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  1. OMG Fleur my 15 year old got her llicense this past Monday, and I am petrified...but you have to let them go sometimes!
  2. Eat another one for me, and Jason, iIll have some of that spaghetti too!
  3. Bet he's digging into those muffins....I know i would be
  4. Thanks, that's it...need to bookmark it!
  5. Not having good luck melting today either...the Tuscadero's zucchini bread was not strong, so I replaced it with Tuscadero's cactus flower. It's pretty mild too! I ordered the violet lime from Texas Scentsations in a pillar. I normally don't care for pillars, but hers get such rave reviews I decided to try it. Help me out here with a question....After Snowtop closed, what is the name of the company that a relative of theirs opened using her scents???? I know she now has Front Porch, but I'm trying to locate the other one!
  6. Welcome Back Jewel! I just put Tuscadero's Gramma Ritas Zucchini Bread on to melt!
  7. I want to order it for my teenager. The proactiv she was using isn't doing the job anymore.
  8. This evening I have had lime leaf and lily from Jason and Grace's Country Cottage going. This is one super strong scent!
  9. Thanks Trep...she's mailing it tomorrow first thing. I really want my YC tarts!
  10. I had to email yet again today because I had heard nothing. I sent a copy of my order because she does not know which is my order. I am afraid I am going to be out $54.00. UPDATE: The money order has been located. Hopefully I will receive my order shortly!
  11. They have amazing feedback. Has anyone tried their products?
  12. YC Good Morning in the kitchen and Tuscadero's almond marzipan in the den! :?
  13. LOL momuvtwo...a colleague of mine has a 14 year old son who recently completed a sex ed class. She came to me appalled because he told her he knew he was supposed to wait till marriage, but he wanted to see what it was like, and he was going to "do it" as soon as he got the chance to.
  14. Started out the day with Cobblestone's meditteranean fig..very light throw. I then switched to Tuscadero's chestnuts and brown sugar...smells like butter. I also have some Yankee votives going...found them in the bck of a cabinet.
  15. Heck i wasn't even using a cart.....those dern things leaped right into my arms, and when i put them down they cried so i had to pick them back up!
  16. Apparently I am in need of an intervention....I went in Kohl's and they had the For Everybody Candles BOGOF. I picked up a Sugar Cookie and a Lemon Crisp. Now the Lemon Crisp is a small gift for one of my daughter's close guy friends who loves candles. Then I went to Ross where I found three Colonial At Home candles for really cheap prices. I got pear, watermelon, and moroccan spice. I also picked up two small Root tins. I've never tried Root candles before (they don't have very good reviews)!
  17. I've got YC Autumn Woods in the kitchen and Tuscadero's Patchouli Supreme in the den. I love the earthy scents!
  18. I'm back from Bed, Bath, and Beyond where I picked up a vanilla OV woodwick. I had a coupon for 20% off. I also bought a bunch of YC Autumn Leaves tarts that were marked down to $.89!!!!
  19. I just put YC water garden in the tealight burner. I know there have been mixed reviews on this one...we shall see! couple hours later.......I love this scent!
  20. This morning I have already melted Cobblestone's pomegranate...very light and YC cider donut...very good!
  21. I actually like using a money order becasue it keeps me from overspending. I only had one instance where a money order was never received, and the post office refunded the money.
  22. Aria, welcome to our group of fab melters!
  23. I started out with Cobblestone's lowcountry palm, but got no scent from it. Now I am melting YC berry jam, and it's a good one!
  24. Scent...you got me on that! I am taking myself off lockdown (not that I was ever really on) and that's no April fool! That Can-Do sale is calling my name!
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