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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. I really like your new avatar, olive!! Very cute. :cry: Normally I would burn something on Monday morning, but unfortunately I've had to be at work/school all day today. Nothing until this evening, or tomorrow evening if my melter doesn't come in the mail...
  2. I'm trying to distract myself by doing schoolwork, which I really need to do anyway. That's my main strategy. Here's hoping the melter comes today!! :cry:
  3. DH likes my YC Red Berry & Cedar so much that he tried to light it himself earlier this evening! So it is burning now and we are both enjoying it.
  4. Burning an old YC Good Morning votive, and then later it will be Yankee's Red Berry & Cedar!
  5. We only have 2 days this week too!! This morning I'm burning YC Autumn Wreath. It goes perfectly with the dreary, drizzly weather. Last night I tried a votive of Evening Air -- very interesting!
  6. cmarie


    Welcome, Lorrie! I think you'll like it here!!
  7. Good morning! Burning YC Macintosh, which I'm also planning to burn next week when I make apple pie, to make the house smell extra apple-y and delicious...
  8. YC Harvest this afternoon. (Going to the store later to exchange Sparkling Pine for Christmas Wish, Jack Frost or Macintosh.)
  9. You can do it Jason! The day after Thanksgiving is only one week from today! (I am in the same position!) We should make some sort of "waiting for the holidays" support group... :oops:
  10. Hey Aria, what do you think of that Sparkling Pine? Burning YC Harvest tonight -- tomorrow I think I'm switching back to Autumn Wreath. cmarie, I really like it a lot....this was a jar I had left from last year...still has lots of scent! It has a very fresh, crisp green scent to it. I also detect a woody note too which I just love. Yankee makes some of the best holiday scents.....I love all of their balsam and evergreen based scents. This Sparkling Pine jar I have going now is strong and is throwing like crazy. Hope that helps.....are you thinking of trying this scent? Well, this is funny...I actually already have it (brand new), but then I rethought the variety of tree scents I have, which includes a Christmas Wreath that is 2-3 years old and a new Red Berry & Cedar. So I was thinking of changing my mind and exchanging it for Christmas Cookie, because I think I'd rather have one yummy bakery scent than 3 versions of tree scent. But if anyone else wants to chime in and help me decide, post your advice! Will be lighting up Autumn Wreath later today!
  11. Hey Aria, what do you think of that Sparkling Pine? Burning YC Harvest tonight -- tomorrow I think I'm switching back to Autumn Wreath.
  12. Oh boy, LLVV, I have a big jar of Red Berry & Cedar just waiting for the holidays! Now I am even more excited to try it. Recently I have been alternating between burning my YC Autumn Wreath and Harvest jars -- gotta love candles in fall and winter! But I also have a small stash of melts that I'm looking forward to trying after Christmas.
  13. Not true of me...I only have two holes in each ear (unless that counts as four, haha). The person below me plays a musical instrument.
  14. Recently I have continued to burn YC Autumn Wreath, as well as one of those horrid Cinnabon candles from Wal-Mart. (It mushrooms about every 3 seconds and I have scooped out most of the wax to melt, as there is just too much scent for the wick to handle.)
  15. Not every day, but I take walks as often as I can! It's actually how I met DH (long story...) The person below me likes pumpkin scents.
  16. This is very true of me, as I have always been a student and will hopefully be a professor someday, always on a school schedule. The person below me has already put up a Christmas tree!
  17. Not really true of me, although I did attend first grade in Colorado and learned to cross-country ski as a part of gym classes! The person below me owns a cat.
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