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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. This morning American Home banana walnut cake.
  2. Has anyone ordered from Cheryl's candles lately? I was plotting a large order but stopped when I saw the shipping charges. They are really, really high.
  3. I just started American Home salted caramel...pretty yummy!
  4. This morning it's Haley's granma's toasred vanilla bean cookies!
  5. Another unseasonably warm day in SC...melting Scentsationals incense and wine!
  6. I'm melting Better Homes and Garden salted caramel pumpkin and Yankee salted caramel.
  7. I just saw that candles by Victoria is having a Super Bowl sale.
  8. Wow! I just saw that Olde Primitive Treasures has closed. Sorry if this has already been discussed.
  9. Biola...that sounds like a lot of fun! Lord it's hot here in SC! Just started YC eucalyptus!
  10. The Christmas scents were fun for a couple days. Currently it's YC Simply Home vanilla honey. My daughter comes home from France on Tuesday. I have not seen her in 7 months. She will be home until September 9.
  11. Currently melting YC mistletoe. Christmas is 5 months from today. I'm getting low on Christmas melts. Mthat will be my next order.
  12. Just wanted to update that Janet emailed today that my package is on the way. She is one o my favorite vendors, and I was just concerned that I had not herd from her. Also I will be melting Christmas scents on Thursday and Friday for Christmas in July.
  13. Has anyone not gotten their order from the May Haley's sale? I have emailed and not received a reply.
  14. I'm melting HHS Indian summer. I'm about 2/3 finished with And the Mountains Echoed....highly recommend.
  15. Another reader here....a Thousand Splendid Suns is amazing! Recent melts: YC storm watch....this is really strong. Currently midnight pomegranate fro K's Kreations
  16. Currently white clouds from Tara's CandleCottage. Before that it was YC pineapple supreme.
  17. Happy 4th everyone! I'm melting YC sweet strawberry and burning a coconut pudding YC.
  18. FP ugar corn pudding' in two melters...awesome
  19. What is the grumpy girl code? I've never bought from there.
  20. Afternoon melt is YC Simply Home spice cake.
  21. I am starting this Saturday with Yankee Simply Home Fuji apple. Does anyone have an update on Trep?
  22. Just added Scentsationals pinecones and birch. Ya'll's plans sound fun!
  23. I started New Year's Eve with Scentsationals fresh air. I'm another homebody who is in bed forthe new year.
  24. I've been wondering about Trep and her kitty also! Recent melts: Scentsationals mountain twilight...love this one, but my Walmart is out of it. Also melted Tara's sugar corn pudding and Tara's Celtic moon spice and NeNe's pomegranate martini and Ruby Rose fig and sweet almond. I've packed up my holiday scents.
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