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Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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Scented Jewels for April Fools

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[smilie=th_1819] Valerie!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!


Debra...I hope kitty comes out soon. How long does it usually take for them? [smilie=th_confused3]


Michele...oh my gosh...5 hours? I can only imagine the worry about not making it after all that time in the car. [smilie=th_pullhair] I'm glad you ended up being able to pay your respects...and glad you got home safely.


Aria...listening to podcasts is a great idea. [smilie=th_blij47-1] I would think that time would go by very quickly then. So exciting about getting your son a car! I'm sure he'll be very happy! [smilie=th_sign0162]


Sharon...ahhh...filthy cars are not fun! Hope it's not as bad as you anticipate. [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy]


Amy...yikes...till Friday? [smilie=th_smiley_aaeq] That stinks.But glad you brought enough wax...as though you may not have.... [smilie=th_thlaughter]


It's Ramble On this morning...lovin it but the name was rubbed off the label. It's fruity and delicious.


Have a good day.

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Good Morning!!


Happy Birthday Valerie!! Hope it’s a great day!


Pulled a random melt from my summer Sampler basket. It’s SGA Cotton Candy Lollipops Lemonade. Tossed the whole square into a central melter. It’s blowing me out of the house. Didn’t think I’d like it but it’s good.


Aria-Listening to podcasts is a great idea.


Debra -That was the third time that his flight was cancelled and couldn’t make it home. I was with him the other 2 times. It was very disappointing.


Maggie-Hope you are enjoying your time off.


Sharon-Thank you and I hate dirty cars too.


Enjoy the day all!

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Hi everyone!


Happy birthday, Valerie! [smilie=th_a194]


Good to see you, Biolaeagles! [smilie=th_wave]


Aria, 4 miles is [smilie=th_cc15]


Michele, what a drive! [smilie=grrr] Glad you made it home safely.


Amy, hope you're able to have a little fun while you're there! [smilie=th_WE1summer013]


Melting Fresh Cut Cantaloupe from Scentsy.

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Maggie, it really varies for the kitties...when they are semi-feral, I can give them a home, but they are usually still very skittish - even after a year or more! So, it could be a few weeks until he comes out and socializes. At least they are safe from the bully kitties and the coyotes! ^_^


I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Valerie! :rose:


Tonight it is Strawberry Lemonade - Cheryl's.

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Good. Morning!


It was a busy day yesterday but a good one.


Today should be a bit more relaxing. I’m just going to do some things for my dad later.


This morning I’m melting SGA Violet Sugar Petals Marshmallow Bomb.


I’m glad you don’t have to do a lot of driving today. I don’t mind driving but honestly after Monday I’m staying away from long drives for awhile.

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Good Morning!


Thanks Michele...although as usual...after a few days I'm getting bored. I got some stuff done and I've got more but it's boring stuff...I like to be up and moving. Hmmmm....I may look into a part time summer job. And I don't blame you for wanting to stay out of the car! Btw, When do you usually open up the beach house?


Debra...awww....poor little guy..or girl? Coyotes? Yikes...I bet you've got a good plan of action after doing this so many times. These little guys are lucky they came to your house!


Mpfand...mmmm...cantaloupe. My favorite...think I'm gonna go looking for a cantaloupe scent!


Today it's Woofwix Grapefruit & Citrus Tobacco Musk...unique and I love it! Wish I bought more than one. Ugh.

Savannah Blue Sunshine on my Shoulders

Upstairs it's OPT The Cleaning Fairy


Have a good day.

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Really sweet! [smilie=group_hug]


Yesterday came and went so quickly! My closest friend back in Albuquerque, really my best friend, was having surgery to remove a mass in her uterus. Looks like it was a polyp, but they did a D&C and we still have to wait for biopsy results. Hoping for the best.

