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  1. Glad your hubby is back, NM! I'm melting Can-Do Oklahoma Rain and doing a super-fun painting project today.
  2. Morning all. It's very humid here today, which is bad news for the painting project I'm trying to let dry. I'm melting PI Cranberry Spice in the living room and Nene's Kai Halulu in the bedroom.
  3. Actually my opinion of Moon's Harvest products is not very high and I am just trying to use the stuff up, so it didn't bother me. It was a lot like that moment right after you violently open a bag of chips or salad you've been struggling with, and the stuff flies all over the room. Mostly this incident was good for its humor value.
  4. Hi all. I'm melting LB Fruit Loop Cupcakes today. This is a favorite scent of mine from just about any vendor.
  5. Sooo....last night I had an incident with one of those HUUUGE bath bombs from Moon's Harvest. Actually it was one of their bath shakes, which are also very large. The one I have is kinda crumbly. Anyway, I was breaking off a piece to put into my bath when I lost my grip on it and a MASSIVE piece went tumbling down into...you guessed it, THE TOILET. I sheepishly informed DH that we had a problem, and he came in and good-naturedly rolled his eyes at the pretty pink fizz adorning our toilet bowl. Seriously it was a huge piece that fell in there. If I had flushed too soon, it would have clogged the plumbing. DH said we should just wait for it to dissolve. I had my doubts, but the alternative was to try to do something about it, and it is still a toilet, pink cotton-candy bath bomb or not. So I just left it in there for my whole bath and cringed when I flushed it later on, but the flushing process was totally normal and it must have broken down all the way. Whew! Hope Mr. Toilet appreciates the froo-froo bath he just received.
  6. Greetings friends. I'm enjoying SH Waffle Cone this morning. Boy, that contest down in the game room is a blast from the past. I remember a very similar contest from a few years ago when I went all out in listing spicy scents.
  7. Last night I melted Nene's Buttermints. This one was light and seemingly didn't last long, so now it's Can-Do Spiced Nuts. I thought I remembered this one smelling a lot nuttier than it smells now. Oh well, I'm enjoying the spice. Edit: Also, LSC Violet Lime is in the bedroom. I'm liking the contrast between this one and the foodier scent in the living room.
  8. TGIF. Nancy, we're all still thinking of you. Yesterday I melted SH Fizzy Pop (I have noticed this scent is very consistent among many different vendors) and burned YC Lemon Lavender. Today it's PI Cranberry Spice and my custom YC candle. Cranberry Spice is a good scent with a great throw, but I don't know that it's "gotta-have-it" status for me. I was going to do a spray painting project today, but it's too humid. Hopefully I can squeeze it in tomorrow, even though I have other stuff going on.
  9. I'm melting LOL Banana Pudding Wafers in the living room. Never thought I could enjoy a banana scent this much (it was a freebie in my last order). It's pretty yummy. In the bedroom it's PI Mistletoe. I prefer their Evergreen based on scent alone, but Mistletoe throws way better. Compared to YC scents, Evergreen is a lot like YC Christmas Wreath, and Mistletoe is like YC Mistletoe. If anyone is looking for a relatively straight Christmas tree scent from PI that's strong, I'd recommend Mistletoe. If you're ok with lighter, Evergreen is nicer.
  10. Today it's PI First Bloom. This one is really nice. I would recommend it for people who usually aren't big fans of florals. I'm thinking of getting it in a candle, but the jury's still out.
  11. So sorry about your dear dad, Nancy. You'll be in all our thoughts this week.
  12. Hi all. Melting PI Lemon Meringue Pie today. Sometimes I think the lemon smells a little artificial, and then other times I catch myself thinking "oh this one is nice." I can't make up my mind.
  13. Ain't that the truth. I'm melting PI Papaya Passion (yummy non-coconut tropical with great scent throw) in the bedroom. I'll have to try it in a bigger space next to see how it does -- it had no trouble filling the room with only one cube. In the living room it's LOL Raspberry Cotton Candy Cupcakes with a cotton candy candle from a friend. I'm realizing that I've kinda OD'ed on pink candy-type scents. I have lots of cotton candy/pink candy/rockstar-ish options that are all very similar to each other. This is mostly because of that Luna Bleu binge I did that one time. I'll still enjoy them all, I'm just going to space them out and melt different scents for variety in between.
  14. Today I'm melting a dupe of Lush Rockstar. Not a whole lot going on, wax-wise, because I've been out and about today.
