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  1. Well the Ocean Mist got somewhat stronger, but it's not winning any awards!
  2. I'm melting Ocean Mist form Can-Do. I can only smell it if I get right over it. I'm getting ready to head out to Sunday school . I'll see if I smell it when I return!
  3. I've been melting some truly awesome Can-do scents...they last forever. Yesterday it was lavender silk...this morning hydrangea, and now I've just put black raspberry vanilla on to melt. They are all to die for!
  4. I just put on Can-do lavender silk. I received my Crosscreek order today!
  5. Happy Valentine's Day! I've been melting a lot of Can-Do's fresh scents lately...seaside memories, fesh linen, and another I can't remember the name of! I also melted YC frosted pumpkin, and it was really good!
  6. Wildfire all day I have been melting a blue tart..."downey" from can-do. It is on its third tealight. I received notice that my crosscreek order has shipped
  7. I am melting what's left of a YC Herbs and Blooms candle...this thing is strong! I went to BB and Beyond yesterday, but found no Autumn Leaves tarts. They had fruit smoothie, orange juice, sheer gardenia, and cucumber and cantaloupe. They were marked down to 1.29..didn't buy any though.
  8. Candlefan, mine isn't too great...the wick is wonky, and it has a "burned" smell. This one might be hitting the trash can soon!
  9. I have Can-Do's country apple melting and the Walmart cinnabon candle burning.
  10. This am it's YC gingerbread maple...really strong...love this one!
  11. I'm melting Can-do's very cherry in the kitchen, my wal-mart cinnabon candle by the computer and a blueberry muffin candle by a local vendor in the den.
  12. Thanks for that tip Trep...going to try to pick some more up myself!
  13. OMG candlefan we posted at exactly the same time about our favorite autumn leaves!
  14. One of my sll time faves YC autumn leaves is melting in the kitchen, and one of my all time fave candles...jasmine and fig (don't know who the maker is, but I get them from Steinmart) is going in the den!
  15. I am melting YC pumpkin pie in a tealight burner and it's smelling great. I am finding that YC tarts do better in a tealight burner...or that's my experience!
  16. I just put Can-Do's cinnamon apple in the tealight burner!
  17. I had a tart from Can-Do called "mardi gras". I brought it to school with me and melted it in the French teacher's room because she had a mardi gras celebration all day. I
  18. I know all you Giants fans are happy this morning! Hope everyone is out of sick bay! :P
  19. I just put on Can-Do tangerine...pretty authentic, but not real strong...yet anyway!
  20. I just started YC Mistletoe in my kitchen and YC Red Apple Wreath in my den...going to smell like the holidays today!
  21. I was melting Can-do Pretty Woman for a few hours. Now I'm on to my Gold Canyon "Clean sheets" candle!
  22. I am melting Warm Impressions tangerine something, and it is extremely strong!
  23. My alltime YC favorite rhubarb plum has been going since yesterday afternoon, but I am getting ready to dump it. Unfortunately that scent has been discontinued. :)
  24. I also want to make a scent list for the Tuscadero sale this weekend. Any suggestions?
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