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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. I am almost sure I won't either :?
  2. I think I am actually going to pitch these piney ones, i think there are 2 of them that have that smell......and i don't like it. I sell Gold Canyon Candles, and we have a Holiday Wreath that is wonderful....these to me smell like Pine Sol. :?
  3. I already received my free ones, i chose the trick or treat scents, and didn't like any of them, except the Pecan Pie, and the Apple Pie was just alright. Didn't like any of the others AT ALL :?
  4. Some of mine crumbled too, and the scent isn't getting any lighter, that's for sure!!
  5. I can almost bet you definately can, that Pine smell is STRONG :?
  6. Individual....little small cubes in little tiny ziplocs bags. They all smell the same to me, since that piney one is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO strong. I have them all separated on my kitchen counter, and i can smell that pine smell EVERYWHERE!! Going to wait a few days to try them.
  7. Me too, going to wait a few days. I just wasn't too crazy about the free ones I received. Like i said, The Pecan Pie was nice, and the Apple Pie was nice, didn't like the others at all. These seem to be really strong. Will try them this weekend for sure. :?
  8. WHEWW~~Know what you mean Fleur17, I received my Christmas samples today, and they are airing out also. Wow, there is a serious STRONG pine smell~~they all smell the same, it's really strong. Will have to try them out over the weekend!!! I hope these are better than the Trick or Treat ones that i got (the freebies), the only one I really liked in the mix was the Pecan Pie.
  9. Milkhouse Candle Creamery - Gingerbread Pumpkin
  10. All fall scents for me.....Fall Festival from Yankee!!! Feels like fall here this morning, 47 degrees and a high of 65.
  11. Welcome Tartgirl~You will LOVE it here!!
  12. We had breakfast for dinner, scrambled eggs, biscuits & gravy, sausage. It was YUMMMMY :?
  13. becky


    My list of Nene's could go on and on and on...........She has the best tarts I have ever used, and i have tried LOTS!!
  14. Good Morning, I am all into fall scents right now. Have my Bath & Body Works Oil Burner going with Spiced Apple oil, Fall Festival Yankee jar candle, and a Pumpkin Souffle jar candle burning in the Kitchen, Yankee votives in Apple Wreath. Smells VERY fallish in here today
  15. becky


    Welcome to our board.....You will love it here!!
  16. The only one on this list that i have had is the Autumn Wreath. I have burned the Housewarmer Jar, tarts and votives in this scent. I really like it, great fall scent :)
  17. I already received a shipping notice on my sample of tarts from this company this afternoon!! :)
  18. That's what I am thinking, FREEEEEEE SHIPPING!!! :)
  19. Thanks so much for the link!!!!! I love to get freebies. Ordered the Trick or Treat collection!! :)
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