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  1. I do not like corned beef. The person below me plays Poker.
  2. Melting Peach Fizz by Colton Candle Co.
  3. Ohh, Now I have to try Almost Country. I haven't melted in a long time I need a new vendor to spice up my stash.
  4. Melting Caramel apple from Senza, Yum
  5. Good morning every one. I'm melting Punkin Pie from a mystery vendor.
  6. This am I'm melting 14-Karrot Cake by Front porch. Nice and strong. I love bakery scents
  7. Trep prayers for your dad. I hope that he heals quickly.
  8. Melting front porch, Cranberry Spice, while puttering around the house
  9. Melting Front Porch, Sweet Pine Noel.
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