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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


November's Cornucopia of Scents

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Tonight I have old ones (seems like I say that a lot...maybe I have too many tarts?) [smilie=yes]


Nessa's Snow Storm and Armomalite's Zombie Punch

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Good Morning smilie008.gif


Melting Nene's Brown Sugar Chai...oh boy, this is a super yummy fragrance. I swear Missy has some of the best scents around.woohoochristmas-1.gif


honeybear, sorry to hear about your loss. Take care friend. hug.gif


mpfand, I love Christmas Cottage from Scentsy too! Something about it just screams Christmas to me! I think it's one of those scents that brings back my childhood memories of Christmas. sno-globe.gif


smilewreathhammer011.gifWell, I never did get any decorating done yesterday, but still have lots of time to do it. The boys are home today, so I can have them bring up the boxes from the basement. Can't wait to start baking in a couple weeks...yummy.


This whole past week seems like a blur to me. Hate being sick.


Happy Melting. kulsmiley1.gif

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