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  1. Hi everyone!!! It seems like forever since I've been here. The DD has started her Junior year, she and us have been SUPER busy and I'm looking forward to things slowing down a bit. I've missed you guys! I see lots of new people, and I see many who are still missing. I've been melting but not as much as I like, so I'm looking forward to posting again to see what you guys have been smellin' lately. I've been using up my stash which includes LOADS of YC, and Can Do tarts. Have a wonderful day all, I'm gonna run and try to read some more old posts!
  2. Hey everyone!! Ah the heat is subsiding a little, it is very, very nice out today. Last nights melt was YC Fluffy Towels, good and strong, loved it!! Ilovemysmells, when I read back on the post, you were wondering about Country Chunkie and Southern Star Scents, they were partners back in the day, thats probably why the websites are so similar. Mpfand, I sooo miss Blue Gecko!!! Have a wonderful day everyone!
  3. Holy Crap is it hot outside!!!! Its only 10 am and its already 96 degrees, thats real temperature, its gotta be 102 real feel.... Hope it lets up a little for tomorrow, I have a barbecue at my house, and I want the party to stay outside. LLVV, so funny, when that post with the photo showed up, I said to myself, OOOOOO I have that one!!! I just looked back, and yup, thats my living room in the background, soooo funny. Last nights melt was YC Lemon Zest. Don't know if this is an old scent or new, but I am NOT liking it, its smelled, waxy and yucky.... OMG, last night I'm cleaning my house and its about 1 am, so I'm getting a little tired. As I clean each room, I usually light a tart, so I was going to bed and I went to blow out one of the tealights on a one piece ceramic burner, and don't know what happened, instead of blowing the tealight, I blew into the hard wax, HARD, and red wax was splattered all over my wall, and my new desk. I had a MELT DOWN, literally!!! The person who invented Goo Gone is a Saint in my opinion. It took me a good hour to clean up the mess, but its done. But I got sooooo mad, I through out the whole tart burner...shame on me. Have a wonderful day everyone...stay cool like I know you all are!
  4. Thanks for all the welcome back wishes! The cruise was great, I was a little worried about three 16 year old girls together hanging out, but they made a bunch of friends, and behaved, so all is good. Last nights melt was YC Blueberry. Just plain Blueberry, I know I bought this tart not too long ago, but not sure if its an old or new scent. I have a load of YC tarts, but I haven't had a chance to get in the store to get the newest scents. I am actually trying to use up my stash, and try some new vendors, always sticking to my tried and true vendors, CFTKR, and Can-Do, but I wanna try some new stuff. Have a wonderful day everyone!
  5. Hello everyone, it is good to be back!!!! Haven't been posting in so long, with school ending, and my daughters 16th birthday (we took her and two friends on a cruise), and her starting her first job we have been CRAZY BUSY!!! I missed you guys! I hope you are all having a wonderful summer, the weather has been beautiful here and I'm looking forward to whats left of it, before school starts. I see a couple of new posters here, looking forward to getting to know you. Last nights melt was Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Can-Do, love, love, love it!! I can only melt it when the hubby and DD aren't around, they only like the flowery, fruity, clean scents. LLVV, glad to see you, you must be soooo proud of the girlie graduating to 1st grade!
  6. Oh My!!! It is a beautiful day here today, I'm loving it. Maggie, glad you love that Cranberry Grapefruit Whippet!!! That is named after me!!! I won a huge contest from Spotted Hog last year, and I got to design my own personal scent and those are my two favorites. I have a bunch left still, they are amazing!!! Last night I remelted Hailey's Apple Orchard, still smells wonderful!! Hey Maurie and LLVV, did you heard that the BBB on Sunrise is opening a Yankee Candle store inside? It opens this Saturday, and they are giving prizes and stuff. I'm so busy Saturday, but I'm going to try to just get in their on Sunday. Still the mall is closer. Have a great day everyone!
  7. Thanks for the heads up LLVV, I won't watch that movie with G. Although we watch a few shows together that are a little provocative, we talk about it afterwards. Rather have her chat with me about it, she is almost 16!!!??? Can't believe it. Not much melting last night, had a busy day, then went to get a cut and color, and I'm leaving work soon for my DD's badminton match. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
  8. Sorry guys!! I have been AWOL for a bit, everythings fine though, thanks! If I'm too late, thats cool, I'll get in on the next one! Enjoy your swap!!!
  9. Hey All!!!! Yes, my friends, I've been AWOL!!! Just busy getting stuff done around the house, and of course Spring sports are starting. I'm hoping to have more time to spend here, I'm gonna cross my fingers. I've missed you guys! Gonna go back and check all the posts, I see some new names and can't wait to chat with them! LLVV, Dyin to see Hop, want to take my nephew! How did you like Black Swan, it looks very weird, was it? Last nights melt was Hailey's Apple Orchard, which was a wonderful fruity, long lasting scent that I highly recommend! I hope you all have a wonderful day...I'm going to read all the posts I missed now, ta ta...
