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  1. Hello CF friends - Long time, no post! Life has been so crazy that I just haven't even had time to play with wax much so nothing to post about. Bought some candles for the holidays and rarely was home long enough to make a dent in them and went through barely a handful of tarts. I'm homebound today though since my daughter is home sick from school, so I actually just placed a Crosscreek order so new wax is on the way! And, I am burning a Sleigh Ride candle from Gold Canyon Candles. Hope everyone has a great Friday!
  2. It's actually pretty chilly here in the Southwest Today - FINALLY! So I have a jar of YC Autumn Leaves going as well as a tart in the same scent - one of my very favorite fall scents.
  3. Hi, everyone and happy November! (I know, I'm a little late ;) I'm FINALLY home enough today to melt something this week....Autumn Wreath - Crosscreek's version. Off to spin class in a little bit but then I'm sticking close to home today to get somethings done. I will probably start on my Autumn Leaves jar (YC) later. Have a great Friday!
  4. Karrie - Hayride is one of my favorite scents! I get it from Deana but also from Tuscadero's (who added it last year by request ;) I just got home from a vendor event this morning so I may just put that one in (currently have the T's version of it)now that you have mentioned it.
  5. Ahhh....peace, solitude, COFFEE, and scents! Today is the only day I don't do WW meetings during the week. I'm normally at the gym but decided I needed a little alone time before a crazy, busy weekend coming up. I'll go this afternoon but for now I'm getting ready to light YC's Farmer's Market (or Autumn Leaves - might do that one instead) and will put in a corresponding tart. Upstairs it's Crosscreek's Baton Rouge. Have a great Friday, everyone!
  6. Today I found an older Cheryl's 8-oz. mason jar in Home Sweet Home tucked back on a shelf. I can't believe how strong that little candle was on my desk in my office - scented its way up the stairs to the second story of the house. It was a nice fall scent, even though it's 107 degrees here in the desert...ugh. Anyway, signing off for September - see you all in Octoberland!!
  7. Hi, CF friends - This is kind of a 'fly-by' to post to not my status on the forum since I don't think I have posted at all this month...crazy, busy schedule! Nothing burning today, but yesterday I burned a PI Macintosh candle in the morning, YC's Farmer's Market at night along with a supporting melt in the same scent. I'm in and out today but I'll probably put in YC's Macintosh Spice at some point. Happy Monday, all!
  8. TGIF! Last day of summer vacation here for my kids. They always get to pick doing whatever they want on the last day and they chose going to the Science Center. I was kind of hoping they'd go for staying in their PJ's all day and watching videos and eating popcorn, but I guess we'll have fun being in some nice air conditioning while it's 110 outside! Just got back from the gym and had put on Can-Do's Banana Island before I left......What a yummy smell to walk in the door do. Have a fantastic Friday, everyone!
  9. Thanks! The only reason I have kept it off is because I really followed WW properly to begin with....finally. This last time was not my first time ;) It's not a 'diet' if you really do change the way you eat and live on the program from the beginning. You should never do anything to take weight off that you aren't willing to do to keep it off. Changes need to be permanent. If not, you really are on a 'diet' and diets are something you go on and off of, which is why and how weight fluctuates. That, and exercise is KEY to loss and maintenance. So, staying on topic: Today's wax is Cactus and Sea Salt brittle from Pure Scents. Have a great day, everyone!
  10. Lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers, maintained for 5 years. Now I work for them as a meeting leader. It works, and it's liveable. You shouldn't do anything to take weight off that you aren't willing to do the rest of your life to keep it off. Weight Watchers teaches you to eat the right foods in the right amounts from the beginning to lose weight and keep it off, if you follow the plan. But after trying many things before WW, I can say this was the easiest thing to follow and work into my life without 'dieting'.
  11. TGIF :) I'm melting YC's Juicy Watermelon right now but I can't smell much :( Off to the gym so maybe when I get back I'll smell something??
  12. Hi, folks! Just got back from the Yankee store myself using the $1 tatt coupon! Got a few summer ones - it's still HOT here so I'm nowhere near ready for fall scents, though I did get a couple to preview and some apple and fruit ones for September. Today I have been melting YC's Island Spa and Crosscreek's Clean Sheets. Have a great night!
  13. Good evening, everyone! Melting YC's Beach Vacation and burning YC's Sun & Sand. It's FINALLY rainy here - the monsoon storms have been threatening but finally arrived. I love this part of summer. And I'm glad because I've been sick for the last couple of days and rain always makes me feel better.....that and wax!
  14. Today's melts are YC's Stormwatch (storms are threatened for later today so it seemed appropriate), and CCCC's Tuscan Lace. Have a great day!
  15. Melting Can-Do Beach Daisies today. On a mid-day break between meetings and trying to get a little housework done. Trep, that is tragic. We have the same challenge here though our humdity isn't nearly as high. We have been under heat warnings off and on for a couple of weeks and it really puts people in danger.
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