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April 2013 Contest: Fragrances that begin with A

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This is our contest game for the month of April. Please see the post under Monthly Forum Contests for more details. It includes details of this month's prize package.


How to play:


* List the name of a vendor and then a scent that they carry that begins with the letter A.


* Once a vendor has been named, they may not be repeated! That means the game will get more challenging as the month goes on.


* Scent names may not be repeated, either. Example (using the letter P for illustration purposes): If someone lists Tuscadero's Pomegranate, then Pomegranate cannot be used again from any other vendor. Mixes and variations are OK, just not the exact same name.


* Scents/Vendors may be for candles or bath/body.


* You cannot post directly behind yourself. This means there must be at least one other person's response after yours before you can post again.


* The person with the most entries at the end of the month is the winner! In the case of a tie, a randomizer will be used to select the winner.


* Remember, to be eligible, you must be actively participating in other games within the Game Room before this contest starts. The minimum requirement is one non-contest game during the last month. It's easy to do!


* Contest ends April 30, 2013 at midnight EST.


Example of how this game will be played, using the letter P.


Poster 1: Cozy Cottage - Pear Tart

Poster 2: Dream Soy - Pina Colada

Poster 1: Tuscadero's - Pearberry

Poster 3: Beach Girl Beauty - Pink Bikini


and so on.


Good luck and have fun!

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