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Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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We Gather Together To Ask The Lord's Scenting

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Hi there.


Aria ~ I’m so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you.

I’m envious of your snow. It sounds just perfect. [smilie=th_slider_flirt]


Michele ~ [smilie=th_c2e41937] Enjoy DH this weekend! I’m doing the [smilie=th_ahaaha] for DD#2 coming home tonight.


Debra ~ I’m surprised you didn’t get a replacement on the Candleaire. I had that happen twice within the first year and they sent new ones. I still have several but they’re too noisy for us, so I rarely use them.


SB Pink & Blue Fruit Loops

Dessa’s Pumpkin Pancakes

CFOW Serene Waters


Yesterday I had fun shopping at Front Porch. [smilie=typen] Well, I did say I was waiting until it cooled down a bit, and I have not ordered from Angie for a couple of years. Let’s just say I need to find a nice storage box for this one! LOL

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Hey again


Honeybear, thanks for the kind words. The snow was so pretty, much of it has melted. FP is one of my favorite go-to vendors. Always consistent great scented melts! Enjoy your goodies when they arrive. I ordered some holiday /winter scents recently since I checked my leftovers from last winter and was surprisingly low! The horror! [smilie=th_laughing]


Cookie, I adore gingerbread scents so much! There's a scent called Hansel and Gretel's House which a few vendors carry and it's fantastic.


Well, I am confused about that SGA Christmas Wish I was melting earlier. This was from an order I received recently. However, I also have what remains of a loaf of Christmas Wish Zucchini from LAST year and it's a completely different scent. Maybe Julie has her oils mixed up or has changed suppliers. The one from last year is more consistent with the pine/sugar cookie scent am familiar with that is usually called Christmas Wish. The one from this year has a distinct bayberry note which is nice but definitely not the same as last year's. So color me confused. I may email her and ask.


So after all that :sFun_blahblah: I finally switched to RG Streuselkuchen Noel and VCS Cookie Baking at Mom's

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Michele, hooray for DH's return!


Aria, you have good nose memory! To be able to remember your SGA from last year! Impressive! [smilie=th_slider_hi5]



I am glad that you have the snow, not me! My poor little flowers all got zapped last night in the 26 degrees. They sure go from bright and pretty to wilting in one quick night! [smilie=th_fear8]


Maggie, I love the Halloweenish scents too - tonight it is Swwet Sage - Apple Harvest Patchouli Passion in one room and I also have Wonderberry Date Night melting in another room. (Strong and grapey.)

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Good morning ladies!


The work week finally ended - it went well but I was exhausted and fell headfirst into bed at 8:30 last night - and today I plan to KICK BACK and RELAX! [smilie=yes]


Maggie, your scents all sound luscious. These fall scents! Good thing I like them because I will be melting them for many months. I can't believe *ahem* how many seem to have snuck into the house! [smilie=th_thanimeomega_emoticon


Aria, I'm sorry that your 98 year old uncle is so sad. One day they will all be reunited. I'm glad for your happy memories of your cousin and aunt. Also, if you don't mind my asking, which state are you in, that you have beautiful snow already! I am majorly jealous! And thank you for affirming my impatience with my job getting in the way of my melting. [smilie=th_foolish1]


Michele, your SGA melts all sound wonderful. I know that's your favorite vendor and the scents always sound beautiful. It's like me with the Bathing Garden - we could start our own stores! And I'm so happy your DH is home with you now! [smilie=th_smilies-2]


Debra - how did you like that grape Date Night? I never know about grape. Sometimes I love it if the blend is right and other times it has sent me running. I had a Purple Cow scent one time that was beautiful. I guess it depends on the vendor and the other notes! [smilie=th_pardon]


Honeybear, very happy to hear that your DD#2 is home with you!! [smilie=th_dancing_smile]


Susan, that gingerbread sounds good. I didn't think I liked that until I got a sample from...OPT I think...and mmmmm! It was delicious and now I want more of it.


