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Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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  1. Sorry for your loss Michele, so sad:(. We had one too this week, my great aunt but she was 93, but it's still a jolt. I'll say some prayers for you tonight! I'm melting LSC Candy Cane Burning BBW Slatkin Gingerbread.....LOVE Burning LOL Vanilla Crack Candle.....DROOLING!
  2. Creamy Fall Trifle Spooky Sweets Hot Apple Pie Fresh Baked Cookies Ginger Noel Cookies Xmas Kitchen
  3. Melting Spooky Sweets by Crosscreek....All time favorite! Happy Friday!
  4. Oh Yes I can because I work at Home!!! The person below me can hula hoop
  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE Can-Do! I just whipped outy spreadsheets to start making my list!! Cando has quickly jumped to the top my favorite vendors! Thank u Candlefind! I'll list my list once U get it together! Yay! Alexis
  6. Jason-lol, that is scary! Almost as scary as Blago givin' his dillusional closing statement. This is better than a Lifetime movie. This guy is flippin' off his sociopathic rocker!! I'm melting CFKTR's Vanilla of Pearl, nice very nice
  7. LLVV and Jason, big ole 32 here too and I totally love RW!!! (i dvr it) and agree w/ Jason about this season. Remember Puck? Wonder whatever happened to him. I'm also addicted to Made, it sucks ya in!! Happy Bday Jayde-great name! I'm melting my last EW's Frosty Farts:(, AMS Peppermint, and more YC Eggnog n xmas cookies. It's like xmas fest '08 in here.
  8. So I got my angel made scents order today and just popped a Granny's Zucchini Bread in my melter and Woah mama! It's strong, it's fabulous, it's positively perfection!!! I love it and give it 5 stars all cuz I listened to you guys. Thank you!! I also lit YC Eggnog candle, SH's Orange Froated Cupcakes, and melting one of CFKTR's Caramelized Apple Prailine. AMS Zucchini Bread takes 1 st prize hands down! Good Night, stay safe, love thy scents!! :P
  9. Welcome Chelsea, I'm sure you'll love it here!!! Have fun and looking forward to chatting with ya about scents!!! :P
  10. Hey Big Red welcome to the group and have fun!!!
  11. Hey Candlefind buds, sorry I've been nuttier than a fruitcake and haven't had time this past week to make any posts but now I'm back and need to catch up!!! I'm melting Angies Country Bazaar,EW's Country Berry Hotcakes, & SH Sinfully Vanilla I'm burning Yankee's Eggnog and Gingerbread Candles, Illuminations Sugar Cookie, & CFKTR's Vanilla Bliss Everything smells great together. I will say out of the hundreds of melts and candles I've gotten from CFTKR, this Vanilla Bliss candle must have been a dud pour. It has zero throw. I even feel bad saying that out loud but that's been 1 out of hundreds!!! Still the best and Damn Good!!! Missed u guys and Hope all is well!!!!
  12. Sicilian Merlot is devine!!!! I need to order more of those! I just tried her Pink Pucker yesterday and it was strong!!! That baby lasted a long time and had a great grapefruity citrus sweet scent!!
  13. cbgirl-Love that one!!! I just put on EW's Naughty Elf Nightcap, smells like drunk elves, and Angies Brown Sugar Pecan, huge strong throw but it's starting to wane....still yummy:) Heart to Heart: I so second that one! Feb, 1st couldn't come soon enough:) Good Night:)
  14. Welcome and this is definitely da bomb diggity of things wax!! Look forward to talking scents with you:) ;) :P
  15. Well you definitely hit the lottery by coming here!!! I'm pretty new too and I've learned so much from everyone here. They are a super bunch:) ;) and :P
  16. The soaps and shower gels should be fine but BBW has great customer service and if your unhappy with anything they usually fix it pronto. They charged my card twice by mistake (my total was $50) and took it off as soon as possible. I never complained to them about it or said a word. Two weeks later they sent me a letter with an apology as well as a $25 gift card. I wish you awesome package and melter vibes for manana:)
  17. Good Evening all! Got some okay deals on yankee this morning (50%) at the Hallmark store so I'm burnin' 'em. All eggnog and gingerbread, mmmm love eggnog and gingerbread!!! LLVV- Sorry to hear about your burner, that would tick me off too but you did crack me up while I was reading your post Have a great night and stay warm!
  18. Hello on this fabulous Inaugural morning!!! Due to the fact that it's one major historical exciting day combined with the fact that I'm a waxadoodle.... This is what I got goin' for today: Blackberry Jam and Butter Cookies- CFKTR At the Fair- EW Relaxation- Angies Angel Amaretto- Bean Pod Candle Cinnamon Glazed Baklava- Candle Dippers Key Lime Pie- Candle Dippers Orange Gingerbread- Candle Dippers Baked Apples- EW Apple Butter-The Melting Pot Mulled Wine- Illuminations Candle Allspice and Nutmeg- BBW Oil I have no clue which scent is doing what all I know is it smells flippin' AMAZING! It's definitely a melting pot in here Have a Beautiful Day everyone!!!! Oh Heart to heart, I agree there are some amazing melts for when your sick, I have EW's Stuffy Head and Awakening both kick butt and helped me a lot! I just got but haven't tried Sinus Headache Relief from Angies. Feel better guys:)
  19. Very busy long day! Hope everyone feels better who is sick, never fun:( I will say that the Kleenex laced with Vicks may just be the best thing to come along since the Kleenex! No joke. I'm just put on EW's Banana Nut Bread, WOW it's strong, this melt is pumpin' like nobody's biz Good Night All!!!
  20. Hello Hello! Sippin' my cup of joe while watchin' the Sunday Morning Show. Woah, wacky extemperaneous rhyme-a-thon there:) I've got a ginormous stack of CFTKR's Apple Cinnamon Flapjacks and Angie's Christmas Cravings. Smells wonderful in here I must say, As I wish everyone a fantabulous day! GO E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Just put on my last EW's Swedish and Ginger Cake, love this scent! It's super strong but doesn't last as long as some of Riss' others but still love it!! LLVV and Fleur, sorry to hear about your pinched nerve and back pains:( Hope you feel better soon g'nite all!
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