Then last night DH and I went to a special sale at our favorite furniture store where we had wine and a little bit of champagne. Not too good of an idea since no snacks were served with it [smilie=th_a136], and we were going to dinner afterwards. We ended up at a gourmet burger place down the street, but I already felt a little tipsy so I didn’t want any more wine. And by the time we got home, there was no room for any of the carrot cake I made. [smilie=th_oops_]

We special ordered a mirror for our entryway and found a couple of pretty decorative bowls, and I got a really nice gift from the owners, (must be because we’ve been such good customers ;) ). They recently started selling LAFCO New York candles and let me have my pick. Lavender Amber smells divine! [smilie=th_slider_flirt]


Susan ~ Those sound like perfect Springtime scents.


Maggie ~ That Woofwix tart sounds like an interesting scent combination.


Michele ~ I’m sorry your Connecticut drive was a nightmare. I don’t like to do long drives alone and usually avoid them at all costs. Your SGA violet wax is similar to one I can’t wait to get from the brittle preorder.


Debra ~ You are such a kind soul to take in feral kitties. :smileysnowangel:


Aria ~ How sweet of your son! Did you miss the post where I was talking about all the Polish food? I am also 100% Polish. [smilie=th_slider_hi5]


Michelle ~ Dare I ask, but is that cantaloupe scent still available?


Sharon ~ Also not a fan of dirty cars, but I definitely pay attention more to the inside than the outside. My house, on the other hand, well let’s just say everything in its place and a place for everything. [smilie=th_giggle]


Amy ~ I’m sorry you had to stay longer than anticipated, but glad you had enough wax to make it tolerable. [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy]


SGA Pink & Blue Baby Powder

CFTKR Marshmallow Filled Birthday Cake Zucchini

Homemade Lemon Curd Toasted Marshmallow Sugar Cookie


Phew! That was a long one! Hope I don’t forget to push post . LOL


Have a good day everyone, and thanks again for the birthday wishes! [smilie=th_aa18]

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Good morning all. I say good but the weather here is atrocious, heavy rain and chilly.


Because of the weather I'm melting warm comforting scents


Kitchen ~ Goose Creek Caramel Applewood. It's so nice, not to heavy on the Spice.


Living Room ~ Cleaves Almond Blossom. Slightly bakery but more floral.


Hope you all are having better weather than I am.

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Greetings ladies!


Well I am all packed up and ready to go home. Breakfast is ready at 6:30 so I will take a little something and head to the beach one last time before work. Work will be a quick visit, then head to the airport. At the end we did get a few things done this week despite many delays. It happens!


Maggie, you are hilarious to suggest that I wouldn't bring enough wax... this is not a problem! What sort of summer job might you look at? I hope you enjoy your last days of vacation. ????????????️


Honeybear, I'm very glad you finally cut into that cake! Congratulations on scoring one of those luxury candles for free.


Mpfand - cantaloupe, ohhhh, come to Mama! That sounds glorious. Is the weather heating up out by you?


Sharon, I'm sorry for the cold, rainy weather. I will try to send you some of this beachy sunshine...I could get used to this as a holiday spot.


Susan, your spring scents sound beautiful. I love sea salt and I love rainy scents.


Michele, I am glad you're off the roads for awhile. That Violet Sugar... So tempting...


Aria, that is very generous of you to surprise your son with a car! Please update us on his reaction!


Debra, that little kitty is so lucky, and you are a dear to give him a home and help him along so patiently


Well last night it was:

Swanky Sage and Chamomile - a repeat from the last trip and so beautiful.


And this morning:

VCS Lady Luck - from a mystery box and I can't find any scent description for it, but it is fruity and I like it very much. Nice strong throw, too, after maybe two months.


Take care all and Happy Friday!!????????

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Good Morning!


It's a cooler rainy day here as well, Sharon. Blech. May switch to some rainy day scents next.


Valerie...glad you had a sweet "date night" with the hubby even though you were too full for the carrot cake. [smilie=th_drool33456183iw4]. Best wishes to your friend...I went through a similar experience 3 years ago...hope her tests come back clean.


Amy...Safe travels to you, my dear! A last look at the ocean sounds wonderful. Not sure about what I would look for in a summer job...something no stress...just to keep busy. Last summer with the girls home...so I may wait till next year. Idk.


