on Netflix, which is a kind of dark crime drama set in Wales (and Sharon, so beautiful there, but of course you know that). I like the characters very much. I was reading that they tape the show twice, once in Welsh and once in English - so those actors get to memorize the script twice, so talented. ????


I did buy a miniature Sterilite cabinet for the bedroom, in a teal color with a woven basket design, just for my scoops. I have the small oblong Colonial Candle melter in there and it is perfect, even divine, for the scoops - that melter isn't as hot as the others and the soft scoops last forever and a day in there. I may have mentioned that I love the L3 scoops and I don't like to pour them out before they're finished.


Well yesterday afternoon into this morning it was:


Super Tarts Flame Princess - tangerine, toasted marshmallow, and fizzy pop - yes, heavenly! I had received a tiny sample of this and ordered two clams as a result.


And this morning it's:


Ava's Country Cupboard Watermelon Lemonade - so fresh and summery. I'm very happy with this vendor. Lovely colorful wax, too. The scents build gradually and last a long time.




Cheryl's Driftwood Island - from a wonderful Spring Sampler, a gift from a generous CF pal - I will need to stock up on this beautiful seaside scent, thanks friend!!


Sorry this was War and Peace once again. Off to do the laundry. Have a peaceful Sunday, everyone. ❤️

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Good morn everyone. Melting snow white by CFOW


Amyjo, the auction was great. They had a regular auction with handmade quilts and all kinds of things. Also had 4 slient auctions also, I won a cookbook. Had baked goods of all kinds. BBQ chicken dinners. All the money goes toward helping people that have natural disasters. Flodding, etc.


Hope everyone has a great day. Going out to lunch with my family later today. [smilie=th_WooHooRainbowWaveJack

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Thank you for all the birthday wishes! We had a packed day and it was a lot of fun. Then I came home to a really long Windows update so I went to bed and let my computer do its magic. Did any of you get that update yet?



Congrats on winning the cookbook, Susan! I like to read those like novels, and like wax, I have way too many! [smilie=th_pardon]


Amy, you are helping to motivate me. The scoops are just laying in a drawer and they really should have a little home of their own. I will need to go shopping! [smilie=th_snoopy]


Michele - enjoy your time at the beach! It will be several weeks until I get to go back.


Aria, I am sorry you didn't get to order your scent! Which one did you want?


Today I am starting with LSC - Lemonilla

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Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday.


Melting Lemonberry Cookie Bread from K's Kreations. Thanks, candle buddy! ????

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Hi All!


Hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a quiet day so far. Going to the movies with my daughter in a little while to see Longshot.


Melting SGA Coconut Cream SSA Sweet Lavender again. I just love this scent. It’s wonderful! Anything with SSA is a winner for me also.


Amy-The new restaurant at the beach was good. Glad we got to go this weekend because next weekend we won’t be able to get in.


Please say a prayer for my friend. She was told to go for more tests from a chest X-ray to test for a hiatal hernia and today her heart doctor told her it was most likely lung cancer. She’s having a CT scan on Wednesday. These are 2 very different diagnoses so I’m hoping for the better of the two.


Enjoy your evening!

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Hello everyone!


Happy Monday to all!


Michele, I will pray for your friend. That is scary and I hope she hears the better news. On a happier note, I hope you and your daughter enjoy the movie. That SGA Coconut SSA Lavender sounds exquisite.


Susan, I'm glad you won a cookbook at the silent auction! How wonderful that all the proceeds are going to help people in need from natural disasters. ????❤️


Debra, I don't think I've had that Windows update yet... Not sure... It is always updating itself and I just sit and wait...????. How is the wax organization coming along? Does my little teal Sterilite have a new cousin in your neck of the woods? ????


Mpfand, that Lemonberry Cookie Bread has me drooling... I've been on a lemon bender lately. ????


Maggie, yooohoooo! *Waving madly* I hope you are well!! ❤️


Well once again on the road and this time I have brought cubes from the Super Tarts Wizards Sampler and the Mint Sampler. This is working well because it's just one cube per sample, and that's the perfect size for a hotel room. She includes all the scent descriptions for the 30 or so samples in each bag. I'm really happy with this, a good way to try lots of her varieties without ordering a bunch of clams.


So last night it was:


ST The Originals - Clementine and Spearmint, wonderful! Very strong, predominantly clementine, but the touch of spearmint gave it a nice boost.


And tonight it's:

ST Mr Freeze - eucalyptus and peppermint. Just getting started but very potent on cold.


So there you have it. Enjoy your evenings! I plan to enjoy the view of the mountains with a nice glass of ????.

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Amy, my intentions were good, but I mainly moved things around a lot. Not sure that counts as organizing!


I know what you mean about 1 square and staying in a hotel - I remember my last overnight. I opened the doors wide before I left to reduce some of the lingering scent. They probably still thought I dumped a bottle of unusual cologne somewhere. [smilie=th_Skratta_Bankabordet]


I am thinking the best for your friend, Michele, she is in my thoughts and prayers.


Tonight - Creative Enchantment - Pear Tree.

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He everyone


Thinking of your friend Michele ❤️


Amy, where in the "world" are you now? Lol


Debra, I love the sound of Pear Tree, I'm really into Pear scents at the moment.


Does anyone have any good blends that go with Pear? I'm up for customs with the Darley Lama in about a month so I'm putting my order together, looking for different combinations too of anything if anyone has any suggestions. I've been taking notes on some blends that I've noticed some of you have had too already, lol.


Today I'm melting


Living Room ~ Herbal Remedy by Cleaves


Kitchen and hallway ~ Lavender Peppermint by Bronte Candle Co. I've only ordered once from this vendor and it was a really small order thankfully as I'm not impressed with them, the smells have been too artificial and gas like if that makes sense. However, this last one I'm trying, which was a freebie smells lovely so far, more lavender than peppermint.


Hope you all have a lovely day

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Good Morning !


Thanks everyone for the prayers for my friend.


Melting SGA Honeydew Melon Cotton Candy Frosting this morning.


Have a great day!

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Greetings all!


I hope everyone is well.


Debra, moving things around is an excellent accomplishment and you should be well pleased with yourself! I always think that when I move things around, there will somehow be less wax. This doesn't necessarily work.


Sharon, good luck with your custom blends! I also love pear.


Well I have done two goofy things in the last 24 hours:


1. Last night I had just blown out the tealight melter in the bathroom of the hotel. I was using a silicone cupcake holder for the wax, and everything was still hot. I went into the bedroom, turned out all but the smallest light, and took off my glasses. I wanted to blow my nose, so I went back into the darkened bathroom, and in my blind state wondered what that blobby thing was toward the back of the sink. I reached out to pick it up and put it away, grabbing the silicone holder and splashing wax all over. I left it until this morning.


2. I accidentally ordered five Bathing Garden clams in an eBay destash. Before you start protesting, I really didn't mean to buy these, and was surprised to see the amount in my bank app online this morning. It is true that I was looking at that destash. I must have pressed "Buy Now" by accident. I looked up the vendor and she has something like 3400 sales, all positive, so I don't think it's fraud. I did send her an email but they have already shipped. It is true that they are lovely Alice Collection scents.


So last night that Super Tarts Mr. Freeze (eucalyptus and peppermint) was not one I would buy again, too heavy on the eucalyptus, and this morning I decided to just clean up the waxident, cut my losses, and not melt anything more before work.


Hopefully I have all of that out of my system now.


Have a lovely day!

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