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  1. beautiful day here too winding down. evening melts: can-do Donna's pink poundcake CFTKR- orange chiffon serendipity fruit cocktail TDC- pink sands in the bedroom. I'm a new convert to ps. after years of not being able to go near it, I'm loving it and can't get enough. LOL
  2. good day, all. Happy St. Pat's. I've had cftkr licorice fluff and hot chocolate peppermint can-do peppermint bark, applesauce cake, found an old OMG VBN to toss in, and LSC lavender serenity or something like that in the br. can u tell I'm trying to melt down some wintery scents? lol I love licorice and peppermint bark together. sounds odd but so good. everyone enjoy their day and celebrations.
  3. lol sweet...no green beer for me, nor ever any beer but I did cook my boiled dinner tonight and just finished eating. yum. trying to melt down the remainder of the winter/fall scents to make way for all the spring/summer. CFTKR family gatherings, Can-do apple orchard, CCCC- heart and home. have can-do dogwood in the br and baby cucumbers in the bath.
  4. Hi everyone. Long time, no see. wanted to pop in. I see many a name I still remember. :) I've been catching up on posts and have to admit that I am so out of the loop with the new business abbreviation names. lol I usually stick to my 3 that I have for several years but am going to try venturing out to try a few of these new ones. CFTKR bliss, Home sweet home in 2 melters, and falling leaves. I used to be such a huge bakery fan but can honestly only do it in small doses anymore or I gag. ha! funny how smells change, huh?
  5. LLVV so sorry to hear about your father. you're right; it's one thing to read and u think u prepare, but one loses objectivity when u see the progression for yourself. Very difficult to see someone u love to be in pain. I pray for peace for your father, and for your family. CCCC french vanilla coffee CFTKR moonlight path in the bath Haley's brown sugar pound cake here in the dining room.
  6. good late eve, all. enjoyed looking thru the posts. Maggie, that nepalese scent sounds so intriguing. I am looking forward to trying 32 degrees. i have that one coming in my LOL order. I guess I get spoiled w/Carol, Deana, Pam, Donna...seems like I have been waiting forever for LOL order but I haven't. It is just that I am impatient(and i really am a patient person) guess not when it comes to wax. :) only ordered on the 27th during a sale from a vendor that also has a physical store. ashamed of myself. recent melts: LSC choc. chip cookies, smores. Haley's-Hansel and gretel in candle and melt currently have Carol's maple pecan corn muffins and caramelized apple praline mixed in 2 melters. I've come to the conclusion that I am not a corn muffin person. I need sweet. same w/fresh baked bread; not a fan. I know I am in the minority but it reminds me of the bottoms of my dogs feet. frito-layish
  7. re: play-do..... I've had a scent or two and can't think of what they were or where they came from ...(prolly cuz I try to push it out of my brain...not a fan of play-do scent. lol) that smelled just like it and I had to dump. to me, warm vanilla sugar reminds me of play do. lol
  8. I've seen fresh cut grass listed on several vendors. I think CCCC-Crosscreek country candles has it listed. for a true scent strawberry that is really strong and is so authentic: CCCC-strawberry patch and CFTKR-fresh picked strawberry. I have had both and I think they use the same oil. Carol has alot of blueberry blends and my fav. is black and blue which is a combo of blackberry and blueberry. hmmm, usually the blues I see are mixed w/other things like pink sugar or bakeries, or cream. CCCC has blueberry cream which is also awesome. maybe others can help. as for the playdo or crayola...i've not seen those.
  9. good morning, all. cold morning here but sun trying to peek out. LLVV, I didn't know CDs were ancient. I am ancient and never keep up w/technology. I saw on the news last night a short clip from the Las Vegas tech and gadget show..wow, makes u realize just how far tech. has come and who knows where it will end? before u know it, everyone will be born w/some kind of chip. LOL that Frosted Cedar Wreath sounds lovely. CCCC berry christmas in the cute glittery snowflakes-last of it in 2 melters. love this scent Haley's pink cotton pickin' in the BR but it is slightly taking over the entire house. nice and strong! CFTKR moonlight path in the bath. this is one of my fav. bbw scents I've used for years. I think Carol d/c it...or the oil supplier did. hve a great Saturday, all. seems odd to have a w/e off again but will savor it. think i will go get a couple of new tires today. enjoy!
