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April's Amazing Aromas

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Whew! We made it through the week! [smilie=th_smiley_emoticons_hurr


It is pretty rainy out here, stay inside kid of weather. Maybe I can organize my wax stash. [smilie=th_12E9EC16] Why is that fun?


Nice to see you biolaeagles - unpacked wax? That is a real problem! [smilie=th_ahaaha]


Tonight - YC - Brandy Pear Tart.

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Good Saturday Morning! [smilie=th_oregonian_mornincoffe Sitting outside with my cuppa enjoying the unseasonably sunny and currently 66 degree morning. Should get up to 80 and I am loving it!! [smilie=th_WooHooRainbowWaveJack However, the normal April rains with cooler temps will be back tomorrow...so I may run to the beach today!


[smilie=th_Welcome_from_the_Whol Back Biolaeagles!! We missed you!! I am glad you are finally feeling settled enough to pull out the waxies....that always helps to destress.


Michele..thinking about you. [smilie=_smileyfacehugging_]


Mpfand...your mom is not a die hard waxie? [smilie=th_f5a39fcb]


Debra...I love reorganizing my stash too!!


Yesterday was one of the first Scentsationals I ever bought...Special Moments...love the fruity floral and boy, it kicked!!

This morning it's a Goose Creek Lemon Vanilla Cake Batter....so delicious. [smilie=th_00000020] Only got a tart to test and it's all gone in all my warmers...must get more!


Have a good one. :)

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Good morning ladies!!


I'm HOME and so so happy. DH took excellent care of all the furry crew. He is a good soul. [smilie=th_thdance]


Michele, my heart is with you as you go through these difficult days. I'm glad your dad has you to lean on.


Biolaeagles - hello! Are you enjoying your new house? And yes now you have the opportunity to play with, er, organize your wax? Too much fun. [smilie=th_biggestgrin]


Maggie - on that lime wax that was too strong - I will check that one out because I loooooove lime, unless it is the green Life Saver type of lime and then yes, ick!


Debra, I love that your postal lady will tuck away the packages in the shade. Our guy is a dear and I will ask him...because our mailbox is absolutely out in the hot sun.


I arrived home yesterday to find not one, but two, packages of melts - one from CFOW and one from Front Porch. :confettistars: I'm absolutely blown away by both.


The CFOW - how can I describe how much I love these beachy scents?? I got my beloved Carnival by the Sea (big bag of chunks) and the Salted Sea Air Sampler. They smell absolutely divine and the Sampler comes in all sorts of endearing shapes of seashells and sea creatures, so they are eye candy as well as fragrant. I believe Michele just poured these so I'm going to let them cure for a month or so. Thank you to everyone who recommended these scents - really unique. :rose:


I have also fallen in love with Front Porch and wow, this order was beyond any expectations - I ordered three sets of Angie's macarons and they are huge and gorgeous, also eye candy. I also got several four-packs of grubby tarts and again am going to let everything cure for a bit. I'm finding her scents to be long-lasting and strong. [smilie=th_happy096]


So you'd think that was enough for awhile, yes? - but today is the Zeep Restock and I have an alarm on my phone and a wishlist already prepared and money saved and I have gone completely over the edge but am having so much fun. [smilie=th_aola]


DH did say, last night, looking at me surrounded by all the new loot, "We're going to need a bigger house." [smilie=th_Skratta_Bankabordet]


So since last evening, it's been

CFOW's Carnival by the Sea, in three different melters - just heaven. [smilie=th_slider_flirt]


Today I plan to melt and continue with spring cleaning. [smilie=th_200912104451]


Have a great Saturday all!


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Good morning, everyone! th_oregonian_mornincoffee.gifSo happy to see your guys' posts this morning and get back into the thread. yes.gif


Maggie, wow, what a warm day! Today is rainy with thunderstorms- quite a change from SoCal weather! cloud%209.gif


AmyJo, nice to meet you and see your posts! th_hello.gif


Michele and Honeybear, I'm thinking of both of you. thwetkissf.gif


Today I'm melting a homemade tart in Peppermint Toasted Marshmallow Coffee.th_LOVE.gif




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Well hello once again everybody,


An update. The SGA order also arrived today and it's scrumptious. [smilie=th_drool33456183iw4] Aria, aren't you the one who told me to order Jack the Clipper? [smilie=th_teks0311] It's a beautiful scent. I'm in Sea Air heaven! This one has a cactus/shaving cream background and it's crisp and tangy. I looooooooove! [smilie=th_fabulous1] I also got some of her Grandma's Garden impressioned blocks in Lime and they're gorgeous, too pretty to melt! [smilie=th_LOVE]


Because I have received only three orders in two days, [smilie=th_as] I decided to head on over to Zeep's Restock and I did some damage there as well - beautiful wax shapes in a variety of scents. [smilie=th_i-m_so_happy] I stayed away from the B&B. [smilie=th_foolish1]


So now it's:

SGA - Jack the Clipper (two melters, divine)

FP Sample - Cabin in the Rockies (smells like burning leaves / wood / cardamom - LOVELY)


OK - here's a question for all of you - You are on a deserted island. You may have only three melts with you. Which ones do you choose?



