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Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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We Gather Together To Ask The Lord's Scenting

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Happy Wednesday!


Michele....enjoy AC....my dad and his brother just traveled down there this afternoon and he'll stay until Friday. [smilie=th_avatar_4219]


Mpfand.... [smilie=th_we0081] Back!! I'm sorry that your washer broke down...ugh....nothing like a ton of laundry and no washer! [smilie=th_shout]


Amy...that Haunted Mansion sounds like a good one!


Tonight it's

Melting Duck in Pistachio Birthday Cake

And CFOW in French Vanilla from a sweet pal...thanks!


Have a great evening!

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Thanks Maggie and AmyJo for your SGA feedback!


Honeybear, I almost stayed up to order, but made myself pull out all my ST tarts to see what I already have. [smilie=th_thanimeomega_emoticon Well, no reason to order!



mpfand - I hope you found your new washer!


Tonight - FP, Lavender Peppermint Noel.

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Thanks for the welcome back. :) My new washer and dryer will be delivered this afternoon. :D


Melting Pumpkin Harvest from Sonoma.

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Hello ladies!


Well, one more day of work groups. I need a day just to hang out alone and melt...I love my colleagues but this is too much love...


We had big ice storms this morning and lots of trees came down. This is my least favorite weather condition. Snow, bring it on - but not ice.


Maggie, good for your dad and his brother to travel together! I hope they have a great time. Also - yes that TBG Haunted Mansion is beautiful but I finally had to pour it out. I needed a fruity scent to get all that smoke out of my nose. [smilie=th_thanimeomega_emoticon


Honeybear, I popped into Super Tarts to see what that sale was all about, but I was late to the party and wow, the place was picked over. I'll have to give it another try next time. And Debra - good strategy - I should give that a try, to check out the home inventory before ordering again from, say, TBG....


Mpfand!! That's exciting to get a new washer and dryer. I hope they will perform beautifully for you.


Michele, [smilie=th_wave] I hope you are having a good week and enjoying seeing friends and family.


Carolooni, where'd you go?? *coooooome baaaaack*


Well this morning I set up a little competition between two different Candy Corns - TBG and SH - they both threw well; SH lasted much longer; TBG had a more true, creamy scent, at least for me.


And then as mentioned earlier - between the recent smoky TBG scents and the Candy Corn, my nose was screaming for relief and something fruity. So it was:


Scentsy Blue Raspberry - and wow, what two months' cure will do - so strong and beautiful! I only melted a little bit and it filled the house. I'm impressed with this vendor.


Have a lovely evening all and be careful if Winter is playing her little icy tricks with you.

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It's crazy here! Traffic jams all over since we got hit with an icy snowstorm that no one was prepared for. We were told it would be rain...my car is not made for snow and ice.


I agree with you Amy...I don't like ice either. I'm glad you made it through those icy conditions....did you loose trees?


Tonight it's...

Fire In the Sky by Rockets

Date Night by Wonderberry

Scarlet Cypress Wreath by Scentsationals

All from a lovely CF pal...thanks! [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy]




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Maggie, how scary! Surprise ice is never a good thing for my little car, either. [smilie=th_thanimeomega_emoticon It makes me do a sleepover at work!


And AmyJo - you too! Sounds like quite an ice storm - I always worry about the big firs around here when it gets icy. [smilie=th_yellow5]



How's the washer and dryer, mpfand? Is everything in the house clean now? ;)


Tonight - Cheryl's - Merlin's Forest.

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Sorry to hear about the scary ice storms. That’s one thing I think it’s safe to say never occur in Arizona; however, I will miss seeing snow. :(


Mpfand ~ Hope you’re enjoying your new washer and dryer. It actually makes doing laundry fun! [smilie=th_thumbs20up]


Debra ~ I wish I would’ve taken a look at my Super Tarts stash before I placed an order, but I wanted some of those new breakaway bars and some new scents, and 25% off never happens except on Wax Wednesday. To be honest, I have done that before when a I hear of preorders, just not this time. I’m on a bit of a wax binge. [smilie=th_thsecret]


Dessa’s Blueberry Waffles

ST Groot ~ Creamy Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Driftwood

ST Pond ~ Jaws and Clean Laundry



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Good Mornung Everyone


Be safe in the ice storms! I went to Atlantic City Thursday. !t was a lot of fun. I even came home with a little extra money. We got hit with an unexpected ice storm that took people hours to get home. Fortunately the only problem we had coming home was that when we got to our cars it took a while to clean them off. I think snow is pretty except when you have to travel in it.


