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  1. Welcome Abby! You will love it here..... :oops:
  2. Haven't tried Spotted Hog tarts, just their candles. They were alright, but really didn't blow me away~~~~Like Carol's Tarts and candles, now they ROCK!!!!!
  3. Kim.....You will LOVe it here~~ :cry:
  4. becky


    Debbie......You will LOVE it here~
  5. Nene's Amish Harvest is my VERY favorite scent......have bought that scent since i started buying from her. Every single order, I have to add that scent. LOVE IT!!
  6. Man do I ever need to be put on Lockdown!!!!! Maybe next month!!
  7. becky


    Welcome Brenna~~
  8. Have you ordered from Harvest Glow? They have a new Cabernet scented candle, it's pretty good. We do fundraisers at my work with this company, actually have one going on right now. Wonderful place to buy soy candles
  9. Their link is www.flowerpotscents.com I had went to this craft mall last weekend, and a both had the flower pot scent candles in the booth. They were selling their soy votives and jars. I bought 3 different scented small votives to try them out. I tried the hot cinnamon, maple butter and grandmas cookies. LOVED all 3 scents. So, I got on their site, and they also sell the large flowerpot votives (this size is parrafin, not soy) and thought i would try them out. Usually I buy my large flowerpot votives from Heart of the Prairie, but thought i would try these out. Placed my order lastnite, can't wait to get them. I have a few holders that hold the larger votive candles, so I like this size.
  10. All of Carols baking and spicy/cinnamony scents are incredible!! I have been buying from her since i started ebay in 2000. Not a big lover of flowery scents, but i know all of her baking scents are great
  11. Has anyone ever bought candles from a company called Flowerpot Scents? I was at a Craft Mall this past week, near Springfield, IL, and a booth had their candles. I tried a few of their soy votives, and they smell great. Was thinking of ordering more from their website. They have melts, jars and votives. They also carry the flowerpot votives, which I love, burn is alot longer than the regular size ones. Just thought i would check to see if anyone has ordered directly from them????
  12. I am SO ready for fall.....Love the cinnamony/spicy scents, have been burning and melting those scents.
  13. Welcome Cherrie to the board.....Love tarts!!!! You will LOVE it here!!
  14. becky


    Welcome Jaime~~You will find lots of wonderful candles here on Candlefind!!
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