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  1. Recent scents I haven't posted include: PI Papaya Passion, CYS Autumn Song, and PI South African Freesia.
  2. Switched out the scents. Melting LB Toasted Marshmallow and burning YC Merry Marshmallow. I am happy to report that the throw of Merry Marshmallow is better than I expected. The hot throw is better than the cold, somehow. (It still isn't super strong, just moderate.) (I wonder if they'll bring this one back in future years. I might be tempted to pick up a second one at the semiannual sale.) P.S. I am also trying out my knitted cozie for the first time. Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing some p0rn action shots.
  3. Hi all. I'm melting LOL Green Apple Caramel Crunch. I'm not getting much apple, mostly caramel. DH says he likes this one.
  4. Switched out scents -- couldn't stay away from the winter stuff any more. Melting PI Mistletoe and burning FM Sugared Spruce. P.S. Those of you who have tried Sensibly Posh, how long do they need to cure? Any thoughts?
  5. Melting LOL Lavender and SH Cinna-Munchkins, and burning a tealight in PI Oatmeal Cookie.
  6. I'm melting LOL Warm Banana Cake. (I don't care for banana scents, but got this one as a freebie, and it doesn't totally put me off. Not bad!) It's gray and rainy out today, so I also have my FM Jamaican Spice pillar going.
  7. Hey, it was worth a shot! Thanks for checking with her.
  8. I'm melting LB Effervescent Fizzy Pop (this is so strong I actually had to shut the melter off for a bit -- amazing) and Pumpkin Cookies from a friend (thanks!).
  9. Thanks debra, that's so nice of you!
  10. Whenever the holidays approach, I always feel a pang of regret because I never purchased YC Silver Bells when it was around. Anyone know of a dupe from another vendor? (Maybe if I could get a discontinued tart or something, I could send it to someone who likes doing customs.) Here's the scent description: Ring in Christmas with fresh notes of cypress, spruce, apple, wild berry, clove and white cedar.
  11. Afternoon/evening melts: Apple Strudel from a friend (thanks!) and YC Dune Grass.
  12. Hope you feel better soon, Maggie! I'm burning FM Jamaican Spice. Later I might add a melt to it.
  13. Not me. New scents, though -- Aunt Nena's It's Your Birthday (melting) and FM Sugared Spruce (burning).
  14. It just occurred to me that I've done a bad job of keeping people up-to-date on new mailing addresses. DH and I moved last December (no longer in Virginia), and we're about to move again this December. (This should be the last move for a while.) So we have a current address that will be good for another 5-6 weeks or so, and then we'll have another new one. If anyone wants my latest address/es, please post here or email me so I can get in touch with you. Thanks!
  15. Sounds like a fun afternoon, biola. :) I'm melting SH Orange Chiffon Cake and burning FM Lemon Pound Cake.
  16. Glad you solved the Morenci mystery, Maggie. I'm melting LOL Pink Sugar Bubblegum. Lately I'm not as into "pink" scents as I used to be, but this one is fun.
  17. Doing a remelt of PI Cranberry Spice today. It's a nice one. I am in the mood for cozy spicy scents today, since it is chilly and drizzle-y out. Later I plan on switching to CFTKR Autumn Morn. Wish I had some Celtic Moonspice (Nene's, LOL's, anyone's).
  18. melting TDC Sunday Morning and TBG Mint Stars burning FM Sticks & Twigs (votive) Mint Stars is a nice change of pace from all the spicy scents. FM Sticks & Twigs is great. I would reorder it in the future based on scent alone, but I don't think pillars are really for me. The flames are too fragile and too susceptible to slight breezes (like if you walk past the candle). But I will enjoy the ones I have.
  19. It's a spicy evening here -- melting YC Kitchen Spice and burning two votives. One is an elderly Candledippers votive in Autumn's Bounty, and the other is a Full Moon votive in Autumn Spice. (Earlier I had SH Dewberry going, and just switched it out for variety.)
  20. Today DH and I are doing a bunch of cleaning to get ready for some guests. I am melting some old candle scraps I saved long ago -- YC Lemon Lavender. After this it will be either a floral (rare for me!) or back to the "autumn/spicy" category.
  21. Today's melt is LOL Booper's Cupcakes. It's smelling good in here, but I have been craving a nap all day and am not sure how much longer I can stay awake. (It's 7:57 PM.) #feelingold
  22. It's nice. I actually don't like pumpkin pie itself, but the scent is good. Not an all-time favorite of mine, but strong and authentic. I'm not sure whether I would re-order it, but I'm glad I tried it once and got the large jar. Today I'm burning Full Moon Lemon Pound Cake. It's never fair to compare a jar to a pillar, but this one seems like it's barely scented at all, since I just did the strong one yesterday.
  23. Hi candle buddies! It is finally cold enough for me to start burning candles this season. First up is last year's PI Pumpkin Pie.
  24. Doing a little out-of-season melting with PI Sugared Spruce today.
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