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  1. greenleaf starlight village candle caramelized pear
  2. Rainer


    Poached Pear from Kringle Golden Spiced Pear from Yankee Candle
  3. Yankee Candle Beach Plum bad throw Bridgewater Bonfire
  4. village candle warm apple pie mccall's peace on earth
  5. Rainer


    oh yes, it was worth the drive and the only chance to try crossroad candles, because you can't buy them in europe and they don't ship internationally too. we bought the buttered maple syrup, which i love the most blueberry pancake, country breakfast and grandma's kitchen were great too. concerning candles I definitly were born on the wrong continent
  6. Rainer


    thank you juletones, your are absolutely right, ebay will be the best way to get them another way is to come back to florida in october/november last time we drove 200 miles from palm beach to a small town called winter haven, because there was a small shop selling crossroad candles. there was no way getting them in miami
  7. Rainer


    hi there Last november i was on holidays in palm beach and got in touch with the fantastic bath and bodyworks candles. I just bought two, because I didn't want to pay a fortune for overweight luggage and thought it won't be a problem getting them online somewhere. the problem is: i live in austria/europe and b&bw does not do international shipping. does anyone know an onlineshop which sell those candles and does international shipping? thx
  8. hi candlelove!!! why did i make you anxious about moonlight harvest? it's the best autumn scent, i love it so much. just try it, i am sure you will love it today i have started a new large housewarmer from yc : spiced pumpkin. spices like nutmeg and cloves are very prominent, i prefer frosted pumpkin or pumpkin pie, they have got a milder flavor. [smilie=th_avatar_4219] by the way: another excellent scent for cold autumn days is lakeside birch
  9. hi everyone!! i am burning yc dune grass in the living room, enchanted garden (perfect for the restroom ) and black cherry hw in the kitchen. today the weather is cold and windy so i decided to start with typical autumn scents as soon as the jars are burnt down. i am looking forward a lot of different pumpkin scents and of moonlight harvest of course
  10. @ aria: wow i can't believe there are other people loving moonlight harvest!! i thought noboday likes it! at the time i got the information they will retire this scent i got a nervous breakdown and ordered 5 big jars and a lot of tarts and votives so if you ever will be in need of moonlight harvest (maybe in a few years, just let me know) in austria there is no such thing like yc outlet stores, i have to order everything in onlineshops. i looooove those dancing bananas :)
  11. good evening everybody!!!! (it's 7:03 pm in vienna) well, viennalady, i think you could be right. maybe we have met one or two times :) it's just an educated guess i am burning yc 2 wick tumbler world series "himalayan air". i really recommend this great scent, smells very intense, it's almost like being on the top of mount everest breathing fresh and clean air with a hint of cedar wood!! excellent. so sad yc stopped world series production
  12. and by the way: my name is R A I N E R not ranier
  13. thank you for this very nice welcome !!!!
  14. hi! i am melting cranberry orange from and early sunrise from yc and i have large housewarmer of ocean water in the living room, black cherry in the kitchen, beach vacation on the toilet and one of my all time favorit yankee candle scents moonlight harvst in the bedroom . have a nice day
  15. hi everyone!!! first of all i hope you don't mind my english, it is far away from perfect, but i hope you will understand what i want to say. i am so glad i finally found a way to talk with other people about my addiction! my name is rainer, i am 32 and live in vienna, that's the capital city of austria. i made my first experience with scented candles about a year ago with yankee candles. my first housewarmer was frosted pumpkin, this scent aroused my passion for this candles. in the meantime i have dozens of large housewarmers, two wick tumblers and tarts. my favorite scents are food and spice, especially pumpkin in all variations. now i will read your postings to get a first impression of this forum! i am really looking forward to get to know you all . :P rainer
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