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Hi- I'm Jenn from North Carolina.

I used to be really into wax several years ago and then got more into candles because I worked at a place that sold great ones, but now am mainly back into wax melts to try to avoid smoke and soot.

So my addiction begins again. Most of the online stores I used to frequent have closed in the meantime, so came looking for other suggestions. Looking forward to hearing other reviews and meeting you guys.

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Hi Jenn! th_blij31-1.gif


Some of my favorites that are available, have awesome scent lists/throw, and have pretty quick turn around time are:


1) Tara's Candle Cottage (she's also having a 39% off her whole website; $5.95 flat rate shipping): http://www.tarascandlecottage.com/

2) Orchid Lake Candles (flate rate shipping of $5.95 or free over $45): http://www.orchidlakecandles.com/

3) Tiffany's Candles ($7.95 flate rate shipping):http://www.tiffanycandles.com/

4) Can-Do Candles (shipping rate dependent on size): http://www.can-do-candles.com/

5) Nene's Kitchen Melts (shipping rate dependent on size): http://stores.homestead.com/kitchenmelt/StoreFront.bok

6) Shayz Scents (free shipping over $30): http://www.shayzscentz.com/store/Default.asp

7) Ava's Country Candles (free shipping over $10; current 15% sale on RTS items): http://www.avascountrycupboard.com/


Some of my favorites that have a longer turn-around time (over 3 weeks) are:


1) Haley's Heavenly Scents (flate rate shipping of $6.95 or free over $50): http://www.haleysheavenlyscents.com/

2) LOL Candles (currently having a 25% tart sale; flate rate shipping of $7.95): http://www.lolcandles.com/


Some favorites that are open every once in awhile (currently closed):


1) Candles from the Keeping Room (shipping dependent on size): http://www.candlesfromthekeepingroom.com/

2) Lasting Scents (flate rate shipping of $7.75): http://www.lastingscentcandles.com/



Hope this helps! This is a fun group that LOVES wax! th_ahaaha.gif

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