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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Honeybear, what wonderful news! I'm so glad he's ok.


    I have still been burning my YC Christmas candles. It's still the dead of winter here, and I have no problem burning and enjoying them well beyond Christmas itself. Yesterday I did a combo of Christmas Cookie and Celebrate Christmas. Today it's Christmas Tree and Balsam Forest.


    We had a very high energy bill last month despite my best attempts to keep the thermostat turned way down. At least candles add warmth to the house! Once the weather warms up a bit, we'll have to see what we can do to insulate the place a bit better.

  2. Reporting from Indy too: we lost power for 7 hours yesterday, but were very fortunate to have it restored around 9 PM, just as the house was getting truly chilly (56 indoors). Most people who lost power won't have it back for over 24-48 hours. During the outage I burned YC Holiday Sage and Home for the Holidays, plus a tealight. Shortly before our power went out, we had problems with our internet, so I had this message typed and had to save it for later (written yesterday):


    "Major snow in Indianapolis today. Huge fat snowflakes coming down very heavily. I shoveled the driveway this morning and by the time I was done, I could have started over. Burning YC Merry Marshmallow -- DH made me hot cocoa earlier and this was a great scent to go with it, plus the snowmen on the front are so cute, and no day are they more appropriate than today. Normally I'm not too particular about labels, but YC does do a nice job with them and I'm really sold on this one today."


    Earlier this morning I shoveled again in the -14 weather (it has been an ongoing process) and now I'm feeling warmed up and pooped out. Last night when the power came back, I got really excited and made a piping hot chicken pot pie late at night, which as of this writing is already gone, even in a household of only two people. Later I am going to use the crust dough leftovers to surprise DH with a couple mini apple pies. YC Sugared Apple is the jar for this afternoon.


    Stay warm and safe, everyone!

  3. Prayers coming your way for sure, biolaeagles!


    I have been melting Can-Do (Sugar Butt -- YUM) and Froot Loops (ditto). So glad I got bags of both of these in my last order. It is fun to learn more about my scent preferences over time and enjoy my orders more as a result! Also been burning lots of Yankee lately, since I spent a birthday gift card at the SAS and did a B2G2 earlier in the season. Merry Marshmallow, Celebrate Christmas, and Balsam Forest have been the most recent choices.


    Tomorrow DH and I are in for a major treat. A couple good friends of ours are taking us to a fancy steakhouse where we would normally never go! It will be so great to see them (they don't live in town) and fun to experience such a lovely meal. After the year we've had and how well they understand what things have been like, it will be an awesome celebration.


    I was looking forward to Crosscreek reopening today, but Deana mentioned on Facebook that she's sick with the flu. The stuff that has been revealed so far about the K's Kreations sale is not (in my opinion) earth-shattering, so non-Facebookers don't seem to be missing out too much.

  4. I am having a great time reading about everyone's scents and New Year's plans! I knew today was Dec. 31, but it just hit me that it ALSO means it's New Year's Eve tonight. Silly me!


    I have been burning several different Yankees from the SAS (and earlier in the season) lately -- one highlight was Holiday Sage last night. This is the first time I've had a jar of it and it's just gorgeous.


    Today I'm melting Can-Do Sugar Butt -- YUM, so glad I got a bag of this!

  5. Awesome, skylar!


    Happy birthday, shortygal!


    I was out of town for a few days earlier this week, and DH decided to melt something in my absence. He said I had partially indoctrinated him into wax, and that since I left, the air in our apartment had had a "null" scent. (We have a little joke about how boring unscented air is.) So he selected LOL Froot Loop Cupcakes and the place smelled great when I returned!


    Today I'm melting PI Evergreen and burning FM Sugared Spruce.

  6. I'm continuing my quest to test YC Christmas-tree scents -- today is Mistletoe. This one is really nice, although if I had to pick one, I still prefer Christmas Wreath.


    I think I've finally narrowed down my scent choices for large jars at the semi-annual sale. It helped that today I finally received the scratch-and-sniff YC holiday catalog I requested a while back. It was so much fun to sniff all the scents!



  7. Hi all. The YC Holiday Sage I listed earlier was just lovely. Despite the rave reviews here, I had avoided it before, thinking it would be too earthy for me. A few years ago it might have been, but nowadays I think it's outstanding. I'll definitely be hunting for a large jar of this at the semiannual sale!


    Today I'm melting Pumpkin Cupcakes from a friend (thanks friend!). My tart stash is getting dangerously low, so I'm plotting a Can-Do order for when she reopens (details in The Melting Pot and on her website).

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