Ladies I had no clue what you were talking about with the Candle Aire, so I looked it up - clever idea but yes, if it's noisy that would not be my favorite...they're cute, though, and I can see that in a larger area that little fan might help to spread the scent. On the other hand, I grumble about the air currents...so idk.


Just wanted to mention - I had ordered some Colonial Candles Simmer Snaps last month and I love the scents - and was worried about that little sniffer hole they have in the top of the box. I don't like that hole - wouldn't the scent leak out over time, plus air is getting in there?? Anyway, I discovered by accident that the label, which is an oval card insert, can be plucked out and simply turned around, covering the hole. Easy peasey! [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy]


Well the last two days and overnight it was a beautiful giftie from a sweet CF pal:


Starry Skies Wax Harvest Apple - so strong and long-lasting, THANK YOU!!


And this morning it's one of those scents that has brought me to my knees and I will not leave the room until it's finished:


The Bathing Garden White Pumpkin - eggnog, spiced orange, pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon - ohhhh gahhhhhh this is brilliant - this is one for the Top Scents list. It had a good two months' cure and wow, wow. [smilie=th_LOVE]


That is all I know - have a lovely day - and stay warm. In the 20's right now and only going up into the 30's. Fall, come back for a few more days!

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Happy Saturday!


Amy...glad you got some good sleep last night! I'm sure it was needed!! [smilie=th_slider_bigsleep] To me the Candle Aire was a perfect sleeping noise....kinda white noise when I first got it. That's the reason I thought it'd be a great one in the bedroom but it broke.


Honeybear...they replaced your Candle Aire? Wow....I emailed the store I bought it and they said there's nothing they could do. :( Good going on the FP megaorder! Btw, my SLC box arrived and you are soooo right....amazing!


Susan....Honey Gingerbread is one of my favorite scents! ❤️


Aria...you have a great nose! I also love Christmas Wish and yeah, I thought it was evergreen trees and cookies. Yum. My first time trying it was SGA and I'm not sure I've ordered it from anywhere else. Lucky you with the snow!! ???? And congrats to your DS on his terrific grades!


Today is Cozy By the Fire by Colonial Candles...I used the entire clam and I can't smell a thing....also it was stuck in the plastic and I can't get it all out of there. [smilie=th_confused3]

Upstairs it's CFOW Leaves...always great.


Have a good one. :)

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Debra ~ That Apple Harvest Patchouli Passion sounds so interesting. How was it?


Maggie ~ I bought my CandleAires from the website and I’m pretty sure they have a one year warranty. I’ve never seen them in stores, but if it’s less than a year old, I’d call them directly.


Amy ~ In the 20s?! [smilie=th_ee29] Way too cold for me!


Aria ~ Love that Christmas Wish blend! I’m going to have to search my stash to find some. Super Tarts had a really good one a few years ago in their Advent Sampler, if I’m remembering correctly.


Dessa’s La Patisserie ~ DD#2’s choice for the day and it’s delicious. [smilie=th_aa17]

Zeep Happy Camper ~ This wasn’t doing much so I added SB Pink Peppermint


We’re relaxing today and trying to decide how we want to celebrate DH’s upcoming birthday early since DD#2 will not be here that weekend.


Have a great weekend, friends! [smilie=th_balloons]


Editing to say I checked Super Tarts and it is Die Hard that is the Christmas Wish dupe. Yummy!

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Happy weekend!


I had a class all day, so it will be a short weekend for me. [smilie=th_sign0164] Lots to get caught up on tomorrow - can't decide whether to get up early and get things done or take a lazy day.



AmyJo - the Date Night/grape was pretty good - it was a blend of other fruit scents along with the grape so it was noticeable, but not overwhelming.


Maggie, kind of surprising about the Colonial. I usually have good luck with those! I think the wax does sometimes stick for me like you mentioned.



Tonight - L3 Overlook Hotel, (Cider Lane, Toasted Marsh and something smokey.)

