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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. My goodness I'm melting YC white siberian fir, and it smells just like being in a Christmas tree lot!
  2. Somethng tells me I'm headed to Walmart! Yes, I order Circle E online. they have a candle on special each month, and they offer free shipping if you buy a certain amount!
  3. I am currently burning a Circle E candle...Bird of Paradise. It's wonderful! Circle E makes fantastic candles!
  4. I love the Mainstay candle in hazelnut (in the medium size only..other two sizes aren't as good...go figure) and I have bought tons of them. I'll have to try the triple layers. My YC gingerbread is still going strong!
  5. Thanks for the welcome!!!! I am currently melting YC gingerbread! I had fun today going through the candles at Ross, TJMaxx, and Marshall's. I found a couple Colonial At Homes marked down to 4.99.
  6. I just put Kountry Lights Bayberry in the warmer!
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