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  1. Today I have been melting Mimi's House all day from Can-Do. I forgot how much I like this scent. This was one from a long time ago that I found in the bottom of my tart basket.
  2. Hi Everyone !!!!! Tonight I am melting Orange Coconut Creme Torte from Nene's :oops:
  3. Just started melting Gingerbread Applesauce from Melissa's Specialty Soap & Primitive Wicks.
  4. Happy June Everyone !!! Today I am burning Mango Peach Salsa from CBV !!! This scent is wonderful !!!
  5. Happy Memorial Day Everyone !!!! This afternoon I have been melting Sweet Cinnamon Coffee from Nene's. It is pretty good, not a favorite, but good. It is so hard getting a really good scent throw with all of the windows open and a good strong breeze coming in. I am smelling it every once in awhile.
  6. Frosted Watermelon Cake from CYS - this was great when it first started but has faded really fast.
  7. I've been burning Cinnamon Buns from Bizzy B's
  8. Hello Everyone !!! Tonight I am melting Cafe AuLait Cake from CYS this one is SUPER STRONG. In a good way though. It has only been melting for a very short time and I had to shut it off for a little while. This one is going to last for quite a while I think.
  9. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!!!! Today I have been burning Spice Cake from Goose Creek and melting Marshmallow Madness from SSS. Marshmallow Madness is good, I just wish it was stronger.
  10. Baklava from Nene's is still going strong from last night. I will be adding others to the mix soon. I hope everyone has a great Saturday !!!
  11. Could someone tell me where the p0rn picture thread has moved to? I cannot seem to find that thread anymore.
  12. Tonight I am melting Cinnamon Rolls from Nene's. YUMMO !!!!
  13. Tonight I have been melting Blueberry Muffins from Gramma Frans and burning Spiced Pear from CBV.
  14. Good Morning Everyone !!! MP my prayers are with your Grandma. I have started out this dreary rainy day with Cinnabun from Gramma Frans
  15. Tonight I am melting Sugared Donuts from SSS. It has just started melting, so I will report back later. The cold scent is wonderful, I hope it is just as good when it is melted.
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