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  1. NM, I'm glad you can look forward to pizza on Friday. This week I'm melting scents that I either left out for myself on purpose or ran across while packing. Today it's one of each -- YC Red Berry & Cedar in the living room (although there isn't much scent left in this one, it's from the bottom of a jar candle) and SH Iris and Fern in the bedroom.
  2. Well, I packed most of the wax stuff yesterday but left out a small selection for melting this week. That's reasonable right? Right. In the living room it's LOL Wichita Blue Juniper, and the bedroom has Nene's Lemon Sugar & Candied Violets.
  3. Hi all. The move is coming up pretty quickly -- we get the truck a week from today and shove off on Monday the 10th. Crazy! All this domestic time is giving me plenty of opportunities to get some melting in. Today it's PI: Cranberry Spice in the living room and Sugared Spruce in the bedroom. A great holiday combo. (But do you know what's next on the list?? That's right...packing the candle/tart stash!)
  4. My weekend is feeling very harried with all the moving chaos. Nevertheless, I'm melting a couple LOL bakery scents: Vanilla Wish in the bedroom and Comfortably Numb in the living room.
  5. Hi all. The tailbone is continuing to get better every day (still not 100% though). Thanks for your well wishes. I'm melting LOL L'amour de Mamie and an unidentified clean scent (I think it's from K's Kreations, but it's an unlabeled remelt) that's really a powerhouse.
  6. Oddly enough, I think I sat too much (hours at a time = not good) and sat the wrong way (leaning back indulgently in non-reclining furniture so as to put lots more pressure on the tailbone, which felt fine at the time but obviously wasn't). Fortunately, today I have a little less pain, so I think it is getting better. The most frustrating thing is the restricted mobility. Prepping for a move doesn't mix well with not being able to bend over/twist/lift/etc. But things are improving and I have found certain ways that work for me to sit carefully for short periods of time. My main concern is getting this cleared up before I have to spend hours in a moving truck! The scents are still around for now, although they may need to get packed away pretty soon. Maybe I can leave out a small selection so as to continue melting/burning until the bitter end. Lately I've been melting the end of my Yankee Sandcastles swirl jar, plus PI Lemon Meringue Pie and LOL Froot Loops. It's nice to finish off some old jars that were on their last legs anyway. I'm planning to place a Full Moon order one of these days and have the pillars sent to the new place. Gotta restock, right?
  7. Hi all. I'm moving pretty slowly these days because of a sore tailbone, of all things. Hopefully it will heal up soon if I don't sit too much. Yesterday I finished off my create-a-candle from the Yankee store and today it's YC Autumn Leaves.
  8. Crazy busy with moving and Christmas-gift details. Blech. Melting LB Cinnamon Creme Brulee and burning my custom YC candle (Mistletoe layer).
  9. I am really enjoying the long post-Thanksgiving weekend. Also, it is officially Christmas season, scent-wise, in this household. I am melting SH Holiday Frost and burning PI Victorian Christmas.
  10. Aria, I would recommend trying canned wet food instead of dry. Dry food has to have a lot of grains/binder in it to hold it together, and since cats are carnivores, their body can't process that very well, so their nutrition is unbalanced. You're already on the right track by measuring the food and not having it out all the time. Maybe there is a special diet food you could try? Maybe introduce a toy or two that the cat is motivated to chase and gets exercise from?
  11. Today's scents are SH Orange Chiffon Cake and PI Pumpkin Pie (candle). Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  12. Hope everyone survives the family drama this week. I only have a little bit in mine. Melting LOL Creme Brulee Milk Shake this morning and enjoying it.
  13. Hi everyone. I had a stressful day today (car repairs) but it turned out well. Whew. Melting LOL Comfortably Numb and TBG Mint Stars in the living room. In the bedroom, CFTKR Fall on the Farm and LSC Ocean Blue (not at the same time). A couple of these were birthday surprises from a friend. Thanks so much!
  14. Hi all. Today I'm just doing some practical things to plan our move -- deciding what to sell or donate, planning meals to use up our pantry items, etc. Today's scent is PI Cranberry Spice.