  10. Think I may be interested, but what is a secret pal swap?
  11. Hi all!!!! Thanks for all the get well wishes!!!! Feeling soooo much better, if only the doctor would have given me the prescription for the medicine I've been using for about 10 years, and not started with other crap that only made matters worse. Yes LLVV, that is the practice I went to, and the original doctor I've always loved wasn't available when I made the appointment, I thought how much different could someone else be??? BIG DIFFERENCE. This guy was really to put it bluntly a schmuck. No sugar at all, just a puss face who wouldn't listen to me at all. Finally after 4 visits, and I'm not kidding, every stinkin appointment I said for over an hour past my appointment time. I was so pissed!!!! Finally, my ears are better. I have a sort of allergy thing that goes on. I used to think it was from getting water or soap in there, the truth is it happens from weather also, its weird, anyway the water and stuff does exacerbate it, but that is not the cause. I guess I would compare it to a kind of eczema in the in side of my ear. Very annoying to say the least. I'm curious the name of the doctor LLVV, bet its the same guy. I haven't been melting anything, cause when your ears are acting up, everything else is out of wack, just didn't feel like melting. Will catch up later, was just checking in, saw the well wishes and wanted to respond. You guys are the best!!!
  12. Hey all! Aria, sorry to hear that you're sick now, feel better soon. Sorry, I haven't been on much, been having some issues with my ears, and I am really so over this already. Tomorrow will be my third trip to the doctor in 2 months. I just hope this will be resolved soon, I have some sort of allergy and I'm not supposed to get any water or soaps in them. When that happens, for the last 10 years I've been using this cream that seems to work fine. Well I decided to check in with the doctor just to check them and this doctor prescribed drops that didn't work and made it worse, then a second set of drops that is actually making me have an earache, and now tomorrow I'm seeing someone else in the group, I am going to have to get them to prescribe the cream again. It is just so uncomfortable, and I know I'm just not myself lately. This just sucks.... Anyway, Maurie & LLVV, we are still having the crappy dreary weather, but at least no more snow, cross your fingers for that one! Didn't mean to be a Debbie Downer...but I needed to vent. Have a great afternoon guys, I'll check back tomorrow!
  13. Hi All! Had a really busy weekend. Had to finally break down and get a new computer. Been living for a year without any sound, and now the monitor took a crap! Got a Mac like we got the girlie, the thing is amazing. A little pricey, but between the customer service, the free one on one help, and never getting a virus, it was worth the money in my opinion. Last nights melt was Bella's Little Pink Princess, a beautiful scent I will definitely reorder. Also took the day off yesterday, we had a bit of snow, and I got my whole house clean, love a freshly cleaned house! Maurie, sorry to hear about your position, but glad you still have a job...hugs to you. Lynn, Prayers to your DIL, praying that find a donor very soon. Jason, That Deep Dried Vanilla Apples sounds absolutely amazing, did I miss the vendor? Trep, hope you had a wonderful Anniversary! Laurie, I ordered the Raspberry Tomato Leaf from Can-Do as well, just got the package today and I'm very curious about that scent. Aria, Hooe your little one is feeling better today. LLVV, hope u all had fun skiing. Did u go far? Hope you all have a wonderful night!!
  14. Really nice day today, I would say we're in the 50's. Cindy, I hope your wrong about that cold weather coming next week, but as long as the white stuff stays out your way, I'm okay with a little chilly weather! Glad your feeling better. I actually think I'm all done now, thank goodness, it lasted about 2 weeks! Maurie, enjoy your week off, I'm jealous! Last nights melt melt was YC Cherry Blossom, great as usual. Oh yea...I'm gonna be an Aunt again, my baby sister is due Sept. 1, she also has my little Bubba baby, that will be turing 4 in March. I'm secretly hoping she has a little girl!!! Have a great day!
  15. Good Afternoon!!! Hey Cindy, hope your feeling better girlie! LLVV, did you go last night. Thought maybe I would see ya! Had the hubby take a ride with me. OMG, that tartburner is waaaay cuter in person, had to have it. It was great because of course I had the $10 coupon, and a $15 gift card, so I got the burner and the wonderful smelling teddy for only $11 out of the old wallet. I smelled the Easter Egg Candle last night, Jellybeans is what it smells like and really good! I wish they had it in tarts, but no go. Last nights melt was Haileys Pink Sugared Blueberries, wowza, this may be my favorite from Haileys so far!!! Have a great afternoon everyone, headache is gone and feeling better today! Thanks for the well wishes!
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