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  1. Happy Mother's Day all. Going to DD and then out to a late brunch. But still have to have my smellies going so put on LR..Busy Bee's Pecan Pie....UMM good Comp. Cheryl's chunk tart in Pink Sugar/Margarita And a Happy Mother's Day to my mom....miss you so
  2. Good morning all. Quite cool here, but sunshine and blue skies for now. Beautiful day. Current melts: LR...Ooh La La Vanilla from A Zaftig Woman Comp room...a new blend from Cheryl Night Queen. I am liking this one. A sultry, earthy feminine scent with just a little zing. Have a great weekend all.
  3. For those of you interested in having scents duplicated. There was mention that Busy Bee might do this. I am sure that Doc would do his best. This is the experience that I had with a duplication that Doc did for me several years ago.. I am sure that many of you are familiar with the scent Banana Ivy. This was a scent that they duplicated for me. However, the name was changed, but the vendor no longer makes it or tarts. I told Donna about it and I offered to send her a tart (I still had 2 left) so that they could smell it. Offering them this little bit of help made a world of difference and resulted in an exact duplication, which I understand has become a favorite of many of their customers. So if anyone can spare a tart that certainly will help. It is difficult to duplicate a scent if you do not know what proportions are present or what other possible notes might be in the mix. Good luck and I hope your results are as successful as mine if you go this route. Blue Gecko blended and named most of her scents. Most are quite intricate and consists of many different notes even in the simplest of scents. I was a tester for her and often tested the same scent over and over until I was picking up the necessary notes and their strength and length of melt were aa she wanted.
  4. Good late afternoon all Afternoon melts LR...Front Porch ...Apple Blueberry Pie Comp.. Busy Bee's Honey Ginger...always a favorite
  5. Good afternoon all Current melts: LR...Dragonfly Dreams from A Zaftig Woman comp.. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries from Front Porch
  6. Mornin all LR...FP Blueberry Pie tart Swan Creek Candle in Pomegranate Fizz Comp...FP..Glazed pears..an old one but still good as ever. Sunshine here.. Have a great day all.
  7. Late afternoon melts LR CCS Creamy Nutmeg Comp CCS Musk Have a great evening everyone
  8. Evening melts LR Busy Bee's Lemon Bundt Cake Comp... Busy Bee's Apple and Herbs.
  9. LR...Bizzy b's version of Twigs and berries. Put on last evening and has done well. Will change out after supper. Comp...Cheryl's Lavender Tangerine. Just started a litytle biyt ago and am getting mostly a tangerine note at this time and it is throwing nicely and I would say is moderate in strength at this time. Have a good evening all.
  10. SWEET: it has been a while since I have had this one but i got the craving. Basically it is Blue Sugar with just a tad of sweetness to appeal to the feminine side. Every time I burn it I think of the man in my life just out of the shower smelling oh so fabulous and holding a bottle of wine....makes me want to Turn the Lights Down.
  11. This afternoon melts LR...Busy Bees Turn the Lights Down Comp...Alternative Breeding.. Eternal Hunger Have a great day everyone
  12. Early afternoon melts LR..Cheryl's Caramel Nut Cluster....excellent Comp..Cheryl's chunk tart in Vanilla Oak/Twigs and Berries (going since last night and still strong) Have a good day all.
  13. Late afternoon melts LR...Cheryl's Apricot, Melon and Fig Comp... CCS...Bamboo hemp Have a good one everybody
  14. Maggie I love your artwork...so unique...what a lovely room. Cat...I love the baby...so darling..I am such a push over for the furry cuddlies. Morning melts LR..Citrus Pound Cake from Fragrant Memories still going from last night...I love this scent. Comp..Fragrant Memories Cinnamon Bread Pudding. Have a great Saturday everyone.
  15. Hi everybody. Have the day off which is nice. Got some needed cleaning done and now the rest of the day is mine. LR..melting YC sparkling Lemon in 2 melters but not getting much. Also have Cheryl's Lemon Tart candle going and it is terrific and strong. Comp...Busy Bee's Apple Walnut is melting and burning Goose Creek Baked Apple candle and am really enjoying this room. Have a good one everybody.
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