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  1. Jules - get better soon! Cookielady - "too many candles"?!? I'd toss that fish back in the sea, lol! Aria - you get well too! I've been busy with holiday stuff so my Mac has been gathering dust. Another warm-ish day here but dark and rainy. Thank goodness it wasn't snow or we'd be buried up to the roof. I'm melting LSC's Chocolate Mint Latte. I'd been rationing my hoard of them until I could get another order in. I'd wind up at a psych emergency room if I ran out!!
  2. Lasting Scent Candles has a Butterscotch Brownie Bites scent that might be similar. I never got to try Whiff N Sniff so can't say for sure, but it may be worth a shot.
  3. It was 50 yesterday!!! Whoo-hoo!! More of the same today. Melting Christmas Pineberry Bough from CBV and Crabby Candles Raspberry Truffle. It smells goooood here!
  4. I'm burning my LOL Rocky Mountain Christmas candle today. We've had a string of sunless days, so lots of candle-burning is going on (I alternate with my CBV Spearmint or Peppermint Bark candles) Meltwise, it's 1/2 Granny's Pie Crust and 1/2 Christmas Apple Cider Snap from CBV. It was someone's create-a-scent candle and got lots of raves, so I have to test that out.
  5. Warm Glow Santa's Cider - Only Santa’s elves could have whipped up this delectable aroma of fresh apple cider with a hint of cinnamon.
  6. I used to not throw tarts away too, but after melting a few palm wax tarts that were total duds, I decided life was too short and tossed out ALL the palm wax ones. They were freebies, so it's kind of pathetic I couldn't toss them, but I do hate to waste stuff. If you're trying a new vendor and consistently getting no-throws, cut your losses and just pitch them because it's very unlikely the rest would throw. I used to feel I had to give them a chance, and I *do* give them a chance but now a tart has an hour or two to make me notice it, otherwise I consider it a loser. Ones you just don't like are another story. You can give them away, or swap with another tart fan because one person's trash is another ones treasure. I've not had the BH&G tarts, I guess because I like to shop for tarts online mostly (and the fact that it sounds like they involve a trip to Walmart and nooooo!!! I just can't deal with Wallyworld, lol!) A lot of vendors are closed for the holidays, so that may make lockdown a bit easier.
  7. Fa la la la laaaaaaa (great title, Boogie!) Our petunias are still hanging on! It's a record (or else they are zombie petunias). Petunias in December - not bad! Melting Rocky Mountain Christmas today (and look for lots of that this month since I got bunches from both LOL and Crosscreek). I guess I'd better retire the pumpkin basket and get out the green one for the holidays.
  8. Anyone experiment much with hair products? I tend to stick with whatever I'm in love with but when Aveda discontinued my go-to hair conditioner I had to start looking (I'm almost out of my multi-years-worth stockpile, lol!) I'd sampled a variety of things here and there, in hotels and samples-with-purchases and the random magazine insert, but I was getting nervous because nothing was a love match. I wasn't even looking at Aveda because I'm mad at them for killing off Cherry Almond Bark (yeah, not the most mature attitude but hey... it's personal when you mess with my hair conditioner!) I'd been intrigued by Philip B. stuff after reading a few raves from editors in fashion magazines. I saw some clips on YouTube but the hosts endless gushing and oohing and aaahing was a turnoff because you just *know* they do that with everything they're trying to sell. I could see the before-and-afters but I knew those were normal people with normal hair, and my hair is just, well...psycho. And demos are done by a pro and I'm just a mere mortal. My hair is fine-textured, but it can be wild. My choices have always been deep condition and use product and have it be kinda sorta but never entirely smooth, or let it go and be curly frizzy. Neither option hid the fact that the lower 6 - 8 inches of hair always looks straggly (the top 12 are OK) but I'm not one to do the big chop-it-all-off thing. Recently there was a sale so I got 2 different sample kits (the Russian Amber stuff and the scalp conditioner stuff) and thought I'd see for myself if my hair would like it. I used it last Friday and O.M.G. I have fairytale princess hair!! Never ever in my entire life have I looked at my hair and thought "yeah... that's GOOD!" I've had many "mmm that'll do" moments and "it's OK" moments (and too many moments of begging and anguish because it won't behave) but this was a total "whose hair IS this?" moment. I just combed it and let it air dry so I could give it a test with zero styling. The coolest part is that the lower part is just as thick and full as the upper part! It doesn't feel crunchy or slick from any products - it just feels like silky hair. I am sooo hooked. And now I have the dilemma that one editor wrote about: I was thinking I'd use this sparingly (it is insanely costly) but then once you've had amazing hair, it's hard to willingly pick up another bottle of something else that will turn your hair back into a pumpkin. No one I know (online or off) has mentioned trying it. Anyone here use that line? Or have you had any hair product just entirely blow you away with how well your hair liked it?