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Good Morning!


Just checking in. No change in my Mom. We start hospice tomorrow.


Amy Jo-That was me with Jack the Clipper. I melted it in an SGA Sampler. Your orders sound fabulous. I’m checking out those sites.


I will think about the question. Too many scents I like. I want to take them all.

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Morn ladies. Melting today: Yellow Rose by K's kreations

Lemon Rose Cake by OPT, doesn't carry this anymore [smilie=th_thanimeomega_emoticon

Snowcake by Hayden Rowe


Amyjo, Apple Peel & Jack for one, Lemongrass and a rose one.

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Good morning!


Michele...I hope you can spend some time with your Mom and talk. I'm glad your friend who is a priest was able to see her and speak with her. Every day is a blessing.


AmyJo...I have always loved lime scents...even the lifesaver type which I'm guessing is the sweeter lime. I've noticed that lately the lime is toooooo tart and I just can't do it. I have a ton of lime scents in my inventory but I'll have to see if it's the sweet lime or the tart lime. I think we are opposites on this one...Lololol! ;)

If I had to pick three scents it would be....Cinnamon Sugar Donut, Iced Lemon Cookie and Patchouli. I think I'd like one bakery, one fruity and one earthy. Of course those choices change all the time...cause SSA is a big fav lately!! Lol


Oh and I ended up placing an order with Zeep this morning. [smilie=th_paper-bag] I tried to avoid it yesterday but this morning I caved. I have no self control.


Biolaeagles...yup, we're back to cold and rainy today. Yuck! It was good while it lasted.


It's Spotted Hog's Rock Candy from a sweet pal...thanks! Delicious!

And from Ramble On Wax...Winter Rose Parade and Fairy Feast..yum.


Have a good one! :)

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Maggie, I bet you are not alone on Zeep ordering... [smilie=th_shewiggle]


I tried a recipe today - you use the tubes of cinnamon rolls and cook them in a waffle maker. Anyone try that before?


My three, changing often, Nag Champa, Lemon Lavender, Red Currant.


Tonight it is TCC - Buttercream.

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Good morning ladies,


A good night's sleep is a wonderful thing. Yesterday was hospital day which I love, but I think I was already so tired from the accumulated work travel that last night I just came to a halt. I slept like a dead thing and woke up with Clementine the cat curled up under my chin. [smilie=th_catkiss] I don't even remember her hopping up into the bed.


Michele, I'm thinking about you...it brings back memories of when my mother was in hospice...hugs to you and your Dad. [smilie=_smileyfacehugging_]


And Michele, thank you for telling me about Jack the Clipper - this is becoming a favorite scent, outside my usual choices and now I love this one. [smilie=th_ef3416a0]


Susan - Apple Peel & Jack sounds intriguing - who is the vendor?


Maggie, I don't have any self control with all these restocks either...glad you found something fun at Zeep! As for the lime scents...it sounds as though there is a huge variety and I want to keep an open mind. And Patchouli - I will have to check that out as I don't know what that smells like at all. [smilie=th_idontknow] So much to learn....


Debra, that recipe sounds tempting - do you just lay the cinnamon rolls flat across the waffle maker? How long to cook? That is right up DH's alley. [smilie=th_drool33456183iw4] And Nag Champa - there's another one I don't know - *adding to the list*


I love reading everybody's three melts to take to the deserted island. I haven't quite figured out the melters in that scenario...guess we'd have to use the candle kind. I think I would take creamsicle, salted sea air, and Christmas tree.


We have a freeze warning for this morning [smilie=th_shout] but at least my Pyrenees is happy about it. DH has strained his back and I am trying to be patient. [smilie=th_m4t3zo4]


This morning it's:

FP Cider Jam and Toast (has been melting for over 24 hours, delicious)

CFOW Vanilla and Lavender, in sweet little heart drops that I could hardly bear to melt.


Have a good morning, everyone.