  15. Happy Saturday everyone. NM, I second the retail therapy! I had to take a short waxie break because we had some overnight guests. But it's back on...LOL The Three Musketeers tonight, plus the new pumpkin pie jar candle.
  16. Today I tried two more PI scents, Evergreen and Fruit Slices. Evergreen is my dream Christmas-tree scent except it's way too light. I knew what I was getting into regarding a scent that was rated "Moderate." Fruit Slices is great, but pretty orangey. Not an even blend of lots of different fruits. This one is citrusy (although not as tart/clean as Paradise), especially orange/tangerine.
  17. Howdy all. Yesterday I dove right into my Pure Integrity order. I lit up Pumpkin Pie and melted a cube of South African Freesia. I'm not wild about the PP, and I don't see what so many other people see in it, but this won't prevent me from burning and enjoying it. Actually ditto on the Victorian Christmas. I got both of those mostly based on reputation, and found out that while I'll still enjoy the candles, I'm not in love with the scents. Oh well, I'm excited about the order anyway. South African Freesia review -- I am extremely picky about florals and will generally only try scents that have reviews along the lines of "oh I never like florals but I love this one!" SAF is a gorgeous scent...smells "true" and not powdery, perfumy, etc. I almost picked up a subtle evergreen note to it. Just beautiful. Very strong too -- I would have rated it "very strong" or "wow" instead of just "strong." DH mentioned how strong it was too. Anyway, this scent has a...a boldness or sharpness to it that I don't think I could take in candle form. I'm not explaining it very well, but this is not a shy scent at all. Try it if you like strong but not cloying florals.
  18. I don't know much about pain management, katz, but I hope your DS feels better real soon! DH has the morning off and we're having guests this weekend, so we're doing a bunch of cleaning. To get in the spirit, I am melting Can-Do Line Dried Laundry (almost too strong!) and burning a YC votive in Drift Away. "Clean" scents are rare for me, but I have a few from the VCMA spring sampler.
  19. biolaeagles, I think it depends on what scent you get. White Witch is one that is famous for lasting forever. Yesterday I melted LB Death by Pumpkin and fell in love. Today is a bit warmer so I took a break from the fall scents with LOL Dole Whip. As many of us know, this one is awesome too. In the bedroom it's Nene's, the lemon/violet one. Wow wow wow -- just have to say, I got a Pure Integrity shipping/tracking notice yesterday and the package is supposed to arrive tomorrow. So just to review, I placed my order on Sunday evening, then Monday was Columbus Day, received a shipping notice Tuesday and will have it IN MY HANDS 3-4 business days after I ordered. I am so impressed and thrilled! Well done, PI.
  20. I just melted Luna Bleu's Death by Pumpkin and I am head over heels IN LOVE. Seriously swooning here. We're talking top 10 scents ever for me, and that's HUGE. But it's not on their scent list any more -- I checked both the regular list and the seasonal scents! If it's not available on October 9, then I don't know when they WOULD offer a pumpkin scent. Anyone know of another vendor who does a similar scent? According to this Candlefind review (THANKS JULES, you've saved my life!), it's a blend of "sweet pumpkin, fluffy marshmallows, and honey graham crackers."
  21. Yes, DH and I come up with meals to make each week. I actually created a form in Microsoft Word with spots at the top for what we're making, then fill-in-the-blank for ingredients in different areas of the store. The list is organized so it takes you around the store, starting with produce, etc. The person below me is an introvert.
  22. Hi all. I finished my Dune Grass jar yesterday -- what a great feeling. Last night I tried LSC Sanguigno Orange Patchouli (received as a sample) in the bedroom and it was really not my thing -- as in, I was almost a little ill. So I dumped it right away and replaced with Can-Do Country Inn. Today in the living room it's LOL The Cookie Jar plus my layered YC candle (getting into the pumpkin layer).
  23. This time of year, I'd go for Poison Pie. Bonfire Bliss or Ozark Mountain Honey (Kristin's Kandles)
  24. I'm melting K's Kreations Fresh Cut Grass and burning YC Dune Grass. This may be the last burn of my large jar. Looking forward to finishing it up.
  25. Aria, I haven't purchased any of the Caramel Pecan Pie, but I smelled it in the store and it IS incredibly good! I've been melting a friend's Apple Streusel and Can-Do Red Hot Beans, and melting the Home Sweet Home layer of my make-your-own Yankee candle. THRILLED that the weather has finally cooled off!
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