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Greetings all!


Well, I hit the backspace twice and erased the whole thing...you would think I would know by now not to do that! [smilie=th_shout] - so here is Take Two.


A bit chilly this morning at 19 F - I broke out the hot water bottle last night.


Maggie, you make an excellent point about the Candle Aire providing some white noise at night, I didn't think about that. Sometimes when it's so quiet and I can hear every little burp - or worse - from the dogs, or snorts from Clemmie and DH - a fan might be a good thing. [smilie=th_200912104451]


Debra, what was your class in? Anything fun?


Honeybear, lovely that you and DD are plotting for your DH's birthday! [smilie=th_ahaaha]


Michele - I hope you're having a great weekend with your DH! [smilie=th_Kusje-1]


Well I am finally making some progress through the Halloween melts. Yesterday I enjoyed a couple of gifties from sweet CF pals: :thwetkissf: thank you!!


Sugar & Spice Ghost Munch - apples & spice - and I could imagine a group of ghosties chowing down on this tasty blend.


Nene's Kitchen Cinnamon Glazed Fritters - delicious - I wanted some of this to eat.


And after Maggie said that WoofWix (new name) are finally throwing after a long cure, I broke into that basket, and yes! so much improvement after three months:


WoofWix Warm Vanilla Nutmeg & Sugar Cookies - filled the living room with this lovely scent. This was a large ghost and I melted the whole thing.

WoofWix Caramel Cinnamon Latte & Pumpkin Crème Brulee & Cornbread & Sugar Cookies - medium throw and a beautiful blend.


WoofWix says that you can melt right upon receipt, but this hasn't been the case for me. It's a very hard wax, but seems, for me, to need several months to cure. However, the scents are great and the wax is lovely colors with pretty embedded chunks - eye candy too.


and finally - I *did* make a small order from CFTKR last week at the restock and as usual, everything is gorgeous - adorable shapes (the little pinecones! oh so sweet) - generous samples - Carol is The Wax Queen. Also, there is much to be said for paraffin - ready right out of the gate.


CFTKR Blueberry Smash - throwing within seconds of being placed in the melter - fresh, juicy, wonderful. :toppoints:


I hope everyone has a restful Sunday!

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Good Morning All.


Amy...glad you also had some improvement with your Woofwix! I agree that her colors and designs are top notch! But....19 degrees??? [smilie=th_shout]


Debra...I know! I was surprised by the no throw of the Colonial too! I went out and came back inside just in case I had candle nose...nada. And the scent should have been strong...smoke and wood, cashmere, amber, sandalwood and patchouli. [smilie=th_confused3] I have two more clams of this scent....I hope they throw better next time.


Honeybear...thanks but it broke over a year ago (the fan made a big racket when it was on) so I'm way out of time now. I'm pretty sure I couldn't find anyway of contacting Candle Aire directly after the vendor I bought from said they couldn't help....only places that sell them.


Today it's Colonial Fall Festival

And upstairs it's Dusk by Scented Squrriel


Have a nice day. :)

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Popping in to report how yummy it smells in here. [smilie=th_LOVE]


SB Zombie Bread

Dessa’s Harvest Cauldron Cider

Dessa’s Lavender Cotton Candy Frosting


Have a great day!

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Honeybear, the apple/patchouli blend was good, but I wish it was stronger. I am always on the hunt for a good patchouli blend!


AmyJo - I was in a landscape and pollinators class, I learned a lot about bees! BTW - I think the rule is that when you post that you ordered from Carol, you have to tell us what you got! [smilie=th_shewiggle]



Tonight it is Scentsy - Watermelon Mint. A big change from all the spices! :sHa_thumbgoodjob:

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Good morning all and Happy Monday to you,


Another week of work which will interfere with my melting, although I've adjusted my hours of switching out the melters. I feel like the midnight bellringer with my little jug and tissues, wandering through the darkened house to do my deeds.