I am in Hershey, PA with my girls until tomorrow morning. It’s a nice little getaway. Everything looks so pretty. It’s full of Christmas displays.


Debra- That’s a good system to keep the ordering in check. Maybe I will try that next time.


Honeybear-Enjoy your ST order. Sounds like you got a great sale.


Hope you all have a great Saturday. Back to melting tomorrow.

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Good morning everyone!


Our visiting work groups have gone home. ???? Lovely to see everyone but also lovely to resume our normal routines.


Michele, I'm happy you came home with a little extra loot from AC! Also happy that you are getting to spend time with your girls. ????


Maggie, I hope your icy weather has calmed down!


Honeybear, glad you're enjoying your waxie fever and finding good sales!


This morning I needed another fruity fix. So it's:


L3 Ginger/Mandarin/Champagne, a little chunky pie. Very colorful and refreshing.


Enjoy your Saturday!

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Good Morning [smilie=th_316785e4]


Thought I posted yesterday but I guess I didn't. [smilie=th_oops_]


Michele... :thyay: for some extra loot! Good going! Glad you got home safely...I still can't believe there were no trucks sent out to salt or plow. My DS was about 30 minutes south and had no snow at all. Weird.


Amy...yup...the snow eventually turned to sleet and then to rain so by the morning it was smooth sailing here. I heard northern areas didn't fare so well. :( Glad you are back to your regularly scheduled programming... [smilie=th_c61]


Honeybear..Wax binge? I'm sure none of know what your are speaking of! :upssmiley1:


Debra...how's that Merlin's Forest?


All day yesterday and this morning it's been lovely gifties from a sweet pal...

Pumpkin Soufflé

Pumpkin Pickin

Pumpkin Caramel Delight

All delicious...thanks! [smilie=th_aa17]

Now it's

SGA Apple Cider Pumpkin Sugar Donuts


Have a good one. :)

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Michele, glad you made it home safely! Have fun with your girls. :) I visited Hershey, PA years ago around the holidays and just loved it. :wub:


DS did his laundry this morning so we're all caught up now. [smilie=th_rk01_lavatricefare] I just finished cleaning the laundry room and am melting Clothspins from Cheryl' s in there. The perfect scent that makes me want to spend time in there, thanks to a sweet CF friend.

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Hello all, just a little update to report a waxident. I had just started a new melt in the heavy plate warmer in the living room, and after a few minutes I decided to wave my hand over it to catch the scent. I hit it solidly and sent it rolling across the table.


I used the hair dryer to clean up and tripped the breaker while doing that. So yes, it was all my own doing and I'm proud of myself.

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Oh no, Amy! [smilie=th_shout] Sorry that happened. [smilie=th_empathy]


Michele ~ Congrats on winning in AC! And I'm with you, snow is pretty as long as you don't have to go anywhere. [smilie=th_sml29]


Maggie ~ Hate it when I make a post only to realize the next day I forgot to press the right button. [smilie=th_u51]


ST Hocus Pocus ~ Candy Corn, Fluffy Cotton Candy, and Butterbrickle

VCS The Addam's Family

FP Lemon Coconut Extreme and MD Tea & Cakes & Fizzy Pop ~ Gifts from a sweet CF friend [smilie=thank_you]


Okay, I seriously have to stop. Yesterday I got into the VCS trance, and today I got into Beezy Tarts' trance. [smilie=bagover]

I have only done one VCS order ever before for Fall scents over a year ago, so this was long overdue. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Have a good night!

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Michelle- I do not know much about Hershey except the chocolate part! Are there other things in the town or is it mainly the Hershey theme park?


