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  1. Hi! I had a fun day out. After dropping DD off at school I headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond to search for some Yankee goodies. I didn't find anything that I don't already have but I picked up some awesome fall color nail polishes for DD and me to play with. I headed over to the mall and picked up some holiday candle sleeves (snowflake from last year, gingerbread kids, and a winter scene) and 3 new lip glosses from their Halloween line. Sniffed at Yankee but left empty handed. Bought DD a new outfit from Justice for her birthday next month. I made DH lunch since he's working from home and painted my nails. DD will be home in 90 minutes. Tarts: Witches' Brew Trish's Pink Cake Caramel Apple Candles: Apple Crumble Biscotti Early Sunrise
  2. Hi! CFTKR Tarts: Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake Comfy Home Pumpkin Zucchini Bread Candles: Biscotti - YC Napa Valley Sun - YC Hometown Days - YC
  3. Hi Everyone! Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of weeks. DD's schedule was keeping me crazy busy during the end of summer and then it took us a few days to get adjusted to full day school. Wow, that's a biggie. I feel like by the time she gets settled in at home it's time for dinner in bed. I hope everyone is enjoying the end of summer. I can't wait for fall to get here. I'm so ready for some cooler weather. Today's Tarts: Lemon Lava Cake Lemon Sugar North Pole - YC Misteltoe - YC Candles: Be Thankful tealight Autumn jar
  4. Hi! CFTKR Tarts: Sweet Crescent Rolls Freshly Picked Strawberries Cherry Pie YC Candles: Coconut Bay Harvest Napa Valley Sun Macintosh Vineyard
  5. Hi! CFTKR Tarts: Pumpkin Nutmeg Spice Strawberry Cheesecake Kettle Corn YC Candles: Coconut Bay Harbest Slatkin: Homemade Cookies
  6. Good morning! Maggie - Good luck with the braces. I think it's cute that they chose different colors. I wish braces came in different colors when I had them. I had the boring silver ones. CFTKR Tarts: Red Pop Settler's Harvest Bread Berry Scone Pumpkin Zucchini Fruit Cocktail Candles: Homemade Cookies - Slatkin Almond Cookie - YC Coconut Bay - YC Spice Cake - YC
  7. Hi! OMG, it's soooo hot! I can't take this heat anymore. I'll take a snowstorm over this heat any day of the week. I do not function well when it gets hotter than 70. 90+ and I just melt into a bad mood. It doesn't help that yesterday I went outside and noticed that our beds look like a jungle. Hours later, in the heat, and 4 yards of mulch later the backyard has greatly improved! We finished up early this morning but this heat is just horrible. CFTKR Tarts: Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro Strawberry Flapjacks Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice a caramel scent...maybe Creamy Caramel? Candles: Almond Cookie - YC Woodland Berry - Slatkin Midnight Oasis - YC Over the River - YC (love the look, hate the scent)
  8. Good morning! CFTKR Tarts: Sour Cream Spice Cake...yum, yum, yummy! Prarie Kitchen...just started but so far so good. Slatkin Candle: Woodland Berry...eh, it looks better than it smells.
  9. Syribo: Happy birthday! Maurie: Congrats to your DH! Iloveyummysmells: I never tried Brown Sugar & Spice so I can't compare. Brown Sugar & Cinnamon was sweet...sort of like a cinnamon bun but different than YC's Cinnamon Roll. CFTKR Tarts: Blackberry Mist Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Cream Spice Cake YC Candle: Almond Cookie Slatkin Candles: Summer Berries Woodland Berry (new fall mini candle)
  10. Good morning! Iloveyummysmells - This is a fairly new scent from YC. It's from their Spoonful of Sugar line, which is limited edition. I'm not sure if this candle is still available but you may want to take a look online. There were a couple of others in this line - Sugared Apple, Sugared Petals, Warm Sugar, etc. Sugared Apple and Brown Sugar & Cinnamon were the two most popular ones. CFTKR Tarts: Pistachio Almond - woweee...strong and delicious! Christmas Time - finishing this up so I can move on to... Strawberry Rhubarb - this one smells amazing cold!!! YC Candles: Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Apple Pumpkin Maple Pancakes
  11. Good morning! CFTKR Tarts: Banana Cheesecake Christmas Time Buttery Gingerbread YC Candles: Apple Pumpkin Brown Sugar & Cinnamon
  12. Good morning! YC Facebook posted a picture today of one of our member's tart burner pictures from a year or two ago. I think it's Silly's picture (beehive tart burner). Way to go! Count me in as another member of the scared to see her electricity bill this month club. Today it is supposed to be close to 100. My central air is having a hard time keeping up with the heat in the afternoon when the sun is beating down of our roof. The fertilizer company fertilized our grass 2 days ago so no kiddie pool for DD. I am so bummbed. I hate this fertilizer stuff. CFTKR Tarts: Vanilla Shake Licorice Sundae Indulgance Slatkin Candle: Summer Berries YC Candles: Juicy Watermelon Granny Smith
  13. Good morning! I thought this summer would be easy breezy and it's been busier than ever. CFTKR Tarts: Licorice Caramel Apple Pie Sweet Harvest Apple YC Candles: Juicy Watermelon Granny Smith
  14. Good morning! I thought summer was a time to rest? DD has been keeping my schedule crazier than ever. Silly...So good to see you posting! I was wondering where you were. I hope Little Silly's sweet 16 was magical for her! Yes, DD is very excited to be heading off to first grade. Full day school...oh my! I feel like I'm losing my BFF. CFTKR Tarts: Berry Sugar Cookie Cinnamon Bundt Brown Sugar & Spice Strawberry Flapkack YC Candles: Pomegranate Cider Hazelnut Coffee Tea & Honey Grapevine & Oak
  15. CFTKR Tarts: Blackberry Jam Flapjacks Lemon Summer Cake Grandma's Cupboard YcC Candles: Grapevine & Oak Apple Pie Tea & Honey
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