  9. (Candles By) Victoria's daughter Melissa has opened her own shop on Artfire offering handmade soaps in familiar CBV scents. She's starting with the most popular ones but plans to expand to include as many as possible (checking for skin-safety) and she IS taking requests. If you've got a fave, drop her a line. CBV Soaps By Melissa
  10. Belated b-day wishes, Christy and Laurie! I hope you had fun! Does anyone know how to add extra days to the week? I'd settle for extra hours in a day, but probably won't get lucky with that either. Iloveyummysmells - have you tried temp agencies? They hire for all sorts of positions and it's a good way to get some $$$ rolling in. I have LOL's Vanilla Bread Pudding going and ohMY is that one yumm-o! Shady Mountain Coconut Mandarin is also plugging away nicely. We get a hard freeze tonight. I'm trying to cheat plant death so I put some Rubbermaid tubs over a couple of the flowerpots. Those plants still look fabulous and it'll warm up again so I hate to write them off just yet.
  11. Isn't that one great? She has some amazing coffee scents (and scents in general!) I find I also tire of cinnamon after a short while, but pumpkin is always welcome. I *like* cinnamon but too many days in a row and it just seems too in-your-face. I love Peppercorn! It's such a lovely warm scent. I got my first one as my freebie tart in a CBV order and ordered more. I have a candle of it right now. You might also like White Pepper... the description on the CBV site didn't help at all with all those notes. It's similar to Peppercorn - a warm inviting scent. I have 2 candles going right now, nothing melting - Warm Glow orange stardust pillar and a jar of CBV Caramel Apple. I love that one because the throw is strong and the apple isn't shy at all. Bonus points - it was 70 today. Niiiiiice!! I took advantage and relocated my swiss chard plants into a cold frame because it's going to be 27 Thursday and the plants are not going to like that at all (neither will I).
  12. Good morning! It's another "gee it looks really nice until you open the door, then BRRRR!" day. The leaves are really tumbling off the trees today. I'm melting Spotted Hog's Anginette's Butter Cookies and I cannot rave enough about it. It smells SO divine and the throw is really good. Most cookie scents tend to be light (like vanillas, and most white cake scents) so I wasn't expecting a lot of power out of this, but woah!! I don't have to get near it to smell it, and that's unusual for a potentially-light scent. Not to mention the yum factor. I bet those cookies taste good.
  13. Happy Saturday everyone! Nice title for the thread, Gail! I was going to stalk the LSC site again today to try and catch the "silent sale" and I saw that she's closed *again*. AAArrrgh!!! I've not been able to be online when she's had her sale prices so I've missed the last times she did that, and now today, when it's too cold to work outside and I can stalk, she's *not open*. I now fully understand why people get fed up and frustrated and start to make their own tarts. I'm going to figure out my own chocolate / mint / coffee combo so I'm not at the mercy of someone else. I'm addicted to that combo. In the meantime, today's melts are LOL's Rosemary Mint for the pups, 32 Degrees for me, and Mom is melting CBV's Patchouli which is making me hide in here (I like CBV's patchouli blends but the straight patchouli gives me a killer headache). It is sunny and gorgeous outside - but cold as ice!
  14. Christy - I'm sorry to hear about your Grandpa Sheila - OMG too funny about the squirrel. Those rodents are so destructive! We had one zap the phone service in our neighborhood when we first moved in. Isn't L'Amour de Mamie awesome? That's one of my faves. Aria - Bummer about the warmer! They really should put some thought into the design before selling them. Laurie - have you tried Vanilla Autumn from LOL? It's not bakery, it's pine, pumpkin and vanilla. I'm catching up on posts. The Last Nice Day was supposedly yesterday and now I have all of the gardens buttoned up, except for the ones I'm still using. Next July I'm hoping to dig up a bunch of garlic! Melts today - Frosted Pumpkin Cupcake from Crosscreek Sharin' A Sleepin' Bag and Spiced Apple Pecan from CBV Autumn Morn - CFTKR Is anyone else ready to throw in the towel with Facebook? I discovered I'm not seeing all my friends posts. One friend found a way to force them to show - visiting each person's page and changing a setting - but it took her 2 1/2 hours to do that! I'm just not willing, especially when they seem to change things daily. If I'm not chatting with you there, it's not *you*, it's Facebook. Have a great day!
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