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Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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Do you remember the scents of September?

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NMHoneybear, hoping you're feeling much better and have good news about your house soon!


DH and I had the best time at Disney. I just love the parks this time of year and enjoyed all their seasonal treats, too! The Pumpkin Spice Churro and Candy Corn Cotton Candy were yummy! :D


Melting Honey Crisp Cider from ScentSationals.

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Maybe tomorrow I'll start to feel better. The headache is so bad I'm not really enjoying my melting and I even had to turn the ST Middle Earth off this morning. People swear this helps headaches, but it made mine worse.


We've had a quite unusual amount of rain over the past couple of days and last night my driveway couldn't hold it anymore. Now I have deep ruts all the way down and need major bobcat work. Good thing my neighbor has his own bobcat business. He'll be here tomorrow afternoon. Hoping nobody wants to see the house until it's fixed! It would be a definite dealbreaker. I guess somebody out there thinks I need to spend more money this week. Lol


Blank Label Once Upon A Puppy Love ~ sweet lavender vanilla bean noel creamy zucchini cake pops

Blank Label Grim Grinning Ghosts ~ green apples folded into sweet pastry dough, drizzled with ginger salted caramel

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Gosh Honeybear...you've really got a dark cloud hovering over you lately! :( I hope everything turns around for you SOON!!! [smilie=th_bighug-1] Feel better!!! [smilie=th_balloons]


Biolaeagles...yay! Enjoy that piano playing for your church tonight!! [smilie=th_c61]


Mpfand...I'm so glad you had fun in Disney! Those yummy treats sound "heavenly"!!!! I think I may need to go there this time of year next year!!


It's Autumn Spice by Copper & Kraft downstairs

And upstairs it's Blonde Moment by Scarlet Raine


Walked the boardwalk today...it was so lovely and Fallish!!

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