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DD#2 was here for the weekend. We had such a nice time and we hated having to take her to the airport last night. [smilie=th_sad-1] It was only a quick trip because her schedule is so full. One good outcome, she said she is planning to move here after she graduates in December. [smilie=th_smiley_emoticons_hurr


Michele ~ I am thinking about you during this difficult time.


Biolaeagles ~ Good to see you here! [smilie=th_slider_flirt] I've missed your posts.


AmyJo ~ I got my SGA order yesterday as well, but haven't had time to sniff. Crazy how Sundays these days are mail days. [smilie=th_foolish1] With DD#2 here, I didn't have time to look at Zeep. Besides, I have WAY to much wax! [smilie=help]


Maggie, I'm with you on the Patchouli, but also with you, Debra, on the Nag Champa. The third would have to be bakery all the way. Something like Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread.


I'm in a panic over my DH. He's lost a good amount of weight over the past several months and refuses to acknowledge my requests to get checked. DD#2 just told me a little bit ago that he looks too thin and that I need to make him go to the doctor. I made him an appointment for tomorrow morning. Just what I need, one more thing to worry about. [smilie=th_gif]


Forgot to post my melt again!


SB Lavender Marshmallow Cream

CCCC Pumpkin Chai Latte ~ Thanks friend! [smilie=th_76d65c2f]

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Good morning, everyone! th_oregonian_mornincoffee.gif We are getting some cold weather today after having a warmer week.


AmyJo, hope your husband gets better soon! Stay warm! yes.gif


Elisavetta, sounds like a yummy scent. th_drool33456183iw4.gif Did you have a good throw?


Honeybear, yay for DD2 coming to live with you guys this year! th_dancing_smile.gif


Today I'm melting another homemade tart in Peppermint Coffee/Toasted Marshmallow. wub.gif

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Hello, hello!


Susan....unicorn farts?? :sSig_heeheehee:


Honeybear...I'm so glad that your DD will be moving with you after graduation! [smilie=th_cc15] Good luck at the doctors tomorrow with your hubby....I hope everything is fine!!


AmyJo...Patchouli is an incense type scent. Quite often it's used in those incense sticks that are burned....it's a heavy groovy scent and most of the time people love it or hate it. I love it! ❤️ I hope your hubbys back feels better soon!


Tonight it's Nene''s Kitchen in Orange Coconut Creme Torte... :toppoints:

And a homemade Sex Bomb type by a sweet CF pal...thanks! :wub:



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We just got home yesterday and we brought my mom with us. She'll be here for a couple of weeks. :wub: We had a fun time with family celebrating my grandma. Thank you for the birthday wishes for her. :)


Michele, thinking of you....


Honeybear, I hope everything is ok with your DH. So happy your DD will be moving there!


AmyJo, hope your DH's back is better soon.


Biolaeagles, glad to see here back here and hope you are getting settled in your new home.


The three scents I would bring to a deserted island would be a bakery type, (probably something pumpkin) a fruity type (melon) and lavender vanilla.


Melting Taste The Tropics from ScentSationals. My mom and I both bought this scent in ID and we love it!

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Well good morning ladies and Happy Tuesday! [smilie=th_Hello_]


We still have a bit of SNOW on the ground from yesterday...I had to refill the kerosene heater in the three-season room and break out the hot-water bottle again last night. I am trying to be glad for this because the Pyrenees is so much happier when it's cold. [smilie=th_cc8]


Honeybear, I hope your DH will get good news from the doctor this morning. I'm thinking about you both and sending you a big hug. [smilie=_smileyfacehugging_]


Biolaeagles - you make your own melts?? Oh, I admire you ladies who do this. That Peppermint Coffee/Toasted Marshmallow sounds delicious!


Susan - thanks for the OPT reference!


Maggie, I remember when my DS was dating a girl some years ago and he said she always smelled like patchouli. I didn't follow up on it much because they went out only a few times and he didn't bring her over. Now I must learn what this smells like...hmmmm I see a few melts I could order.... [smilie=th_coffeespew]


Mpfand - I'm so glad your grandma enjoyed her 90th birthday party!! And I hope you and your DH enjoyed your anniversary. :skywriter:


Well, I have put most of the recent orders up to cure but since the vendors were very generous with their samples, I'm in scent heaven and have been playing with lots of new choices. [smilie=th_ahaaha]. Do you know the feeling when you discover something entirely new, and it's right up your alley? - there's that moment of recognition, like - you're part of me, and where have you been??


