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  1. Hi all. I haven't been posting much because my computer was at the shop for some maintenance. All better now. :) Today I'm melting LOL Sweet Commotion.
  2. Hi all. I have a bit of a headache today, but LOL Booper's Cupcakes is a nice diversion.
  3. Melting YC Lemon Lavender. Have a good week everyone!
  4. Gail, hope your DH feels better soon! Best of luck with the bleach approach. Over the past couple days I melted Day Spa (from a friend, thanks!), and today it's LOL Deep Fried Vanilla Apples. Got some family drama/stress going on today. Hopefully things will smooth out soon.
  5. Hope your DH has a great day, mpfand. I'm melting a Rockstar dupe from a friend. All set for a cozy day at home studying.
  6. All those lemon scents sound great, Michele. I'm melting YC Dune Grass -- this is my second-to-last leftover chunk to melt from my large jar.
  7. Hi all. Hope everyone had a good weekend. They go by so quickly. I'm melting Crosscreek Frosted Sugar Cookie from a sweet friend.
  8. Melting LOL Hyacinthus today. I'm not much for florals but this one is nice.
  9. Feel better, cookie! Glad to hear that Tip is improving! I'm melting LOL The Three Musketeers.
  10. Wishing quick recoveries to all. Melting AMS (some kind of aquatic scent, I threw the wrapper away) and a cotton candy scent.
  11. SH Froot Loop Cupcakes Can-Do Lessie's Cinnamon Rolls
  12. Hi all. I'm melting CFTKR Fall on the Farm from a pal. Made mixed berry buttermilk muffins this morning. DH is working from home since he's a little under the weather. He's occupied doing his work stuff, but it's nice to have him around.
  13. Hi all. I'm melting a LB cotton candy scent today -- it's either Death by Cotton Candy or Cotton Candy Carnival. They're almost identical anyway.
  14. Now melting PI South African Freesia. After many days of concentrating on candles only, I'm getting back into the swing of melting. Maggie, I've been meaning to mention that your avatar is gorgeous. Good luck with the Mucinex. And if you ever want to read a fun chick lit book with a protagonist named Maggie, check out Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman by JB Lynn.
  15. Feel better soon, Maggie! DH and I finally got good internet set up today. I feel like we've just joined the 21st century. Earlier today I melted Day at the Spa from a CF pal, and now I'm very much enjoying LOL Orange Crumb Cake. Very similar to my favorite SH Orange Chiffon Cake. These are the kinds of scents I haven't been getting out of the new pillars.
  16. Greetings candle friends. I have set up a melter in the living room and LOL Key Lime Buttercream is going now. I think I'll add a pillar candle too.
  17. Hi all. I'm burning FM Lemon Poundcake today and looking forward to the Vikings/Packers playoff game tonight.
  18. Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. I am getting better...don't think my sense of smell has been affected TOO much (thank goodness!), but it's still a process to get back to 100% health. The crud is slowly working its way out of my system. Glad to hear your DS is better, Jules! What a relief. Last night I enjoyed burning FM Jamaican Spice.
  19. Hi all. I haven't posted much lately because I've just been switching back and forth between the same two holiday candles. But today my candles from Full Moon arrived! I'll get around to posting p0rn sometime this week when my dining room table isn't covered with an in-progress board game. In the meantime, I'm burning FM Sugared Spruce. Haven't been melting much lately either because I've been dealing with a stuffy nose/sore throat type of thing. It comes and goes. I might fire up something later though. Hope your DS feels better soon, Jules!
  20. Shorty, stomach bugs are the worst. I hope you all feel better soon. I took a break from melting/burning when family visited at Christmas and as of yesterday, I'm back on, but mostly I've just been rotating those same two YC and PI Christmas candles. DH actually remarked the other day how surprised he was that I haven't been doing more melting. My melter is set up in the bedroom and I'm just not in there a lot during the day. But maybe soon I'll find a good spot in the living room and fire up the melter again.
  21. debra99, peanut clusters are my favorites!!! I was thinking of making some peanut brittle this year, but I don't have a candy thermometer. I've been burning more than melting lately, and it's the same two candles: PI Victorian Christmas and YC Home for the Holidays. I'm really not a fan of Victorian Christmas, but HftH is awesome. Just moved the melter out to the living room and put on PI Sugared Spruce. Today and tomorrow are my last chances to enjoy scents for a while, since we have relatives visiting who do not like them.
  22. Hi all. Today it's LOL L'amour de Mamie and a candle or two. Trying to sign up for internet service is very frustrating, but I'm trying to keep things in perspective. Hugs to anyone who needs them!
  23. Guacamole is the BEST. Too bad DH doesn't tolerate avocado well, but he lets me eat guac in front of him anyway. Whatta guy. Last night we made an egg noodle dish that had chicken, mushrooms, garlic, and white wine in it. Right up my alley. There was some fresh tarragon in the recipe that was supposed to be a big deal, but IMO we could have used just about any herb. Tonight it's "African Peanut Soup" in the crock pot. I'm a little wary but we'll see how it turns out.
  24. So sorry for your loss, Nancy. I will say a prayer for your family -- comfort and peace. Today I burned PI Victorian Christmas and melted YC Red Berry & Cedar. The YC melt was another leftover chunk from the end of a large jar. Thanks to everyone for your comments on the move and DH's new job. Sounds like things went well for him today.
  25. Howdy candle friends! I'm happy to report that DH and I are more or less settled in the new apartment. We like it better than our old place, and it feels great to get things in order. I am making a huge effort to be more organized than I have been in the past, so I've been enjoying getting things set up to facilitate that. It's very rewarding to make progress, breaking down boxes and deciding where things will go, putting together the stuff we bought at IKEA, etc. The waxies made it here safely, with the exception of a melter dish that broke yesterday (not because of the move directly, it just got bumped off a table, thankfully it wasn't on at the time). I did some remelts to clear out my melter dishes, and now PI Evergreen is going in the bedroom. Even more exciting, though, is that my YC exchange worked great and now I am enjoying a large jar Home for the Holidays. What a wonderful scent this is. Our new place has "hardwood" (I don't think they're real but they look nice) floors and the woodsy smell of HftH is just awesome. It's the PERFECT settling-into-a-new-place-around-the-holidays scent and I am thrilled with it. Partly because of the move this year, DH and I are letting ourselves have more-than-usual influence on our gifts for each other, and I am choosing to get a pillar and some votives from Full Moon. Will post more info about that in other threads. Feel better soon, Maggie! Hope everyone has enjoyed a good weekend! DH starts his new job tomorrow. I know he'll be great.
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