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  1. Trep, I fifured that yankee rescue site would be heaven for you! lol I just finished Crosscreek's ultimate vanilla...this was a longlasting tart! I just put on Bella's 7 layer bars!
  2. Welcome Julie....may as well go ahead and get out the credit card!!!
  3. i just poured out YC Autumn Woods. I had it going most of the day.
  4. I am melting Crosscreek strawberry white cake. I'm having to stick my nose in it to smell it, and I don't smell any cake...this might get dumped!
  5. I just put YC spring bouquet on to melt. This is one I found on markdown at BB&B.
  6. This morning I melted Crosscreeks Bear Claws. It was really good, but a little heavy on cinnamon. This afternoon I melted Cobblestone's vanilla hazelnut. I was disappointed in ths one...very light on throw!
  7. I am melting Bella's black currant and nectarine. I also got notice that my Tuscadero's order is finally on the way!!! :)
  8. At home I am melting Crosscreek country berry pancakes...Yum! At school I am melting YC sicilian orange. Everyone likes it, except one student said it smelled like housecleaner. I am also burning my french vanilla candle from Our Own Candle company!
  9. I got my two freebie cobblestone tarts, and I am melting caramelized pralines. It is awesome! however one of my students says it smells like dirty feet, and another said it smelss like cheese popcorn!
  10. I just melted Bella's almond cheesecake, but I'm not smelling anything
  11. Welcome to our wonderful group sophiesdad All morning I melted YC vineyard...now I am burning a Gold Canyon clean sheets candle. At lunch I went to Sonic and when I was ordering at the drive-thru I asked for a large order of tarts instead of tots :P
  12. All morning I have been melting Bella's cinnamon oatmeal bars. This is a sample she included in my order and it is outstanding!
  13. I picked up a french vanilla candle from Marshall's made by Our Own Candle Company. It smells great,,,really good throw...not bad for 4 bucks! :(
  14. Trep, it's a light, very pleasant scent...not a knock your socks off tart!
  15. I am melting YC Sicilian Orange. This is wonderful...smells like those orange baby aspirin I remember from my childhood. :oops:
  16. Trep, Mine has the green ivy all around...about 5.00 from Big Lots. The tin wouldn't fit in mine, so I put a little glass votive jar in it, and it worked.
  17. I made a mess with my crockpot the first time I used it. I couldn't get it cleaned out. I just put it up. I think I may try it with the tin though. I bought about 35 tarts at Yankee tonight. It was a good deal with that 15.00 off coupon!
  18. Trep, I've had that problem with all of the Yankee electric melters I've bought or been given. They are cute to look at, but just don't do the job. I :?
  19. After we finish some testing,I am going to melt YC fruit smoothie...another markdown at BB&B.
  20. I just put in one of my alltime faves...YC rhubarb plum,,,sadly it's been discontinued. I got a YC coupon for 15.00 off a 45.00 purchase. I think I'll buy some of the new scents to try this weekend!
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