That's what happened yesterday with a sample from CFOW - Beachwood Vetiver. I'd never heard of a Vetiver before, had no clue what it was, and I don't think I've ever smelled that before. But within minutes of putting that little melt in the warmer, I was transfixed. Just beautiful, different, earthy...it's like I've known it all my life and had forgotten it. And now I know it's a grass...but I imagine all of you knew that already!


Anyway, of course I had to go back to CFOW and wrote to Michele and now I have placed another order for some of her earthier scents in moon cake form. When DH came home, he too loved it. [smilie=th_aa17]


So yesterday it was CFOW - Beachwood Vetiver and Serene Waters (which is a lot like Carnival by the Sea, another SSA type, lovely) :toppoints:


And this morning, in honor of the remaining snow, it's:

Zeep - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (pine/mistletoe, STRONG)

Zeep - Spiced Chai (wow, I didn't get much from this a few months ago and now it is beautiful - chai tea, pomegranate, orange, delish).


Have a lovely morning all,


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Maggie!! Happy birthday and many more!!

I hope you have lots of fun with your family, wonderful scents that you love, and a huge cake with everybody singing. [smilie=HBday]


Best wishes and lots of hugs!!


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[smilie=th_f0424ea25f87db180cc7d , Maggie! Hope your day is as beautiful as you are! [smilie=th_a194]


Mpfand ~ Good to hear you're home safely and had a great trip. How nice that you and your mom enjoy scents together. [smilie=th_friends]


AmyJo ~ Hope your DH is feeling much better today. If you like vetiver, there's a good chance you will like patchouli. I'm glad you have an assortment of earthy scents on the way to play with. [smilie=th_happy096]


DH wasn't too happy about having to go to the doctor. He insists he is fine. I told him to do it for DD#2. Haven't heard anything from him yet, but I'm sure they'll have to do blood work, and that will take time. Patience, grasshopper.


SB Circus Treats ~ Blue Raspberry Snow Cones, Yellow Cake Bites, and Cotton Candy

SB Lavender Marshmallow Cream


Burning GC Sea Salt Vanilla



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Hello everyone!


Feel like I haven't posted in several days. Been in a bit of a funk lately with the weather being still so winter like. I am dying to be out enjoying my yard! [smilie=th_smiley-crying]


Melting right now is SGA Rainbow Sherbet/Whipped Cream/Birthday Cake... Quite a yummy combination I have to say. Earlier today I melted some wax that was sent to me by a sweet gal... LSC Xanadu... another winner. It filled our master bedroom and flowed out to the hallway!


Speaking of SGA, my order came and it's all fantastic. I now have 4 more chunk bags and two clamshells to add to my SGA stash. Julie included 2 samples which both smell tempting! Is anyone ordering the beach night sampler?


Count me among the peeps who ordered from Zeep this weekend. First time for me...small order. I have the feeling that I will love their wax from the raves I've seen. Also ordered from FP... enough to qualify for the free mystery tart 4 pack. [smilie=th_paper-bag]


Amyjo, so glad you're liking FP! I love that Angie takes scent requests right on her site. Her customer service has always been top notch IMO. On a desert island I'd have to have my favorite FP blend Apple Pie/Apple Butter/Cinnamon Graham Cracker, CFTKR Sugar Cookie Latte and RG Vanilla Crunch Donut. Hard to narrow it down to just 3 scents because I love so many, but these three are ones I just never tire of and always have on hand. [smilie=th_create]


Maggie, hope your birthday was special and GROOVY! [smilie=th_1819]


mpfand, enjoy your visit with your mom! [smilie=kewl]


Honeybear, hope you're DH is okay. When my DS was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last October, his weight loss was one of the things I noticed and made him see the doctor. Take care dear. [smilie=th_bighug-1]


Michele, hugs for you at this tender time. [smilie=_smileyfacehugging_]


biolaeagles, great to hear from You! How are all your little boys? [smilie=th_aola]


Elisavetta, [smilie=th_blij31-1]


Have a great night [smilie=th_offtobed]

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Hi All!


Thanks everyone for thinking of me. No change here. I’m at my mom’s now waiting for the hospice nurse ro show up.


Happy Birthday Maggie!! ????????????????


Honeybear- Hope all is good with your DH.


Aria -I ordered the SGA Beach Night Sampler.


Have a good night !!

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Honeybear, hope your DH gets a good report from the Dr. [smilie=th_834c9e54]


Aria, I hope better weather is on its way to you soon! [smilie=th_hema1]


My mom and I went to Wal-Mart this afternoon so we could smell wax. [smilie=th_200912104451] We both found several scents we liked. Melting Orange Blossom Oak from BH&G.

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