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  1. Speaking of AMS scents... I love them also, however, I seem to be having a problem getting my last order. I placed a moderate sized order, and also tried her new scented laundry soap. That was on August 15h and I haven't heard anything at all. I have emailed her twice now with no response. Has anyone else had a problem?
  2. Debra ~ I did contact Janet (Haley's) about my order and she was very apologetic. She also said she had not received any other complaints so that it must have been just something with my order. However, it appears that at least 3 of us have had a similar experience in the last couple of weeks, so it has to be more than just my order. It probably would be good to let her know so she can try to figure out what's going on. Just curious... other than the buttercream tarts with the rancid odor that others have also recognized, all of the items of mine that had the odd smell were her palm wax. Is that the case with you or any other people who have received bad orders from Haley's? Doris
  3. Yep...same thing happened to me. I ordered about 1 month ago. I was sent a bunch of scents I don't think I ordered...but without an email receipt or box receipt I wasn't sure. Most of them had/have a weird note to them (buttercream was not to my liking at all!!!!) and they have a similar scent. Everything was strange!!! I know a lot of people like this business and I'm sure she's a lovely person, but not a vendor for me. Maggie ~ While I'm not happy that you have had a similar experience, at least I know I'm not crazy! I was just totally floored because for the most part, the entire order is not usable. I did order one candle in White Cake as well as tarts in that same scent, and they seem perfectly fine. I honestly believe that it might be an issue of contamination. I'm not a candle maker of course, but it seems to me that given the fact that oils can be difficult to clean, if one is not particularly cautious between making products of different scents, this could really become a problem. Gail ~ I've debated as to whether to contact her or not. I'm quite sure it wasn't intentional, but then again I did make this purchase with the intention of enjoying it and I can't. Given my suspicions of contamination, I think I will let her know because if so, she clearly needs to be more careful. Doris
  4. I haven't been here in a bit but reading yesterday's "melting treasures" I noted that some of you have had an issue with Haley's Buttercream Cupcake. I just received a fairly large order from her yesterday, and am a bit perplexed - don't quite know what to think. Almost 3/4 of my order pretty much smells exactly alike, regardless of the scent. They are different colors, different wax... but they all have this sickening sweetness. I tried melting the pink sugar, and it smells nothing like pink sugar and my husband gagged and complained quite loudly when he walked into the room where I was melting it. I agreed it was not pleasant. Then I tried the buttercream. While this one did not have the odd sweet odor, it did smell rancid like someone else had mentioned. I immediately got rid of it, but the odor stuck around for a while. I don't typically have trouble with most buttercream scents, although there are some I don't care for. This was different... I'm not sure what's going on with the others that all smell alike. Makes me wonder if somehow one oil contaminated a number of others? Just curious if anyone else has experienced this problem. Haley's is not new to me, although I have only ordered once before. However, that order was fine and I ordered some of the same scents this time. Just very odd...
  5. IKEA lights are cheap - IF you can get them in the store. The high cost on Ebay is mostly due to shipping. I just wish IKEA sold them online, but unfortunately they don't. At $4.99 for 100 tea lights that last a minimum of 5 hours each - that's a real bargain. I even called the store that I go to (which is too far away for a casual visit) and asked if they would ship in large quantity - they won't. It's against their policy....
  6. I have to agree with the poster who mentioned Glimmas by Ikea. They are BY FAR the best tea lights I have found. Easily as good as Yankee's super expensive ones! The price is phenomenal also. Considering they last several hours and I have never had a dud, they are $4.99 for 100, which makes them quite a bargain. They also re-light pretty easily, which I do frequently. The closest Ikea to me is an hour away, so whenever I'm in the area I stop and stock up. In fact, I was there 2 weeks ago and bought 10 packages which equals 1000 tea lights! Considering everyone else likes them too, I tend to give a few away... but they should last me a few months - hopefully!
  7. Yankee has brought back one of their oldie but goodie scents, "Hearts & Flowers." I bought a large jar, but I would really like to find some tarts also. Of course, when they bring the oldies back, they only have the large jars - nothing else. So... does anyone know of a high quality vendor that has a Hearts & Flowers Yankee dupe in tarts? I've seen a couple on eBay, but I don't know the vendors and I'm hesitant to try. I've not had the best of luck with random eBay vendors other than the couple of really reliable ones like Carol. Any suggestions?
  8. Oh gee... didn't know that I had to sign up again... oh well... I just went and did it.
  9. I am on the newsletter list because I just checked, but I didn't receive notice of one. If possible, cold you email me the newsletter privately rather than post it? Thank you!
  10. Thanks so much! I think I'll have to check that one out... Have you tried Candledippers before? I haven't purchased anything from that vendor - at least until now. Any opinions anyone?
  11. Well...... I haven't had the nerve to count them lately, but just for description purposes, I have... Candles in the pantry, candles in the armoire... candles in boxes, and candles in the closets. I have tarts in the desk drawers, tarts in the hall, tarts in MORE closets that are clearly wall to wall. There are tarts in pretty baskets, waiting to be used, tarts in the corners that feel neglected and abused... There are tarts in the bathroom tarts in my dreams My poor hubby is complaining, his shirts smell like custard creams! The scents have taken over, what am I to do? Buy some more, of course, she says! Then I'll melt some for you!
  12. Believe it or not, I filled up my tank today and it was $3.21 a gallon. That's the lowest it's been since I can't remember when. I have a feeling howver, that come tomorrow it will be a different story...
  13. I always figure I could have a worse addiction ... Of course, when it gets to the point that you start collecting pretty boxes to house the growing multitudes of tarts... mmm.... I REALLY need to lockdown for a bit. Small chance of that happening......
  14. I am melting the most wonderful and unusual scent I think I've had to this point. It's called Summer Breeze from Soy Candles by Phebes. The web site is http://www.soycandlesbyphebes.com/ They are a bit pricey (clamshells are $3.95), but shipping is free, so it all evens out. The website itself is quite visually appealing and it just makes you want to dive right into it! I ordered clamshells in Summer Breeze, Blueberry Supreme, and Sweet Cotton. The Blueberry is the most authentic scent I've found and I can assure you, I've tried quite a few. I haven't tried the cotton yet, but "sweet" definitely describes it. It's very different from the usual clean type scents. Go take a look!
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