Maggie, that preview button is my downfall. I click that and think I am done! :huh:



Honeybear - I go in shopping spells - I buy a lot at once, then nothing for awhile. Proably not the best system, but at least there is a periodic pause! :D



Darn, AmyJo! What a mess to clean up! I was wondering earlier today if anyone makes the same messes I do, I seem to be pretty accident prone! :blush:



Tonight it is Apricot and Fig - CFTKR.

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Good morning ladies!!


Blue sky and crisp air today, beautiful and a welcome relief after the ice of last week. I'm so glad that everyone here came through that mess safely. I have recovered from my waxident and now am even finding humor in it. [smilie=th_thank_you] In addition, I am starting to look forward to the holidays.


I forgot to tell you that last week, upon greeting people from our work group that I hadn't seen for a year, hugs were exchanged and one of the older fellows exclaimed, "You smell so good, Amy, like cinnamon!" I thanked him and offered no explanation. [smilie=th_thlaughter]


Maggie and Debra, I've never used the preview button (that's probably obvious, since I'm always editing after the fact when I see weird typos) - but if it's another way to miss the post, or to erase the post, I don't need any help with that. My favorite trick is to hit the backspace twice and poof. Don't try it.


Honeybear, great to see you having fun with your orders! You showed so much discipline over the summer, time to let loose a bit!


Mpfand, it sounds as though the new home launderette is a big success!


Well after not being home much over the past two weeks, I have been on a bit of a melting rampage this weekend - so many tasty scents -


TBG Tombstone Dust - green apple, cinnamon cupcake, marshmallow, brown sugar, and caramel

Dessa's Pretzel Bliss

SEMO Did Somebody Say Starbucks

CFOW Tigger Tails - white chocolate, salted caramel, marshmallow

CFOW Donut Shop - a giftie from a dear CF pal -


and this morning:


Southbound Breakfast Cookies - Fruit Loops and sugar cookies - this is going this morning and DH loves it. Very strong and delicious.


I hope everyone will have a peaceful, enjoyable day.

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It’s just me and the three kitties for the weekend. [smilie=th_huganimal] DH went to spend a few days with the girls. I spent yesterday watching stash videos and reorganizing my own. I need to make room for the goodies I have on the way! [smilie=th_giggle]


CFTKR Berry Wedding Cake

CFTKR Apple Zucchini

BL Amazing Mazy ~ Pink Chiffon, Raspberry Cream, and Pink Party Cake


Today I think I will find something more productive to do. [smilie=th_foolish1]


Have a a nice day!

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Amy, your waxident sounds exactly like something I'd do. :rolleyes:


Melting Leaves from Bath & Body Works. Laundry room still smells good. [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy]

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Hi All!


Amy- Glad to hear you have recovered from your waxident. Your scents sound wonderful!!


Honeybear- Glad to hear the reorganization went well. How exciting to have more goodies on the way. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Debra- pretty much everything in Hershey is based on the Chocolate theme. The park is the buggest thing there.to do. We went on a trolley tour of the town and made our own chocolate bars.


I drove home early this morning because my daughter had a baby shower to go to. . Glad I’m home.


Melting VCS Lavender Cream Cookie Monster. This one is really really good.


Enjoy the day all!

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Greetings! I think I previewed and then got called away from the computer for one reason or another and never actually posted. It takes me forever to post so I get called away often. :icon_rolleyes:


Oh no Amy!!! Waxidents make me :sAng_explosive: I'm sorry you had a big mess to clean up but I'm glad it's all gone now. And lol to the sniffy friend!! Smelling like cinnamon sounds good to me! :wub:


Honeybear... :sHa_okay: I can relate to those "trances".... :sSig_rofl:


Debra and Michele...I'll be heading over to Hershey during the holidays...a few families are renting a bunch of deluxe cabins...should be fun. I love the Park all dressed up for Christmas!


Mpfand...I think Leaves is my favorite B&BW scent! ❤️



VCS Cookie Monster & Laurie and Jo downstairs

And upstairs is TCC in Holly Christmas Wish...great one....miss Holly! [smilie=The_Hi]


Goodnight all.

