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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


Mighty Melts of March

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Good morning all, a quick question for you.


Our little emoji for this forum I find completely delightful. However, sometimes I see more of them in the list, and sometimes fewer. I see people using some that I've never seen at all. What is going on with this? Do you have to have a certain number of posts before more become available?


Also, when I'm writing from my phone, I don't see that list at all. Is it only there in the full (computer) version?


Yesterday, while writing from the computer, I suddenly saw the one with eight little heads singing as a choir. I love that one. This morning, it is gone from my list.


Please help me understand...


Debra - I also love a plain lemon scent!


This morning it's BH&G Sea Air Linen. This one is a winner. I think I'm a sea air kind of girl.


Enjoy your Saturday,


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Happy Saturday! And thank you for the Spring break well wishes! [smilie=th_sml29]


AmyJo...that's interesting. [smilie=th_scratch] I see the emojis on my iPhone and iPad so I'm not sure why that's happening for you. I know sometimes I have to hit the emoji face on the toolbar right above the response box just to get them to show up...but otherwise idk. I'm not very computer savvy...can you tell??? [smilie=th_thsignA]


Debra...Lemon is always a goodie.


Ok...just placed a big old order with Ramble On Wax...I gotta rein it back-I think....or my Wax Closet will be bursting at the seams once again....lol!


Still melting yesterday's wax...it's still going...will change it up soon.


Have a good one. :)

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:sEm_oops2: Placed another order this morning.... :thyay:

CFOW is having a 25% off sale (spring)... [smilie=yes]


In my house this morning...

VCS In Day Tripper

And Nancys In Perky Pomegranate

Upstairs it's Blowin In The Breeze by CFOW (clothespins, Salty Sea Air and Lavender)



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Thank you for the birthday wishes! [smilie=th_aa18]


Honeybear, I'm glad Zoe is doing much better. [smilie=yes]


AmyJo, glad you're back home and were able to take a little time for lunch with a friend. Unfortunately, I am of no help with your question regarding the emoji's. [smilie=th_fear8] They are fun, though, aren't they? [smilie=th_E_JUMP16667]


Maggie, I hope you have beautiful weather for your spring break! [smilie=th_smiley_emoticons_hurr


DH and I just got back from a little trip to Paso Robles. We visited a couple of wineries and had a lovely time. The weather was perfect. It was just an overnighter so I didn't take any waxies with me. I was happy to turn a couple warmers on this morning. Enjoying Lemon Beignet from LSC, a gift from a sweet CF pal. [smilie=th_slider_flirt]

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AmyJo, my phone has a spot that says "enable emoticons" - but no emoticons appear! [smilie=th_confused3] The ones for your computer should all just show up on the right of the reply box. You may need to click the "show all" box to get the biggest selection.


Also, for your emoticons on your computer, look at the yellow smiley face above your reply box - if you click it - it opens and closes. See if that changes anything?


Mpfand - sounds like a lovely trip!


Maggie, I noticed that Nancy has a sale, too... [smilie=th_stophierDancedancer04


Tonight it is Butterfly Lane - Fizzy pops.

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Hello Girls [smilie=th_sml29]


I've been busy with the pool and punch list items. The pool is now officially up and running. Just have to wait until Tuesday for the gas company to come and hook us up with a new meter, then we can use the spa, grill, and fire pit. DD#2 is coming out again a week from Friday. Then DD#1 will be here on the 21st. [smilie=th_slider_flirt] I know I sound like a broken record, but I miss my girls something fierce.


Mpfand ~ Your little trip sounds like it was a lot of fun. Glad you had a good time! But always great to get home to a little scent, isn't it? ;)


AmyJo ~ I can't do the fancy Candlefind emoticons from my phone either, so I just use the ones from my phone if I post from there. [smilie=th_idontknow]


Maggie ~ [smilie=th_LaLaLa] to your talk of sales.

If I hadn't just signed up as a Gold Canyon consultant, I might be looking! [smilie=th_create]

I "needed" [smilie=th_f5a39fcb] some candles and also looking for something fun to do until I find the program I will enroll in for my work in the mind-body health field. I don't know really know anyone here in Arizona, other than a good friend up in Scottsdale and Dessa who both work full time and Dessa runs her tart business, so it's lonely. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me to get out and about and meet some people.


[smilie=th_offtobed] Good night, all!


Oops! Forgot to post my melts!

ST Magneto ~ Thanks to a very sweet CF friend ????

ST PF Chang's

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