  15. Yes, very soon. We tried to do this apartment stuff long ago (in September) but that's just too soon for them to know about availability, so we had to put it off until recently. Fortunately things have worked out anyway. Cat, I am so sorry to hear about your car accident. I will pray for your recovery. Today I'm doing a remelt of a grass scent from K's Kreations and burning a YC Drift Away votive. Last night I received my birthday present from DH. A colleague of his does pottery as a hobby, and she made me a couple of gorgeous pillar holders. I am so excited about them. Only thing is, I have no pillars at the moment. Waiting until post-move to place an order. As soon as I have candles to add to the photo, I will post p0rn of the holders.
  16. Hi all. DH and I are back from our travels and we have an apartment! We are excited and making lots of plans regarding furniture, moving, etc. It was a great trip. Thanks to all of you who wished us well! We are very thankful. Today I'm melting LOL Warm Banana Cake. It's nice to get back to some scents.
  17. Gail, I hope the little hummingbird makes it! Thanks for sharing her story with us. I'm melting PI First Bloom in the living room and Evergreen in the bedroom. DH and I will be out of town for the next three days, looking for an apartment to move into next month. We are anxious about finding something, so I'm hoping and praying that things go smoothly.
  18. Happy birthday Laurie!! Maggie, how frustrating to lose power again once you had gotten it back. I'm glad you at least have candles for scenting purposes! I'm melting PI Fruit Slices. (My PI Pumpkin Pie candle has been getting a workout, so I'm taking a break from it today.) Also, I recently finished some of my craft projects, so that's fun.
  19. Hi all! I am melting Aunt Nena's It's Your Birthday from a sweet friend. (Thanks friend!) Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes in the other thread. They are a day brightener for sure! Tonight DH and I are going out for pizza and then playing one of our favorite new board games. Jedda, I hope your broken foot heals quickly!
  20. Michele, I'm relieved to hear about your house and so, so sorry about your in-laws and friend. My family and extended family have dealt with that kind of thing before and it's incredibly tough. We'll be thinking of you as you support those around you. Maggie, so glad your power is back! How long was it out? I'm melting YC Kitchen Spice from a friend. (thanks friend!) Best wishes to Americans on Election Day! I'll be casting my vote later today.
  21. Hi everybody. I haven't been burning/melting a whole lot lately because I had some kind of food poisoning in the middle of the night (Sun AM) and have been recovering ever since. Yesterday I only ate bland foods. Back on the horse today though -- cheese, chocolate, the whole shebang. Glad that's over. Today I'm melting a yummy red velvet cake scent. (Thanks friend!) I also tried the foil trick on my PI Pumpkin Pie candle. As long as I give it enough time, it works for me. Later on today I might make some brownies. I've also been enjoying some board-game-related hobby stuff lately. Painting miniatures, sleeving cards, that sort of thing. Fun times!
  22. Hi all. Yesterday I melted a pink candy scent, and today it's LOL Vanilla Wish. On chilly days, my PI Pumpkin Pie candle has been coming in handy.
  23. I hope your house is ok or has minimal damage, Michele. We're thinking of you. Here in eastern VA we're 100% fine and life is back to normal. We're very thankful. The D.C.-suburb-area of Virginia has gotten hit much worse than we have. I'm not home right now, but the scents in my melters are LSC Cinnamon Twist (bedroom) and Can-Do Plumberry Spice. Somehow my nose detects a bit of Christmas-tree-ness in the Plumberry Spice, but that makes no sense...
  24. Howdy. We still have power in eastern Virginia, but the worst is expected to hit us late this afternoon and continuing overnight. Yesterday and today we have had steady rain, which has increased slightly today. Not as much wind as I would expect from a hurricane, but I think it's just delayed in getting here. I only own electric melters so my melting will be affected by the storm, but of COURSE I have candles, which will be convenient if/when the time comes. While DH and I are waiting it out at home, I'm melting a lemon cheesecake scent from a friend. Thanks friend! The good news is, I just finished my painting project yesterday thanks to the storm keeping me at home all day. I painted the miniatures that came with this awesome board game that DH and I have had for several days and are DYING to play. Today will be the first day we play it! Huzzah!
  25. Michele, I hope your home stays safe (and you too of course!). DH and I canceled a trip this weekend and we're hunkered down at home today. Classes at the college where he works have already been canceled for tomorrow, which is unusual. We are doing what we can to be ready to lose power. Luckily my candle collection always comes in handy for these sorts of things. In the meantime, I'm melting LOL Waffles Supreme and SH Orange Chiffon Cake.
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