Debra, your course sounds very interesting. I am heartsick about the bees and the effects of all the pesticides. Did your instructors offer any words of hope?


On a happier note, Debra, hee hee, I didn't know about that Carol rule, LOL! But I will happily oblige. Here is my list of CFTKR loot.


6-oz bags:

Caramel Apple Butter

Apples & Maple Bourbon

Blueberry Meringue Torte

Roasted Pine Cones (ohhhhhh)

Raspberry Macaroon

Watermelon Strawberry Birthday Cake (ohhhhh)


Cuttable - Sweet Bakery Shop (a holiday gift, so kind!)


and her always-generous load of samples:

Butterscotch Birthday Cake

Raspberry Peppermint Ice Cream

Blackberry Tangerine

Raspberry Lemonade Sweet Cake

White Pumpkin Puree (ohhhhhh)

Blueberry Smash

Butterscotch Rum Brittle


Everything is in Carol's amazing array of adorable shapes and pastel colors...beautiful. She somehow manages to personalize the samples to each person's taste, doesn't she?? She's in a league of her own.


Maggie, that Colonial Candle blend sounds so inviting and you're right - with all of those distinctive notes, you would think it would have a good throw - here's hoping it will improve with some cure time. I may have ordered a few of those little clams lately and hope they will do well....leaving them in the curing drawer for now.


Honeybear, your scents sound delicious - you know I'm a fan of SB Zombie Bread!


Well folks last night and this morning I've been swooning over:

SB Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream - sooooo scrumptious - it didn't have much to say a month ago but now it is throwing beautifully. I will have difficulty leaving for work.


Have a good week everyone!

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Happy Monday!

Amy...you crack me up...sneaking around in the dark... :sSig_heeheehee:


Yesterday evening it was Apple Pumpkin Strudel by The Country Scent Shack

Today has been

SGA Candy Corn Caramel Green Apples Sugar Cookies

SGA Caramel Apples Kettle Corn Cotton Candy Funnel Cakes

SH Candy Corn from a sweet pal...which is doing great, btw!! Strong!


Have a nice evening. :)

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Well, Holy Moly...I am in trouble. Did you see the Votivo fragrance fans and pods? [smilie=th_a025] Sheesh...it is just a matter of time.


Nice order, AmyJo! [smilie=th_23_32_7] I always see things I missed and should have ordered when I see what others have ordered. And about the bees - we learned a lot about turning our yards into bee habitats - ways to make it bee friendly. I will be planting lots of lavender and Lamb's Ear!



Wondering - the SGA squares from the samplers, do you use the whole thing or cut it into pieces?



Tonight - Scentsy - Shaka - Bergamot, Lime, Sandalwood.

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Hi [smilie=th_wave]


Debra ~ I’m off to see what Votivo is all about... [smilie=th_d6ac145d]


Amy ~ You’re funny! [smilie=th_giggle] I put gently used napkins and/or paper towels in the recycling bin of my trash pull out in the cabinet and use those to wipe out my warmer bowls. [smilie=th_cc8]


Maggie ~ Those SGA scents sound drool worthy. I haven’t placed an order with her in a while. I better stay away!


SB Strawberry Seduction

SB Pumpkin Crunch Cake

SB Orange Marshmallow Waffle Cone


Have a great day!

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Hi All!


I have been so busy lately I haven’t had much time to melt and post. With DH home this weekend it was a whirlwind. Airports, Bridal shower, dinner and Sunday taking a ride to close the beach house. it was crazy here.


Debra, I cut the sampler squares from SGA in 2 and melt all at once in 2 warmers. Your class sounds very interesting.


The SGA scents always deliver but I have stayed away too. Haven’t ordered since April and have hardly made a dent.


My latest obsession is VCS. Still debating on the restock tomorrow. My basket is full though. I’m going to take a peek anyway.


Everybody’s scents sound wonderful! I want to try them all.


