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  1. I have not posted here in awhile, hope everyone is doing well! Today I'm melting Watermelon Patch from Goose Creek and YC red raspberry. Burning candles in YC Strawberry Lemon Ice Gold Canyon Peach Nectar Village in Peach Bellini Happy Memorial Day weekend!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Burning Goose Creek Pumpkin Pie
  3. This morning I'm melting Farmhouse Cider and Donuts-CFTKR Troll Treats from Tuscany candle Burning B&BW Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Happy Halloween everyone!! Sweet, thanks for the birthday wishes, you are so sweet!
  4. Good Morning! Melting CFTKR Caramel Praline Indian Bread Burning B&BW Brown Sugar Allspice and YC Apple Spice Have a great day everyone!
  5. Melting CCCC Orange Pineapple Granita and YC Waikiki Melon
  6. Melting Caribbean Holiday from Brown Bag candles Burning Oceanside from B&BW Susan, prayers to you and your family. Here are a couple of Yankee coupons working online this am. MY15 and DM505A. This is for 15 and 20 off of a 65.00 purchase. Can be used on anything not on sale. I stocked up on some easy melts cups!!! Enjoy the day everyone!
  7. Good morning! Melting BH&G Exotic Coconut Quince Burning Papaya Sunrise B&BW Have a nice day everyone!
  8. Good Morning! Today I'm burning Home from B&BW and melting Scentsationals Pretty in Pink
  9. Good Morning! Melting Warm Wishes from Goose Creek smells wonderful!!!
  10. Good Morning!! Melting Scentsationals Warm Apple Pie Burning Vanilla Bean Marshmallow from B&BW
  11. Melting Crossroads Buttered Maple Syrup Food Network Maple Pancakes....yummy! Sonoma Pumpkin Muffins Burning B&BW Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Enjoy the evening everyone!
  12. Hi Everyone! It's very cold here too! mpfand,I have to say I'm alittle jealous of your weather, sounds so nice!!! Today I'm burning B&BW Merry Cookie and Winter Vanilla Latte, both smell wonderful. Melting CFTKR Apple Dumpling.
  13. Good Morning! Burning B&BW Winter, melting Holiday Homecoming-Cheerful Giver I know Aria, It's really cold here in MI. Makes you want to stay in and burn candles!!! Enjoy the day everyone
  14. Good Morning! Starting out burning B&BW Cranberry Woods Melting Cinnamon Cookie Dough from Haley's Enjoy the weekend everyone!
  15. Good Morning everyone! Today I'm burning Twisted Peppermint from B&BW and Snowflake Cookie from YC. Melting CCCC Frosted Sugar Cookie. Colonial Candle is having a 50% off there entire website, think I'll go browse around, I've been wanting to try there melts, I hear they are very good!!!
  16. and Happy New Year! Today I'm burning B&BW Cinnamon and Clove Buds Melting Scentsationals Winter Berries
  17. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Today I'm melting Cheerful Giver Cranberry Orange, this one is so strong it's filling my house with a wonderful fragrance!
  18. Hi everyone! Today I'm burning Happy Holidays from Village Candle and it's very good. I picked this one up at Tuesday Morning last week, nice candle. Also, burning B&BW Frosted Cranberry Have a great weekend!
  19. Hi everyone! Burning White Christmas from YC and Holiday from B&BW
  20. Today I'm burning B&BW Pumpkin Gingerbread Melting Pumpkin Cupcake from CFTKR
  21. Hi Everyone! Melting Cheerful Giver Orange Cinnamon Clove Burning Yankee's Sugared Apple ...Both of these scents are so good! Have a great weekend all!
  22. Hi everyone! Melting CFTKR Pumpkin Crunch Cake and burning B&BW Pumpkin Sugared Donut
  23. Melting Sweet Potato Pie from Thompson's Fall Festival from Sonoma Burning Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin B&BW Have a great Saturday everyone!
  24. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!! Today I'm melting Scentsationals Coffee Café a dual in Spiced sugar Cookie & Mocha Frappe Latte Burning B&BW Salted Caramel Corn & Cayenne Caramel
  25. Melting Butterscotch Rum Cake from CFTKR Burning Gold Canyon's Pumpkin Pie If anyone likes Yankee Candles, I just listed a great code in the sale section. Not sure how long it is good for ,but it's a good deal!
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