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Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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Jingle Bells, My House Smells!

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Happy New Year to you all, and thank you again for the great welcome


NYE was spent at home with my hubby and son, it was lovely.


Today we went for a beach walk, it was cold but fresh 46°F


Now I'm melting some vendor wax..... All from The Darley Lama......

Nutcracker in kitchen

Sweater Weather in hall

Pink Knickers in lounge.



P.S I love this group already ????????????

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Happy New Year!!!


Honeybear- Sorry you are missing your girls.


My party is this afternoon. Guests will be arriving shortly. I’m about ready. Just started melting VRC Pink Sugar Marshmallow from a sweet CF friend and downstairs with the party burning BBW Merci Paris.


Have a great day all!!

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Amy, I didn't make it to midnight. [smilie=th_pardon] Our evening was much like yours and it was perfect. [smilie=cloud_9]


Honeybear, I hope your DD's will be able to visit again soon! [smilie=th_ef3416a0]


Sharon, a walk on the beach sounds like the perfect way to start the new year. [smilie=th_slider_flirt]


Melting Marshmallow Candy Cane from BH&G and Candy Cane Lane from Sonoma.

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Happy New Year! [smilie=th_c2e41937]


Michele ~ Enjoy the party! [smilie=th_stophierDancedancer04


Mpfand ~ We were up, but when the clock struck midnight, I was rearranging one of my wax cabinets, and DH was playing on his electric drum set. [smilie=th_Skratta_Bankabordet]


Sharon ~ We’re also planning to go for a walk this afternoon. A walk on the beach sounds like my cup of tea, but I’d much rather it be warm. Years ago, my DH was on temporary assignment in Portland, and we took our girls to the beach for Easter. Let’s just say we froze our butts off. [smilie=th_giggle]


Amy ~ I heard a few fireworks last night, but the kitties didn’t seem to mind at all. [smilie=th_catkiss]


SB Summer Breeze

VCS Cream Cheese Cookie Monster

BL A Marshmallow World

Dessa’s Smoky Mountain Berries ~ Thank you, CF friend. :wub: This is just starting to melt, and I can tell it’s going to blow me out of the house . [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy]


Well, I know it’s the last thing I need, but I am wanting to get in on the VCS pre-order today. I didn’t do the ST one the other day, so that’s my justification. And THEN I will be on a ban. [smilie=th_funny_sign]

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Honeybear, a ban sounds good - I will see how far into the new year I can get. ;)


Sharon - I am loving that vendor name - Darley Lama. New to me!



Michele - all done but the clean up? :huh: That part always takes me awhile...just want to put my feet up and rest!



AmyJo, our NYE was nice and quiet, too! A few fireworks for about 15 minutes and they packed it in for the night! The kitties were very happy about that.


Today, all day, it has been yesterday's Lemon Tart. It won't give up! So, neither will I - I will see how long I can get it to last! :D



However, in the other room, it is ST Never Been Kissed - a Blackberry Jam blend.

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Hello All and Happy New Year! [smilie=th_december2201661-1] Hope it was good whether at a party or quietly at home.


We are back from Hershey Park and I am happy to be home. We ended up renting a deluxe cabin which was like a tiny wooden house...absolutely beautiful. It was built less than a year ago and even smelled of wood....but it was surely tiny for all 6 of us. There was a small waxident on the first day so I tucked my warmer and my wax away for the stay. I'm happy to be home relaxing and melting again although overloaded with laundry...


Hi Sharon! [smilie=th_welcome] Glad to meet another waxhead! :)


Wax Workshoppe Captain Crunch French Toast..delicious. [smilie=th_Drglar]


Have a great evening....think we need a new SOTD! [smilie=th_oops_] Gonna go post something!

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