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  1. It's a gray dreary day here...more like fall than spring. I just put YC Autumn Wreath on in the kitchen and Tuscadero's Apache Tears in the den!
  2. My YC shortbread cookie did not have a lot of throw... My crosscreek tarts have good scent, but are light...anyone else notice this?
  3. I just put YC shortbread cookie on to melt. I am anxiously waiting on my Yankee order from the rescue place!
  4. Dang Trep...I 've got a large order coming from them...hope mine is not in the same condition.
  5. LOL! My father has a "cigar room"..the only place he's allowed to smoke cigars in my parent's home...it'll knock you out cold! This morning I melted YC cottage breeze in my classroom. It smells like aftershave which I do not care for. Surprisingly my students loved it!
  6. I have YC midnight jasmine going, but since I just finished sauteeing onions and ground beef, it's fighting an uphill battle!
  7. On that ebay site a bag of Mia Bella tarts is 5.50 for 10...that's a lot cheaper. I don't know what they charge for shipping though.
  8. I found an ebay site with Mia Bella, yankee, and Home interiors. The Mia Bella tarts are very reasonable. http://stores.ebay.com/Oregon-Candle_Mia-Bella_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZ1QQfsubZ17840562QQftidZ2QQtZkm
  9. The YC sparkling lemon was disappointingly mild! Anybody know how much Mia Bella tarts are?
  10. I am melting Crosscreek coconut macaron...not real strong! On deck for school is YC sparkling lemon! I got notice my cobblestone order has shipped!!!!!!
  11. I melted YC Brazilian Pasion Fruit for most of the day. I also burned a Circle E Bird of Paradise candle!
  12. I'm in heaven...got one of my favorite tarts...YC Autumn Leaves going in a tealight melter. It feels more like fall here today than spring.
  13. OMG Trep, I also love chocolate cake! In fact I had chocolate cheesecake at lunch! My YC spring bouquet has been going strong all day...time to switch though!
  14. :) Happy Easter to all of you! I am melting YC spring bouquet this morning! The Easter bunny brought my 15 year old four tops ...and she actually liked them all ;)
  15. I am now on lockdown until next fall...after this weekend's orders I have more than enough to last me. Once the weather gets warm I don't like to order anyway because of possible melting in transit.
  16. Cat, I bet your house smells scrumptious...I love vanillas. Speaking of YC ocean water, the lady at the Yankee store today told me they are bringing that back for a limited time only!
  17. Trep, I really like Brown Bag, and she ships super fast. I hit up the yankee tart sale today..only bought 12....but tomorrow is another day!
  18. I'm melting lime leaf and lily from Jason and Grace's Country Cottage...really strong. This one's a winner!
  19. WooHoo! Easter weekend, and I am off today and Monday I plan to do a lot of reading, melting, and relaxing...unfortunatelly taxes get mixed in there somewhere!. I've had YC Holiday bayberry melting since last night...that is one strong tart! Speaking of YC I plan to buy some tarts at their sale this weekend!
  20. I got two orders today...my superbowl Tuscadero's order and from Country Cottage. The Tuscadero's tarts are packaged really cute in Easter cellophane bags!
  21. Looks like yankee did make some duds here...I've got a couple more I'll probably mix with something else. I've been burniing a Gold Canyon clean sheets candle...it's awesome!
  22. That YC coconut cookie bar had next to no scent.....might have been an old tart!
  23. At work now, and I just put on YC coconut cookie bar....don't smell anything yet!
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