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  1. Yes, I was a member of the Scented Wax Club, and was so sorry when it closed. I am really enjoying this forum!
  2. That's right maurie...the same ole Dabba...you have a good memory! Are any others of our old board on here?
  3. I've had the best results with YC tarts in my tealight melters. I am also a big fan of Can-do!
  4. I emailed her and she replied that all sale orders will be sent out by Monday...so they're on the way! :P
  5. [ I can't imagine I would re-order from her. I really liked her products , she was always great to deal with and I always was quick to recommend her,but after all this and with all the other vendors that are out there with the same/similar scents, there's just no reason to continue to patronize someone who can't handle the business. This completely sums it up....there are so many others to order from!
  6. I have not received my order either, and I have not received any communication at all.
  7. I am melting YC hollyberry. This one isn't as strong as my other hollyberries. It crumbled all up when I opened it, so it ws probably old.
  8. The YC frosted cedar wreath was kinda yucky...had a medicinal smell to it. I'm now melting Bella's black current and nectarine
  9. I have Can-Do baby powder going in the den along with a blueberry muffin candle from Light the World Candles. In the kitchen I just started YC frosted cedar wreath!
  10. Bella's strawberry butter cookie...this smells different from the other one. The other one smelled like jellybeans, this one smells like cream cheese frosting.
  11. I have purchased Bella's candles before and really like them! My favorite is candleshop!
  12. I ordered $32.00 worth of tarts, and I paid with a check. I knew it would take longer to receive my order. She notified me that she had received my check, but I have heard nothing since. I really want my tarts, not a refund.
  13. I am melting another Bella's 7 layer bar. It has my students begging for cookies!
  14. YC spring bouquet.....found this marked down at Bed, Bath, and Beyond!
  15. I teach 7th grade language and 8th grade combined literature and language. I love it!
  16. I've been melting Bella's juicy fruit gum all day today in my classroom. it was a student request...not one of my personal favorites!
  17. I just put YC cucumber and cantaloupe in a tealight melter!
  18. I like that French crumb cake. Bella's strawberry butter cookie did not have a strong strawberry smell. It was more like a candy smell. One of my students said it smelled like jellybeans.
  19. I'm taking Bella's strawberry butter cookie to school with me to melt this morning.
  20. I have a Gold Canyon candle going now. it's really strong....Clean Sheets! :
  21. In My classroom this morning I melted Bella's french crumb cake. I liked it, but two of my students said it made them sick. It petered out fairly quickly though. Next I melted YC red apple wreath, and this one is wonderful. At home i melted Bella's 7 layer bar, and it's good too! :)
  22. Send2007 I live in SC. I ned to send you a barbeque scented tart I just put Can-Do country clothesline on to melt. Yesterday in my classroom I melted YC hollyberry. It was awesome and lasted all day!
  23. I was in Big Lots today and picked up one of those potpourri simmer pots ya'll were talking about. It was only $5.00. There were two of them. I should have bought both. I'm sleepy too....
  24. Scentsnob....you are too cute! I am now melting YC autumn woods in the den, and YC sparkling angel in the kitchen.
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