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I took the dog for 2 really long walks this weekend, and boy do my feet hurt tonight! This getting older business is for the birds. [smilie=th_a136]


Maggie, you asked about Merlin's Forest - it was one of my first loves! [smilie=th_aa17] I think I melted it too much, it has been a couple years since I tried it again. As typical, this is a nice woodsy scent that lasts and lasts!



Michele, thanks for the Hershey info! Making your own chocolate bars sounds fun - and dangerous for my waistline! I am sure I would get a little carried away with that project.



Honeybear - enjoy your alone time! I think I have the same thing next week - just me and the kitties!



Tonight SGA - Autumn Calling.

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Good morning ladies!


A rainy but warmer start to the week. Clemmie is actually venturing out from under her blanket. We keep the house pretty cool and she is unimpressed.


Thanks to everyone for the kind words about the waxident! I have been splattering a bit more lately, probably need to slow down.


Michele, I was remembering that long ago I took my son and parents along with me on a business trip to Pennsylvania, and they all went to that Hershey factory while I was at work. I remember they had a ball and came back with bunches of chocolate - happy memories. [smilie=th_LOVE]


Maggie, how wonderful that you will be staying in the cabins in that very same place!! [smilie=th_ahaaha] That sounds like a great time!


Mpfand, I haven't tried that B&BW Leaves scent but from other vendors I usually like that note, if it's the same general idea. *plotting a trip to B&BW*


Debra, is your dog a good walker? I miss walking Montgomery so much...he was a stately walker and would go calmly for miles. I am trying to work with Eli, who is half Pyr and half Golden, a joyful fellow, but a miserable walking companion. He leaps happily at everything...people...squirrels...birds....so it's a lively exercise demanding my full attention.


Honeybear, I hope you will enjoy your kitty time! By the way, we need an update on your youngest!


Susan, where are yooooooo? [smilie=th_wave] Hope all is well!


Well I needed something fresh this morning so it's:


L3 Fireside Marshmallow Seattle Rain Bamboo - cute mixed shapes in a "puppy bag" - and so strong and lovely. Looking forward to working my way through my rather large stash from this wonderful vendor.


And last evening it was a gorgeous giftie from a sweet CF friend:


Wax Workshoppe Cranberry Jam - wow, this is just delicious and has wonderful spices woven through it. [smilie=thank_you]


Have a great start to your week!

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Hellllloooooo Amy! I'm here!


Stopping in quick....The Keeping Room by CFTKR...don't smell much...may need some curing. ☹️


Thanks for the info Debra! Sounds like a goodie!


Goodnight all. [smilie=th_slider_bigsleep]

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Hmmm... yes it is quiet, AmyJo! [smilie=th_F_14WA116161617]


It must be the "golden"...you described what it is like to walk Gracie! [smilie=th_FULL_O17] Five years old, going on terrible twos! She does better on a back harness, but if she sees a squirrel, I still have to hang on tight!


Tonight it is Lilac Sensations - A Walk in the Woods.

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Good morning all,


Maggie and Debra, lovely to see you! I was starting to feel like that old Arby's commercial again ("Where IS everybody??"). [smilie=th_thanimeomega_emoticon


A bit colder today and won't even make it out of the 30's. I have the kerosene heater going on the enclosed porch and it is toasty.


Maggie, I hope your Keeping Room melt picks up after some curing. I'm really thinking that even paraffin needs a little time to gather its thoughts. [smilie=th_idontknow]


Debra, LOL, so it's the Golden part of the dog makeup that's causing this bouncy behavior! Gracie and Eli are just about the same age - Eli is four and a half, to Gracie's five! Terrible twos, indeed. I was wondering if a harness would be helpful - thank you for that good guidance. I'm always terrified he's going to slip his collar. And yes - when they take off, it's like we're in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon, isn't it? Hanging on for dear life and just about airborne! [smilie=superman]


Well last night and into this morning it's been:


Southbound Sugared Cinnamon Toast - perfect - warm and comforting.


I am ready to decorate for Christmas! I found a lovely Lenox tealight melter on eBay...hoping my bid will be accepted. I will be patient and wait until Friday to put away the pumpkin melter, though. [smilie=th_anyminute]


Stay warm all.

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