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  1. My favorite scent today that I still have going strong is Cucumber Salsa (a sample that came with my LOL package). So unique that I'm not sure what category of scents it would be in. I sure love it! Has anyone else tried this one? Have a good night everyone.
  2. I still like them strong Gail. It's interesting how scents really do smell stronger when you do without for a while. I'm trying a little bit of everything from different scent categories, but still going back to some of my favorite ones. Been so busy ordering that I can't keep up with my orders. I just got a great Can-Do order to replenish my stock and another LSC (great new one for me), and an LOL on the way. I don't think I belong in the lockdown thread now. Great to be here and looking for more new ones to try.
  3. I know how you love pumpkin Sweet. Thanks for the heads up on the pumpkin spice latte!! I'm about to place an order. Just added LOL Toasted Almond and Cherries to today's scents.
  4. Just reading this thread kept me from ordering for a whole month! Now I'm ready to get back to ordering.
  5. Happy Saturday! Melts so far this morning: CFTKR Butterscotch Candy LSC Andres Mint
  6. Welcome Lisa! Great place to feed your addiction.
  7. Can-Do Candles has a spearmint and a really nice fresh cut smelling strawberry. I'm hoping for a sale when she re-opens tomorrow and some good new scents!
  8. Crosscreek makes a Java Twist that is very similar to EW's Coffee With Santa that I've ordered in the past. Have you given that one a try? It's very strong and long-lasting, and you can order just one for $1.00. :)
  9. So great to see you again Stardust! Welcome back...I always enjoyed reading your posts and searching together for similar scents we both liked.
  10. CYS= Cleanse Your Soul, and she does make some fabulous blends! Here's the link...www.cleanseyoursoul.com.
  11. Hi Nygal! I look forward to reading what scents you are melting.
  12. I love the look of the new forum too sillysmom! The last time you signed in should be at the very bottom of the forum page. I still have lots of learning to do about this new forum. Melting LOL's Maple Cider Doughnut and Maple Walnut this afternoon. I'm so ready for fall scents, so sure have plotting to do!
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