Amy-Your CFTKR Order sounds great! Love that her wax doesn’t need to cure. Carol is always generous with her samples. That’s another vendor that I still have quite a bit of.


Yestersday’s Melt was SGA Fall Yoga Pants by the Fireside. Very good. Today it’s VCS Cookie Monster in Salem. Just getting started but it’s smelling good already.


Off to NJ tonight for my sister’s birthday dinner with friends. We are a bit behind. Her 60th was in September.


Hope everyone is enjoying their day.

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Michelle, you have a busy social calendar right now! It all sounds like fun. I don't know if you are like we are here - but once the rains and ice start we all hunker down in our homes, so not much socializing for a few months! [smilie=th_autumboy]



And thanks for the SGA info, I was putting one in a dish at first and it seemed like way too much! Then, I wasn't sure if half was strong enough. Suppose it depends a lot on the strength of the scent!



I also have a huge stash of VCS. It is hard to cut up those pretty roses!



Tonight it is Pumpkin Souffle from a sweet Candlebuddy! [smilie=thank_you]

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Debra...I throw the entire square into the warmers although it does seem like a lot! And thanks for the bee info....I think I'll be planting some lavender and lambs ear as well! [smilie=th_justcuz_goodpost]


Michele...you've been super busy for sure! I hope you have a nice time at the birthday celebration tonight! [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy]


Honeybear...I think that a very clever idea about the gently used napkins and I think I'll copy it. Good thinking! [smilie=th_yeahthat]


Tonight is Ramble On Wax in Autumn Promise


Have a good night. [smilie=th_offtobed]

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Good Morning!


Debra-The temps sometimes aren’t too crazy here so i am pretty much on the go all year round. I gave a pretty hectic schedule for someone who doesn’t work. I try to keep busy. Today i need to go my Dad’s and take care of some things for him. Tomorrow I’m on the bus to AC with some friends. I’m excited about that.


Maggie-Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so busy and could just stay home. But it’s mostly fun things so I can’t complain.


Yesterday I came home to a surprise goodie package from a wonderful CF friend. Thank you!! I love everything so much!!


Today I’m melting VCS Sweet Almond/Jackie O/Cookie Monster/Sugar Cookies.


Amy-Seems like work is super busy. You are usually the first poster of the day.


Have a great day all!

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Hello dear all, just saying hello.


Michele, yes work is long hours at the moment. It's a good thing I love my job because it's interfering with my melting.????


Debra, I'm with Maggie in throwing an entire SGA square into the melter.


Honeybear, I love your napkin recycling idea!


Susan - ohhhhh candy corn, mmmmmm.


Well the TBG Haunted Mansion (smoky orange chiffon) is still going strong after 2 days of (interrupted) melting, just delicious.


Stay well everybody!

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Good morning! I've missed all of you. I had a wonderful time with my family and made some great memories. I came home to a package of waxies from a sweet CF buddy. Nothing could have brightened my day more. :wub:


Melting Drunken Punkin from my package of goodies. Smells absolutely delicious. Thank you!


Off to go shop for a new washer. I started a load this morning and got an error code. After some trouble shooting I determined it's time for a new one. Not at all what I wanted to do today.....I have mountains of laundry so I'm hoping we can get one delivered quickly!

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Mpfand ~ Welcome back! ???? But bummer on the washer. [smilie=crap]


Michele ~ Enjoy Atlantic City!


Amy ~ That Haunted Mansion sounds ????.


Welp, I happened to see the Wax Wednesday announcement from Super Tarts late last night and decided to stay up til midnight Pacific time. I forgot I was no longer Pacific, so I struggled a bit through that last hour, but I managed a medium-sized 25% off order with mostly new-to-me scents. [smilie=th_biqazm1]


ST Scooby ~ Creme brulee cookies, pumpkin donuts and gingerbread scooby snacks

ST Lime Lavender Birthday Cake

SB Heart-Shaped Cookies

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