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  1. Hi all. Loving the spring weather this week. Melting LOL Spazztastic Citrus Salad today.
  2. Welcome to a new week, everyone. I'm melting CFTKR English Zucchini Bread from a friend (thanks friend!) and PI First Bloom -- perfect for spring!
  3. Rivercat, I hope you had fun virtually attending the baby shower. What a great thing it is to be able to videochat with loved ones who are far away. I haven't melted anything new, but wanted to come on and say thanks to everyone for all the nice things you wrote this week. Working on my degree has been really hard for a whole lot of reasons, and it's wonderful to come on here and experience all the positive energy! You guys are the best. Next I will be working on putting together a dissertation proposal this summer. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! I'll always stick my head in from time to time whenever I have scents to write about.
  4. Hi candle buddies! Life has been pretty intense lately...I took my first official doctoral exam on Tuesday and just found out yesterday that I passed! Woohoo!! Some of my latest scents (all melting) have included SH Anginette's Butter Cookie, LSC Bamboo Sugar Cane, Lemon Cheesecake from a friend, and LB Effervescent Fizzy Pop. There have been others too, but those are the ones I remember.
  5. Today's scent is PI - Fruit Slices. I haven't melted a fruity scent in quite some time, and this one is great.
  6. Hi all. I haven't been doing much melting/burning lately because I haven't been home nearly as much -- but today DH and I are both recovering from a stomach bug that hit us yesterday (ick!) and now I'm melting LOL Waffles Supreme.
  7. Hi all. This morning I tried melting K's Kreations Sweet Pea, but it irritated my eyes, so I put in LOL Vanilla Crack. This one is great.
  8. Hi all. I haven't been posting much because my computer was at the shop for some maintenance. All better now. :) Today I'm melting LOL Sweet Commotion.
  9. Hi all. I have a bit of a headache today, but LOL Booper's Cupcakes is a nice diversion.
  10. Melting YC Lemon Lavender. Have a good week everyone!
  11. Gail, hope your DH feels better soon! Best of luck with the bleach approach. Over the past couple days I melted Day Spa (from a friend, thanks!), and today it's LOL Deep Fried Vanilla Apples. Got some family drama/stress going on today. Hopefully things will smooth out soon.
  12. Hope your DH has a great day, mpfand. I'm melting a Rockstar dupe from a friend. All set for a cozy day at home studying.
  13. All those lemon scents sound great, Michele. I'm melting YC Dune Grass -- this is my second-to-last leftover chunk to melt from my large jar.
  14. Hi all. Hope everyone had a good weekend. They go by so quickly. I'm melting Crosscreek Frosted Sugar Cookie from a sweet friend.
  15. Melting LOL Hyacinthus today. I'm not much for florals but this one is nice.
  16. Feel better, cookie! Glad to hear that Tip is improving! I'm melting LOL The Three Musketeers.
  17. Wishing quick recoveries to all. Melting AMS (some kind of aquatic scent, I threw the wrapper away) and a cotton candy scent.
  18. SH Froot Loop Cupcakes Can-Do Lessie's Cinnamon Rolls
  19. Hi all. I'm melting CFTKR Fall on the Farm from a pal. Made mixed berry buttermilk muffins this morning. DH is working from home since he's a little under the weather. He's occupied doing his work stuff, but it's nice to have him around.
  20. Hi all. I'm melting a LB cotton candy scent today -- it's either Death by Cotton Candy or Cotton Candy Carnival. They're almost identical anyway.
  21. Now melting PI South African Freesia. After many days of concentrating on candles only, I'm getting back into the swing of melting. Maggie, I've been meaning to mention that your avatar is gorgeous. Good luck with the Mucinex. And if you ever want to read a fun chick lit book with a protagonist named Maggie, check out Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman by JB Lynn.
  22. Feel better soon, Maggie! DH and I finally got good internet set up today. I feel like we've just joined the 21st century. Earlier today I melted Day at the Spa from a CF pal, and now I'm very much enjoying LOL Orange Crumb Cake. Very similar to my favorite SH Orange Chiffon Cake. These are the kinds of scents I haven't been getting out of the new pillars.
  23. Greetings candle friends. I have set up a melter in the living room and LOL Key Lime Buttercream is going now. I think I'll add a pillar candle too.
  24. Hi all. I'm burning FM Lemon Poundcake today and looking forward to the Vikings/Packers playoff game tonight.
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