Susan...did you have off this week as well?


This morning it's lemons, lemons, lemons. [smilie=th_thumbs20up]

CFTKR Iced Lemon Biscotti from a sweet pal...love it!

The Scented Squirrel Fruit Loops & Lemon Cookies from a sweet CF pal...yummy!

Homemade Raspberry Lemon Colada Cake from a talented CF pal...delicious!

Thanks! My house smells sooooo good!

Added Merman from the Bunny Sisters upstairs. Wonderful.


Have a great day. :)

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Safe travels to you, Amy! ????


Debra, how's Kitty doing? ????


Unfortunately, the cantaloupe scent from Scentsy is no longer available....sad because it was one of their stronger fruity scents. ????


Tomorrow I am having a garage sale. Wish me luck....haven't had one since we lived in FL, over 15 years ago! Fortunately, DD and her fiance are coming to help.


Melting Apricot Raspberry Zinger from Front Porch. It's going to be in the 90's today so all the fruity scents sound so good! ????????????????????


Have a great Friday, everyone! ????

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Hi All and Happy Friday!,


Today’s melt is SGA Hello Lover Birthday Cake Zucchini Bread. This is from the Customer Creations Sampler last year. Really good one.


Maggie-DH turned on the water in the beach house a few weeks ago so we are good to go.


Sharon-It’s a rainy day today. I can’t wait for Spring to come and stay.


Michelle-Good Luck with your garage sale.


Amy-Hope you are almost home.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

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Good evening!


I am having trouble with internet connection on my phone and computer. :sAng_explosive: I am at the beach - it is known for spotty coverage in this area at times, darn it!



It has been a crazy busy week - enough that I forgot to bring melts with me!!! This is not good. [smilie=th_sad-1] Lookin' for a Walmart.


Valerie, no room for cake? [smilie=th_insane] That is a tragedy!



It is very windy here, I was looking forward to the waves and blue sky like Amy had, but brrrr! No sitting on the deck today!



Michelle, good luck with your sale!

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Good morning all!


Lovely to be home, although it is a chilly 42F this morning.


Mpfand, good luck with the garage sale! Is it for one day or two? And most importantly, will the proceeds go toward the wax fund? I'm glad you are getting help because that can be a lot of work. I hope the weather cooperates for you!


Debra, I'm sorry it's so cold and windy that you can't enjoy sitting on the deck at the beach house. Still, it sounds lovely to be there and get to see the water!


Michele, it was rainy here yesterday also. The grass is growing before my eyes.


Maggie, those lemony scents just sound fabulous. I'm really enjoying lemon this year. I hope you've had a restful week because I know May is your busy, busy month at school!


Honeybear, any cake left? ???? Now you have me itching to make a carrot cake...I showed DH your cake picture and now he is hankering after one.


Well yesterday it was lavenderland around here:


VCS Lavender Blue Christmas - from a Four-Heart Sampler - lavender and blueberry and ohhhhh, so beautiful. Cured for 5 months and lovely and strong.


SGA Black and Blue - blackberry and blueberry, scrumptious. A giftie from a dear CF friend - thank you!!


And this morning it's a big fav of mine:


SGA Jack the Clipper - salty sea air, Baja cactus, and shaving cream. From a loaf from last summer. This one always puts me on the high seas and I love it so much.




Savannah Blue In The Garden - oh, now we're talking - a small heart and filling the house! Several months of cure, beautiful. Reminds me of CFOW Groot - dirt and grasses, perfect for spring. Love this one, a gift from a sweet CF pal, thank you!


So my goal today is to wander down to the cabin and see if the Wood Thrush has returned. The most lovely and haunting of bird songs for me.


Enjoy your Saturdays! ????

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Good Saturday Morning! [smilie=th_blij51]


Mpfand...best of luck to you with that garage sale! [smilie=th_200912104451] I've never had one although they are very popular here!


Michele...glad that your beach house is ready for you as soon as the weather turns!


