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  1. Debra, how did you break your arm? So sorry to see that. I've started Glade hayride up again. So far I have been impressed with the Glade melts!
  2. Delusional, it seems like most of the companies I ordered from over the past six years are now closed. This morning I have just started fall hayride by Glade.
  3. I've got candles going although it's pretty warm here. Colonial pure vanilla has more of a burned vanilla scent. It's not unpleasant, just not what I was expecting.
  4. My students are going to get blown out of their desks this morning. I am melting Glade pumpkin spice as well as burning a Village spiced pumpkin candle. Bio...I remember those days of no sleep. My one and only did not sleep through the night until she was three.
  5. This evening it's village candle spiced pumpkin a nd a Colonial candle simply vanilla.
  6. Trep, sorry about your father. My mother passed away in August after a three year battle with dementia. Rivercat, sorry about Koosh. I recently had to euthanize one of my cats with a rare illness. I am melting Glade pumpkin spice. One cube is super strong! Trep, are you a Missouri Tiger fan?
  7. MP...that's a bad situation and so unfair. I eally hope this mess is straightened out soon I am melting lavender from an unknown vendor. It's really nice, but on the light side.
  8. Here at school I just started a Gold Canyon autumn walk candle. This is an old candle. It will be interesting to see howmuch it throws.
  9. Fall day here, and I am really enjoying it! I've got three candles going...Soyphisticated..giggles, Febreze sandalwood, and Goose Creek spiced gourmet!
  10. All day at school I melted lavender and vanilla from an unknown vendor,
  11. All day it's been dragon's blood from an unknown vendor. It's been hot this weekend, but we're supposed to get rain from the remnants of that tropical storm tomorrow.
  12. Trep, love that Bronte quote. I'm going to use it in my classroom. I bought a Febreze sandalwood candle because I had a coupon. I must say I am very disappointed in the throw on this one. Jules...hope the headache's gone! I must say it's been great "seeing" all ofyou again!!!
  13. Trep, It's warmed back up here in SC too. I really can't complain because we had a much cooler summer this year. This morning I am going to melt sugar cookie dough bread from Olde Primitive Treasures. It's an old tart. I don't think that vendor is even open anymore.
  14. Last night it was CanDo gingersnap cookie.Autumn Leaves at school again today!
  15. I've got a YC autumn leaves candle going here in my classroom. My students think it smells christmasy. By the way Tractor Supply has all of their Swan Creek Christmas stock on display now. I've got to have some of those candles. They smell fantastic! They are also selling melts.
  16. Is Cottage Hill Creations no longer open? I remember when that weas one of my favorite places to order!
  17. I am on the second day of YC autumn leaves....one of my all time faves! We've been having gorgeous fall weather here in SC. I was in Lowes, and they were putting out all the Cgristmas stuff!
  18. Good morning! I am getting ready to light a White Barn candle called bonfire maplewood. I'm also going to remelt Carol's Hippy Christmas.
  19. Good Morning! Back at school after the holiday. I am melting hippie Christmas from Carol. It's really different. The weekend was great, especially since the gamecocks beat Clemson for the 4th straight year!
  20. Family drama must be contagious, because we have it going on here too. I'm getting ready to start autumn lodge from Olde Primitive Treasures.
  21. I am burning a Village candle in banana nut bread. This is a really good candle, very reasonably priced, from TJmaxx. I can't believe it's Thanksgiving week..only two days of school!
  22. I'm melting an old holiday wreath tart from Grandma's Homebrewed tarts. It is still really strong. I am sorry she is out of business.
  23. I'm having a quiet Memorial Day. Is anybody else addicted to the Investigation Discovery channel? Recent melts: YC island guava...weak OPT apple harvest...weak GHBT country home...old tart...moderate Haley's forbidden fruit...moderate LS huckleberry honey bliss...fabulous
  24. Thanks for the congrats for teenage dabba! Recent melts: OPT Hansel and Gretel's House...moderate CHC vanilla maple pecan...doubled up..weak CYS dragon lair...a fave YC fresh cut roses..old tart didn't do much YC fall festival,,,crunbled when I opened it...weak YC lemon zest...really like this one Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!
  25. Busy, busy week...teenage Dabba graduated from high school tonight! Recent melts: OPT amaretto nog YC candied apple Haley's hillbilly homebrew Haley's forbidden fruit LS honey vanilla love dust LS toffee apple praline LS huckleberry honey bliss
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