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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Thank you! Shopping as we speak! It has been eons since I got a box from Nene's!
  2. Good morning All! It has been a couple of years since I checked in here, but I opened up a Wine Cooler from LOL this morning and started thinking about how much I missed this! Plus, I am distraught because my wax supply is dangerously low, and I am fresh out of places to order from. Angel Made Scents was my favorite, and I made a big order in October and never received it, and LOL's site is closed. So where do I go now? I need ideas. I knew this was the place to go to hear from the experts!
  3. Lana... Upside down pear gingerbread cake sounds delicious! I am thinking I might have to place an LOL order this weekend, there are just too many new scents I have to try. The kids put in my last AMS Tahitian Waterfall, I am not a huge fan, but they really like it, so I will live.
  4. Have you tried Carol's Christmas Wish? It is soooo wonderful! I also love Spotted Hog's Mrs Claus Cookies and Christmas Cabernet. I ordered a triple layered candle from LOL last year in Frosted Cranberry Wreath, Miseltoe Kisses. and Rocky Mountain Christmas, and I LOVED THAT CANDLE! I got comments on it from everyone who came over to the house. I have to have woodsy smelling candles once I put the tree up, and Sugared Spruce is another one of my favorites. Let us know what you order!
  5. Hello! I dug through my stash at home, and brought some ones to school. We are trying LOL's Pineapple Cilantro for the first time...MOUTHWATERING! It smells so fresh and juicy I want to lick it!! Maybe not such a good thing, cause now I am STARVING!
  6. I think my favorite part of being in this forum is knowing that other people have stuff stashed just like me!! I love the feeling of not being alone in strange behaviors! I just changed out the Blueberry Cheesecake for Can-do's Country Apple... perhaps my favorite tart from this company so far!!
  7. Hello! It is chilly here this morning as well, but should be getting nicer by the afternoon. We have Blueberry Cheesecake from Scentsy going right now. Not bad, pretty strong.
  8. It has been forever since I have been on! I bought of the flu knocked me down for what seemed like forever! I would not wish that upon anyone, it wss horrible! Today I am melting Busy Bee's Elf Cookies... this is one of my favorites!
  9. Changed my melt to BG's Raspberry Marmalade Cookie and MMMmmmmmm..... I almost hate to go home! This one is fantastic! I guess it will save for tomorrow, right?
  10. LLVV... how is Christmas Fig? That is another one I have looked at. I started Can-Do Banana Puddin- not really a fan. I keep getting some almost perfumey time smells... weird. I am really hoping my Busy Bee box comes today!
  11. Da Lime in Da Coconut Froot Loop Cupcakes or Pink Crack?
  12. Hello! I am having a most fantastic day, my friend brought me the next book in the series I am reading, another friend brought me some shoes that actually fit to match my Halloween costume, and when I went to get an empty shoebox out of the closet for a project I discovered the box was not empty at all... there was a brand new pair of shoes in there, and yes they fit too!! So, while I am mildly embarassed I am so disorganized I still feel like I have hit the jackpot! Celebrating here at work with some LOL Vanilla Crunch!
  13. Christmas Cookie! Denny, I like your avatar too! Frosted Pumpkin or Gingerbread?
  14. LLVV, thanks so much! I am going to switch some of mine around after seeing your reccommendations. I am waiting on some of my ebay auctions to end so I can have some paypal credit money to play with! Thanks!
  15. Good morning! Trying a sample from Carol, Christmas Cookie. Pretty good so far. Last night I tried Spiced Plum...ack! Smelled all perfumey... and I had to blow it out. I am really glad that I didn't order a whole bag of that, because I thought about it. :?
  16. Vineyard Cabernet or Peach Zinfandel?
  17. Hi! Has anyone tried Carol's Cranberry Peppermint or Cranberry Balsam? I love the Cranberry Cocktail so much I thought I would think these would be fantastic, but I thought I had better ask opinions first. Anything else Christmas-y I should try?
  18. Good Morning! I should be cleaning, but instead I am shopping at Carol's... I have Sweet Harvest Pumpkin going right now... it inspired me!
  19. Jason.. thanks for the Hobby Lobby tip. My friend is going, I told her to go check stuff out for me! Sometimes living in a small town is lame! I am melting Bel Vampiro for the first time... not normally my type but I am liking it today!
  20. Death is eucalyptus and clove and aromatic spices. It is a wonderful mix, sorta masculine, sorta resiny. I really like it myself. I like this... makes it sound not so bad really!! I am melting Carol's Christmas Wish... which is every bit as good as everyone described it! I love it!
  21. Puppylove.. I was unaware that you were an LOL virgin! It is fantastic, isn't it? I seriously did a mapquest to see how long it would take me to drive to the store...that would be 30 hours! While I would love too.. not quite worth the gas money!
  22. R- Reel in a shark without assistance!
  23. Ok, spoke too soon. I got outvoted with the Froot Loop Cupcakes, they dumped it. We tried Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from Candledippers... and about Gagged! :? I wonder if this one was a mistake, I didn't smell any spice or any pumpkin, instead I smelled soap. Trying to remedy the situation with a Cherry Noel. Hope it works soon!
  24. I love Spotted Hogs Da Lime in Da Coconut, and Busy Bees Coconut Cream pie.
  25. Hello everyone! It has been crazy busy around here, so I have had no time to post! Today we are melting Lol's Froot Loop Cupcakes! We were feeling fruity.. it's Homecoming week and today is nerd day! I love dressing up! I know that makes me a nerd! :?
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