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  1. Aria, thanks for the friendly a couple days ago. Hi back atcha, girl! That sounds absolutely divine! I'm glad you and your girls had such a great time. I just did the same thing this morning with Colonial's Fresh Summer Lemon. Such a great candle - terrific throw and oh so beautiful! I hope your busy-ness is all fun and no negative! Have a lovely Wednesday, friends. Gail
  2. wax buddies! I'm way behind, but trying to catch up. Loving the new emoties! Michele, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis. Bless her heart. Glad you SIL got a clean bill of health though. Debra, congrats on the new pup. They are so much fun and so much work, aren't they? Mpfand, your trip sounds fantastic! Napa is such a gorgeous area, and the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary. Your DS is obviously a thoughtful doll! I've been on a candle kick even though our temps are beginning to hit 80. So unlike me - go figure. I'm still enjoying my YC's two wick tumbler in Honeydew Melon. This morning I'm finishing up a couple YC votives in Mango Peach Salsa and will replace them with Bahama Breeze. Gail
  3. back atcha, Debra and Sweet. And good morning to everybody! Yep, Sweet, there's not much to dislike about evergreen pears. Well, except for the fact that they don't produce pears! Nothing burning or melting around here this morning. I just got up! Once I get organized, I may give my new Yankee Pink Sands candle a try. So glad my state has finally fixed the broken clocks around here. Gail
  4. Hi everybody! Hey Sweet, spring is just around the corner! Gotta love those early bird crocuses, eh? Around here, the weeping willows are getting beautiful, all fresh and newly green. Evergreen pears are just starting to burst into bloom. I've mostly been burning Yankee candles lately. A couple of votives in Fruit Fusion. Not much throw, but they're only wee votives. The large tumbler in Honeydew Melon is fabulous! Gail
  5. waxie friends! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day. Mine was nice but, um, not very romantic. DH and I accomplished a lot in our backyard. Neither of us is sentimental or romantic, so we agree it was a great day. Maybe this is what marriage looks like after almost 46 years?? I'm melting the fabulous, stupendous, exceptional Mimi's House from Can-Do today. Happy weekend, everybody! Gail
  6. Sweet, I got the same email from Janet. Ugh, hacked. I'm melting Deja Vu from Can-Do. I like it a lot, apparently enough to wax poetic! Gail
  7. Howdy! :) I hope those of you who got snow are enjoying it a lot! I'm melting HHS Frosted Pumpkin on this clear, cold morning. Gail
  8. Hi Susan! It's great to "see" you again! You might think I'm just being polite, but I've thought of you often and have really missed you and your terrific sense of humor! How are you and your sweet doggies doing? I'm melting TDC's Mexican Vanilla, a divine gift from an oh-so-thoughtful CF friend. Gail
  9. Hi wax pals, for your get well wishes for DH. He's exhausted, but so much better today. So far, with help from Ms. Chlorine, I've stayed clear of the bug. Sweet, I hope you don't get any freezing rain. I'm not quite sure what that is, but it sounds pretty awful. I'm melting LSC Peppermint Bark from a darling CF buddy. It's completely and so is she! Gail
  10. and Happy Saturday! I'm melting Candle Dippers' Spiced Cranberry, and I can actually smell it in spite of all the bleach! DH has gastroenteritis. I think the poor guy is starting to improve. I've been running around wiping bleach on everything, trying to keep the bug away from me. MaggieMae, I hope your DD is on the mend today. Gail (If I can reach it, I'm gonna bleach it!)
  11. I'm melting Can-Do's Amish Spice today. Such a perfect little tart. Happy 50th to your DH, Mpfand! Sunlight, enjoy your first FP order. How exciting! It's been a busy, productive, and fun month around here. So far, things are looking up in 2013. I have lots of forum catching up to do, so off I go. Gail
  12. Goooood morning! I'm melting Can-Do's Harvest. It's off season but right on the money! Have a good week, everybody! Gail
  13. Oh, thank you, Sweet. Your post is just darling! Mine too, Maggie. Exactly! At least we can be grateful that they're not constantly grumbling, eh? Silly guys. Gail
  14. It's going to get chilly here tonight, expecting a low of 14 degrees. Me no likey. I'm melting Aunt Nena's Green Apple Explosion, a gift from a thoughtful CF pal. I love this one! It's so strong and yummy! Me likey. Gail
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