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  1. Good morning everyone! Boy have I been busy lately with no time to get on the computer. My melting has also suffered and my stash is getting low. I hope to get to the yankee store this weekend to get some goodies. I am burning a large jar of Yankee Candle Sugared Apple. I hope everyone is well.
  2. Hi everyone! hope you are all doing great! Haven't been on much lately as I have a bunch of things going on and its taking a lot of my time. Tonight is the first time I have melted in about 2 weeks I guess. The scent that is making me happy is YC Apple Cider. Hope to be on more.
  3. twinsmom

    New here.

    Welcome Sarah. It sounds like you have a busy schedule.
  4. Welcome Janet! I have yet to try Front Porch.
  5. Good Morning, Melting from Scentsy My Home. I'm not really get much scent from this one. Off to find something else to add to this.
  6. Good Morning, Burning Crossroads Buttered Maple Syrup. I need to start my melters just not sure what I want to mix with the candle.
  7. Good Morning, melting from Scentsy Cherry Vanilla and in a different room Village Candle Mulled Cider.
  8. Hi everyone, It seems like we all have busy lately. Melting YC Farmer's Market. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm off to see if their are any sales going on. I have not ordered any wax since December. My stash is getting low.
  9. Hi All, Melting YC Apple Cider. It's seems pretty quiet around here lately. Have a great evening.
  10. Good Morning! Melting YC Sugared Apple, WOWSA! this is strong. I was going to start a couple other melters but I think I will wait for this one to mellow out.
  11. Welcome to the group!
  12. Hello, I'm melting from BH & G Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes and Burning YC Be thankful. Have a great day!
  13. Good Morning, Burning YC Be Thankful and melting Cheryl's Mimi's Kitchen.
  14. Good Morning & Happy Friday, Burning Crossroads Buttered Maple Syrup and melting YC Farmer's market. I think I am going use my gift cert. and get a large jar of Farmer's Market.
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