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  1. To any of you in areas where it is flooding stay safe and listen to the local authorities. To those of you where the heat index is in 100s, hang in there and keep outside activities at a minimum. Today I am still melting some of my old LOL stash. Amish Quilt in kitchen and den; Persephone in bedroom and Twigs and Berries in bath. For those of you that order from SGA, do you let yours cure for a few weeks. Michele - sure hope your Dad is doing better. We went through heart issues over the past few years with my dear mother in law.
  2. I have been out of the loop for several years due to family health issues but still melting from a huge stash. Here's how long ago it has been. Today I am melting Amish Quilt in kitchen and Celtic Moonspice in the bedroom both of which are from LOL candles. I was sorry to learn that she closed. I really loved her scents. In the bath I am melting Reindeer Retreat from Crosscreek. Stay cool everyone!
  3. WOW!!! Thanks so much!!! Thanks Maggie, Sweet and the others that played. It was a fun game even though my checkbook is taking a hit. Found some interesting new vendors to try. Email on the way Christina.
  4. Kindled Dreams Candles – Australian Eucalyptus
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