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  1. I was just looking at this for the Gingerbread (my personal favorite is Nene's Gingerbread Boy, it smells divine) but 1803 has caught my eye and so has the high shipping BUT I have to check it out. Cisley
  2. I've tried both the Java Twist from Crosscreek and the Chocolate Mint Espresso and both are fabulous but entirely different. I'd say try both, for sure and see what you think. The Java Twist at OMG is too strong of Peppermint for me. I like Crosscreek more. I really like coffee scents and OMG has a VERY strong Cup o' Joe. Yum. Cisley
  3. Welcome Back. I guess you know what you are in for. All the enabling that goes on here can really hit the pocketbook hard but boy, the end result really smells wonderful. Cisley
  4. Welcome to the Forum. This is a wonderful place to learn about candles, scented wax, etc. I am still learning and enjoying my scented wax more than candles now. Cisley
  5. Cisley


    Welcome to the Forum. Wow, you have good taste in vendors ~ ha ~ those are some of my favorites too. Just got a huge UPS box from CFTKR today with little ghosts and a caramel apple. Too cute. Cisley
  6. Welcome to the Forum. Sounds like we like a lot of the same things. Strong tarts in bakery as well as Vanilla. CFTKR makes a fantastic Vanilla Bliss and Ultimate Vanilla. Crosscreek makes a really rich and delicious Ultimate Vanilla as well. All are strong. Cisley
  7. Welcome to the Forum. I haven't been around as much as I use to but I am sure that will change with the weather!!! Swappers? Never heard of that one. Cisley
  8. I tried both of those scents from Can Do and Crosscreek but they didn't give me the big room throw I was looking for. I only use Nene's for the back of my house but have never tried Carol's Glazed Cinnamon Donuts. So far the Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti is winning at Crosscreek but I also ordered it from CFTKR and interested to compare the 2. I have been hunting a good strong/sweet cinnamon for a long time, any type, bakery, etc. but no luck so far. Any more suggestions? Cisley
  9. Thanks for the input. I am really picky about my Pumpkin. I like CFTKR Pumpkin Zucchini because you can smell the Pumpkin. I ordered Pumpkin Bread Pudding from Fragrant Memories but I am not getting an order since she closed shop. Thanks for jolting my memory about Can Do. I have that on my list as being very good so when I re-order, I will be getting that one. Any Pumpkin Spice or Pumpkin Pie Spice you recommend??? Cisley
  10. Ok, Forum Members, come out of hiding and help me out on my search for a great Sweet Cinnamon Scent with a fabulous throw. I like paraffin wax. Any suggestions? Cisley
  11. I am in need of a really great pumpkin scent and since I am a fan of paraffin wax, does anyone have any suggestions for a great pumpkin. I am looking for spice and also for sweet ~ two different scents, if you will. It must have a really good, strong throw. Any suggestions? Cisley
  12. Hi Lauren: Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy yourself. Cisley
  13. Hi Deidre: Welcome to the Forum and hope you can add a lot of discussion to the board as a former vendor as well as a wax addict. Of course I'd rather have you as a vendor because I miss your wax so darn much ~ BIG hint!!! Cisley
  14. toberetired: The best time to come is after the 4th of July and the month of August. You can pretty much guarantee you will get decent weather ~ unless, of course, we are having a rainy summer which does happen ~ ha. Cisley
  15. Trep's reasoning sounds good to me. Toberetired: You might envy our weather now but not in the fall/winter/spring ~ too much rain. Cisley
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