  10. I sure don't but I love it too. funny thing is I will always have an affection for the men's version because when I was dating my husband, i flew here to Cinci for Christmas. I stopped at a Prime Outlets on the way to the airport and picked up a gift set in that for hubby, wrapped it up and gave it to him as a christmas gift. He honestly didn't know what to do w/this thing that had this shiny paper on it. I had to show him that he unwraps it and there is something inside. (he isn't from the states and is Muslim so christmas wrapped gifts were new to him). I haven't looked for it in a while because he now wears Bvulgari. that didn't answer your question one bit, did it? LOL
  11. oh sorry, Nautalique, thought it was a two-piece. does it take a bulb? hmmm, I wonder if you wrap the foil around so the holes are closed in, if it would help retain the heat better? afternoon melt was Carol's Welcome Home. wonderful scent to feel cozy and warm when u are home. I remember that the cinnamon does get strong the longer it goes so it was time for it to go; not a big cinnamon lover here.(in wax, that is) CCCC and Nene's peppermint bark in 2 melters. the last of all my bark. got to get more from Deana; I love hers. also burning my GC licorice candle. sounds odd, but the combo together is divine. I asked Deana if she has a licorice or anise tart and she doesn't but does have pizelle. anyone ever had her pizelle? wouldn't want too much bakery but more anise. a bit of snow here today; not alot but it did stick. was dreary and overcast. enjoy your eve, all.
  12. good morning, all. Maggie, you are whittling down, good for you! wish I could say the same thing but not a tree person here anyway and I went overboard. all stored in a big glass 2 gallon jar that once upon a time held the most delicious olives from the in-laws orchard. :) CFTKR-birthday cake badedas in the bath Cashmere and silk in the BR. Love this; recently learned that this is the same as CBV French Quarter, which I love and occasionally am getting a whiff of it out here in the LR. Nautilique=not sure where u keep this seashell warmer that appears to be not as hot of a plate but u might want to try wrapping a piece of alluminum foil around the dish and extending down to some of the base. I then take the 'overhang' and lip it around the rim of the dish to hold in place. I have a 24 watt plate that doesn't heat CBV wax very well; does the same thing so I tried that and the foil works like a charm. I guess it just helps to retain the heat where it belongs thus melting the wax. Not an eyesore but not really a pretty conversation piece but it does the trick, and mine is just the typical flat plate melter w/bowl. a shame to have to cover your pretty decorative melter but at least u could use it as a backup or switch it out to a room that doesn't get alot of 'eyeing traffic'.
  13. good late eve, all. Cat, that is so neat about the facial recognition; so that is a security thing so no one can use your pc? wow, how neat! still melting LSC cinnamon buns w/buttercream frosting. didn't want to switch it out; not too cinnamony and still going so why wreck a good thing, huh? CFTKR caramel velvet crunch in the DR. Gail, i too went back tonight and read the description of fairy garden and there is not a grape to be had in the thing. LOL isn't perception a funny thing? wow, sure smells like there is a grape in there to me.
  14. good afternoon, all. first time checking in today. early morning chat on the phone w/one of my work buddies(gosh I miss my work friends..we all miss each other and can't wait to see each other next week @orientation. (nurses really do have a sisterhood, i tell ya). went for a long walk with the boys and came home to my Haley's package at the door. :) laundry in the dryer but am taking a break. recent melts: CFTKR-winter spice. Loved this on cold sniff but something in it didn't agree w/my nose on melting. Twilight in the br, snowfall or snowflake or something like that in the bath. gosh, I am so terrible w/remembering names. put on LSC cinnamon buns w/buttercream frosting before I ran out to get a few groceries because I didn't want to come home to the smell of that winter spice. aah, of course...i forgot I had a p;ackage coming from haley's because this will probably be an all day/eve melt. re: fairy garden-I am not fond of grape. grape is the main note but then there is other stuff in there. I honestly swear it penetrated into my sinuses because that is all I smelled and i could have sworn I smelled it on myself when I went out today for a walk and i had bathed/shampooed. LOL must have been on my coat. I remember someone ordered it for their daughter and I think it is a great girl scent, really. Just not for me. that blackberry musk sounds intriguing. i LOVE Slatkin Leaves. ironically, was the only Slatkin that has tunneled on me. also have it in the EVO. I loved 'Autumn' new this year. oh golly, that is incredible too. I also love Carol's keylime pie and love it in the spring when i'm getting tired of the winter bakeries. refreshing. I came, i saw, I blabbed...per usual.
  15. good evening, all. Sweet-=had to snicker out loud at the dentist comment; not sure which end I would prefer each month but I know all the while I am sitting in the dentist chair, my toes are curled I am so nervous. Oh, I dislike it too. melted LSC Fairy Garden and CFTKR berry current noel. Love this noel blend; reminds me of something but can't put my finger on it. I'm thinking it is either the raspberry part of the tootsie pop, or the charm blow pop. remember those? Fairy Garden is grapey w/other stuff. Not all that fond of grape but I know one thing...it packs a punch, overtook the 2 melters w/the berry noel, and it was in the back of the apt in the bedroom! went out this afternoon and as I approached the apt. door, I could smell it thru the door. Honestly, I had to turn it off this eve so I could melt something out here in the living room. It is off and I am still smelling it. CFTKR pecan maple flapjacks in 2 melters and I am surprised how light this smells to my nose; but it is mixed w/the lingering fairy garden. smells good enough to eat though and I am now hungry for some kind of gooey bakery. not picking up much of the maple in it. I think I need to go stick my head in a coffee can. :) have a good eve, all. Lady...that luna bleu orange/cocomilk sounds wonderful.
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