Debra...sorry to hear that it's cold at the beach, the Internet is sketchy, and you forgot your WAXIES????? I hope you found some good ones to buy! Plus...Amy is right...just seeing and hearing the beach would make me a happy gal! Hope you enjoy! ;)


Amy...welcome back! Will you be off again on Monday? Your scents sound divine! [smilie=th_00000020] The week went quickly...kinda boring. [smilie=th_smiley-yawn] I wish I knew other people that had the week off...my only other teacher friend went to Florida. It seemed like a lot of folks traveled this week...even the roads were less crowded. I absolutely love the sound of the Wood Thrush although I haven't heard him yet this year. It's funny...I don't know the names of the birds ---until you tell me! ;) ---but their calls are near and dear to my heart. I've always lived with woods behind me and hearing them brings me happiness and calm.


This morning is

CFTKR Salted Cantaloupe..love it!

And from some sweet pals...

Rose Girls Frosted Blueberry Hill Peeps Cake

Scented Squirrel Fantasia (Sweet Lavender Italian Cream Cake)

CBV Safari Sunset

[smilie=th_teks0311] They ALL smell amazing! ❤️


Have a great day!

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Good Morning!


Hope everyone is doing well today.


My melt this morning is SGA Cookie Monster Pretzel in a Breakaway Brittle. I realize these need 4 pieces for one ounce while clamshells are only 2 pieces for the same. I only used 2 last time and maybe that’s why the throw was so light. I will see how this goes.


Amy-a visit to your cabin sounds so nice.


Debra-Glad you are at the beach even if it’s cold. You need to have a wax cabinet at the beach house so you are never without some waxies.


Maggie- it’s back to work on Monday, isn’t it? Glad the week went quickly.


I hope everyone has a great day!!

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I agree, Michele! I am going to get right on it! I probably need to order a whole new bunch for here. [smilie=th_giggle] Also, SGA - who knew that melting would require math? [smilie=th_cc8] It's educational!



The sun is out this afternoon! So, I took a long walk with the pup, [smilie=th_blij47-1] and I can now justify sitting on the deck, reading. An adult beverage may be involved later. [smilie=th_december2201661-1]



Amy, I hope all is well at the cabin. You and Maggie had me Googling Wood Thrush songs. Beautiful! It appears they are not West coasters. Isn't it amazing that you can search things like bird songs and find information and audio? What did we used to do...



Walmart to the rescue! I now have a couple of melts to get me through. Today it is YC Sun and Sand. I have always loved this one! [smilie=snoopy]

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Hi friends! th_Animated20Dogs20waving.gif


Tonight I"m burning Pumpkin Butter from Woodwick. I love the scent, even if it's not fall time! th_slider_flirt.gif


Happy weekend! IT sounds like a lot of you are having fun Saturdays with the beach and garage sales going on!

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Good morning! [smilie=snoopy]


Thanks for the good luck wishes! The yard sale was a success! Got rid of stuff, met really nice people and made a little cash. ;)


Debra, that sounds like the perfect day. [smilie=cloud_9]


Melting Mango Sorbet Limoncello from BH&G. This is a little on the light side, but a great scent!


Enjoy your Sunday. :)

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Good morning everyone,


A cool morning and the birds are in excellent voice. I never made it to the cabin yesterday so I have gone this morning. Completely lovely as usual, and as soon as I filled the suet feeder, a beautiful Red-Bellied Woodpecker arrived to take her fill. Pretty sure it was mama, paler belly.


Mpfand, how did the garage sale go / or is it still going today? Did you get lots of shoppers?


Maggie, I remember how much you love the bird calls. ????????????️???????? To me that's one of the best things about the morning, and the woods. How wonderful that you have woods behind you!


Debra, I hope you are ordering plenty of wax for the beach house! I'm glad your pup enjoys going there too!


Michele, I'm thinking those SGA breakaway bars need more curing... I'm noticing that they're becoming more fragrant even on cold. *Getting impatient* ????. Love, love those pretzel scents. ????


Hi Biolaeagles! How was that WoodWick candle? I love the little crackling noise.


