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  1. just started a YC votive in Autumn Gold, and then after supper I will start my big Fireside jar!
  2. Hi all, just wanted to tell DesertRose that I JUST got a big jar of Fireside and plan to start burning it tonight!! Also, I don't mean to hijack this thread, but can anyone comment on the strength of the Home Sweet Home fragrance in a jar candle? I got it in a votive and was very disappointed, but maybe it just needs a bigger melt pool to release more scent?
  3. Wow, I am impressed that there are so many responses already! Thanks for the great welcome! I do not live too close to Richmond, but I'll keep the recommendation in mind if I ever go in that direction! And I'll definitely post a review if I ever order online. Most people here seem pretty into pure integrity, so I might try them sometime in the future, or others, you never know. I was trying to find tarts there and only found tealights so far, but some I might be willing to purchase un-sniffed ;) Thanks also for the YC tips. I am going back to the store to buy a topper tomorrow morning, or else I'll buy one on eBay. Seems like it's worth the investment for at least one.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a grad student who has always been kind of into scented candles but recently got into it a bit more. Hopefully DH will be able to put up with it! There is a Yankee store in my town and I just bought my first big candle -- Fireside! There are a few other YC scents I'm interested in too, and I am also interested in trying soy candles since I've heard they're supposed to be cleaner and stronger smelling, but I am particular about scent and don't want to waste money on a candle I haven't been able to smell beforehand. (how do you guys deal with this by the way?!? I'm too poor to not love what I buy...) Also, any tips on how to start my new, big YC would be appreciated. I've done some reading and apparently the rules are keep the wick trimmed and use a lid. I will be disappointed if it tunnels...anyway, good to be here! I'm glad I found a good resource for this.
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