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  1. Recently melted Delightful Scents brandies pear an vanilla sandalwood from the same vendor. No melting this morning at scroll. The 8th graders are having a Thanksgiving breakfast. We hust finished reading "The Thanksgiving Visitor" by Truman Capote and we are fixing a meal like the one in the story!
  2. Christy, hope your back is better. Back pain is no fun! Recent melts Delightful Scents falling leaves...loved it. Also Ruby Rose cranberry chutney..very nice, and Front Porch blueberry sugar pancakes. I could eat that tart!
  3. Really, really lazy Sunday here..recent melts...Ruby Rose pomegranate apple and antique sandalwood. Bothe of these are good, but not really long lasting. From Delightful Scents I melted apple toffee and just started zucchini bread. These are good also, but short lived.
  4. We're back to warm weather here in SC. Is the Granny's ya'll are talking about the same as Grandma's home brewed tarts? I used to love that vendor. I've been melting Glade frosted berry kiss.....really nice.
  5. We actually got a dusting of snow here in SC a couple nights ago...very unusual for us in November. I started the day with Shayz 1st noel and really didn't like it. I switched to Glade pumpkin spice.
  6. Started the morning with Ruby rose plumberry spice. It smelled more like Christmas tree, and didn't last that long. I've now switched to lavender from an unknown vendor.
  7. Melting at school today fallen leaves from Delightful Scents. It is wonderful!
  8. Recent melts at home Delightful Scents zucchini bread and Front Porch zucchini novel. At school I melted Tuscadero's dragon.s blood and BH&G soft cashmere.. The custodian at school has been asking about my candles and melts. He said my room always smells so good. I gifted him with a candle today.
  9. Two from Delightful Scents....pumpkin pancakes and pink zucchini bread. I'm also burning GC autumn walk and Goosecreek gourmet spice. Headed to Sullivan's Island today for a field trip!
  10. This Scentsationals mountain twilight is. Awesome!
  11. Trep, how are those Febreze candles? I have been looking at the at Walmart. Two great melts from Delightful Scents today...sweet potato casserole and apple toffee. I also melted FP sugared blueberry pancakes. That one is to die for. Just started Scentsationals mountain twilight.
  12. Jules, it's warm again here in SC also. Just lit my Mainstays hazelnut cream and Village Candle pumpkin spice. I also lit my Co.onial simply vanilla. This Colonial has not burned we'll at all. Usually I have good luck with them. Melting isDelightful Scents caramel apple. This is an old tart...not doing much.
  13. I started the day with Delightful Scents pumpkin crunch cake. I wasn't finding it to be very strong, so I added a cube of Glade pumpkin spice to it.
  14. Happy Halloween! Sadly, the trick or treating years are long gone! Today's melting was Glade pumpkin spice and Front Porch zucchini Noel!
  15. Going to start the day with Delightful Scents tiki mandarin. We had Halloween Carnival last night. I can't believe November is nearly here.
  16. I loved her. She was also one of the voices on "The Simpsons." I am taking my Mainstays hazelnut cream candle to school today. They are reciting "Annabel Lee" today. It should be an interesting day!
  17. Just started OMG dragon's blood. Is this vendor still in business?
  18. Sweet, I believe that's who I am thinking of. She used to be really active on this board. Trep, was Marcia Wallace on Bob Newhart?
  19. Trying to remember ladies....which one of you is a Weight Watchers leader, and I think you live in Asheville???????
  20. Cccccccold this morning!!! I've just lit a mainstay hazelnut cream candle I picked up from Walmart I have always loved this scent. I also picked up a Better Homes candle. What do ya'll think of those?
  21. At home burning GC autumn walk and Goose Creek spiced gourmet. The Goose Creek candle has really burned well.
  22. Biola, am teaching eighth grade this year. Currently melting the Haley's grandma's kitchen as well as burning colonial simply vanilla candle and Village spiced pumpkin cradle. We are supposed to have our first cold night tonight.
  23. Sweet and Spicey...Aria has the right Candle cottage. I really like this candle. The 16oz is $9.99 at Tractor Supply! Yesterday at school I melted an old Haley's grandma's kitchen tart. It blew everybody out of my classroom. I was laughing so hard. It's an old tart, but it was loaded with really strong clove. You should have heard the complaining. I'm still laughing! I had to put it out. This morning it is Front Porch strawberry rhubarb!
  24. I really enjoyed my new autumn leaves candle from The Candle Cottage. I burned it all day at school. I will definitely be getting another one of these from tractor supply.
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