Well yesterday it was:


Southbound Strawberry Watermelon Cake - one of my favs, so juicy and strong. I love her strawberry best!


Savannah Blue Strazzleberry Cupcakes - a 1 oz melt and very potent and delicious, cured for three months so that seems to be a good amount of time.


And this morning it's:


L3 Dinglehopper & Mango - tropical fruit, Blue Volcano, and coconut cream. A scoop, two months' curing, and positively divine. A tablespoon is filling the house.


Have a peaceful Sunday. ????

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Good Sunday Morning!


[smilie=The_Hi] Hi Biolaeagles! I hear ya...love the fall scents all the time.


Mpfand... [smilie=th_c61] Yay! Glad the garage sale went well!


Debra...looks like things are all better now...weather, walks and waxies... [smilie=th_aa17]


Michele...really? 4 squares only equal one ounce? Wow...that is amazing! Thanks for the info! [smilie=th_sml29]


Amy...I'm happy to hear you made it to the cabin and hope all is well there. It sounds like the perfect place for some peace. Those woodpeckers may be pretty but the sound of their pecking is "something else". We had one that must have found some insects in the eaves of our last home and when he started pecking, the entire house vibrated and the sound was deafening. Usually at 5am. Even the ones that find an old tree in the woods....it's soooo loud! [smilie=th_107] They must have some beak!


So this morning it's Jack the Clipper by SGA...(great idea Amy!)


Have a wonderful day!

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Good Morning!


It’s a damp and rainy day here. It’s very quiet. It’s just me but it’s ok. Later on my DD and her boyfriend are meeting me for dinner after they go see Avengers. My DD is in between jobs right now so she will be home hopefully for only a few weeks. Fingers crossed.


Amy-Glad you made it to the cabin this morning. That must have been so peaceful.


Michelle-Glad your garage sale was a success.


Debra-your beach house sounds so peaceful. Glad you got to relax there this weekend.


Maggie- I would love to live in a house with woods behind me.


Today’s melt is SGA Coffee House Whipped Cream Marshmallow from the Coffee Sampler last year. It’s starting to fill the house. Another good one.


Enjoy the day all!

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Hello girls! [smilie=th_happy]


Yesterday I spent the day with one of my oldest friends from fourth grader. We relaxed in the pool, talked, laughed, went to dinner, and had the best time. [smilie=th_slider_flirt]


Michele ~ Maybe you can play with your collection today. [smilie=th_giggle] Enjoy your dinner tonight!


Maggie ~ I imagine a woodpecker pecking on your house would be loud. He didn’t do any damage, did he?


Amy ~ [smilie=th_LaLaLa] on the L3 Scoops. So tempting!!


Debra ~ Your beach house sounds amazing! How nice to have a place to go for some solitude. But are you sure you didn’t unconsciously “forget” wax just to have an excuse to shop for more? [smilie=th_F_14WA116161617]


Michelle ~ Glad to hear your yard sale went well! I gave up on them years ago. Too much work, and people want everything for nothing. They will nickel and dime you to death! Better to keep track of everything for Its Deductible at tax time. [smilie=th_thumbs20up]


Biolaeagles ~ I’ve never tried a Woodwick, but Partylite has some good wooden wick candles. I love the sound! [smilie=cloud_9]


SGA Skittles ~ This one is five years old and throwing like a beast! :sSig_cool2:

SGA Pink & Blue Baby Powder

SB Bedtime Blend


Have a good day!

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Hi everyone

Earlier I was melting 1920’s Barber Shop from KAE Scented Melts


Currently waiting for DS#2 hockey game to begin. He’s playing a spring season that ends in the beginning of June. Then tennis will begin shortly after that gearing up for the fall.


Honey bear, I do recall you sharing your Polish heritage! Us Polish gals gotta stick together! Lol. DS#1 wants to go to Poland one day and take me with him. I’d love to experience the rich culture there!


Ok game starts in a few minutes. DH and I are going to go grab a seat. Have a good one!

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