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Scream Queens

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Does anyone else watch Scream Queens? One of the sorority pledge characters is a candle vlogger on youtube. It's so funny. guilty!


I've never watched that. Out of the zillions of things one of the characters could be....what are the odds she'd be a UTube candle vlogger...too funny! :D Makes me wonder if one of the writers is a waxie fan. Do they show this character preparing for any waxie reviews on the show? If they do....I'll have to watch! [smilie=yes]

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The snooty sorority girl is horrified by the supposedly dorky new pledges. They show a vlogger sniffing candles and describing them. It's a very brief segment of the show but I had to laugh out loud at it.


Right, Sweet, I wonder how anyone even knew candle vloggers exist. might be a staff member has a candle stash. th_Skratta_Bankabordet.gif

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