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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Honeybear - Glad the scan was negative! Hope U can relax and de-stress with your DH this week! :sFun_mango:


    Susan - I kinda figured U got lots of snow, glad you're ok! [smilie=th_sign0162]


    Biolaeagles - Haven't seen U in a while....hope all is well with U and your family! [smilie=th_slider_hi5]


    Good Tuesday morning! [smilie=The_Hi] I'm melting SGA's Caramel Latte Cinnamon Buns...another winner! :sHa_okay: We've had warmer temps and what little snow we had has melted. [smilie=th_cray] All those that got bombarded with it last weekend...feel free to send it to me! :D

    I LOVE the Caramel Latte Cinnamon Buns too...yummy! Love the Lattes....We have had hardly any snow here...I think total for all winter is 3.0 inches!!

  2. Thanks Sweet!! :)

    They've changed our forecast already and now it's down to 13 inches....I really, really hope this storm hits us!!! [smilie=th_BringItOn]


    It's some unique blends this afternoon...

    L3 Gain Cotton Candy Frosting upstairs

    And downstairs it's Black Friday from Melted Confections


    Today I was returning a sweater I bought for my husband yesterday. It was in my house for 24 hours. When I went to return it the clerk said someone must have worn the sweater while eating maple syrup!!! I couldn't believe it! I would never return clothes that have been worn but he was actually accusing me of doing so....Argh!! [smilie=th_ANGRY_10] I looked at him and said....no....it's candles. First he looked confused and then I said I burn candles all the time and he finally laughed and said oh, ok. [smilie=th_shout] And what's really funny is people always smell maple on me and I rarley melt that scent. [smilie=th_F_14WA116161617] A day in the life of a wax addict.

    I usually get maple syrup, cake, sugar cookies, or apple cinnamon...when I shop and check out....its funny!!

  3. Happy Thursday!

    I've got a day off!! [smilie=th_e3301ae2] I feel refreshed!!!


    Thinking about and praying for you and DS#3 this morning Biolaeagles!


    So when I started looking for new orders that I stashed away....I came across some SGA coffee scents. I've got on Maple Butter Waffle Latte....another good one! [smilie=th_76d65c2f]


    Have a great day. :)

    I love that one too! Benn melting that one the last couple days....Her Latte blends are the best :)

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