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  1. I melted my old standby Nag Champa from Cheryl today.
  2. I am melting and loving Cheryl's Merlin's Forest.
  3. Today is a day spent with Sangre de Grado from Cheryl. Wonderful!
  4. Mulberry from Tara......good scent of medium strength, only lasting a short time.
  5. Home from El Paso. We had a very good trip, a wonderful visit with my sister, and her three children threw a great party for her eightieth birthday. But, oh how glad I was to get home. I love my home. :) Today I melted Victoria's Frankincense and Myrrh. I really do love this scent and Victoria's is so strong and long lasting.
  6. Today's melt is Cheryl's Mystic Woods. Tomorrow my daughter and I are flying to El Paso for my sister's 80th birthday. Although I hate to travel, I feel I must help her celebrate this highlight in her life. :)
  7. Yes, sweet&spicey, I have been mia for awhile and I must tell you that it is so very nice to be missed, even if only my avatar was missed. I took a brief hiatus to concentrate on March Madness. Every year my family logs onto CBS's site to join their Brackets competition. Each individual picks the teams they think will win throughout the tournament. Then CBS takes over, does the math and such, and lists where everyone is in the standings after every game. This is our seventh year and there are 24 of us. It really is a lot of fun, we even have a board where we can chat with each other. It keeps a family connected who are separated by many miles. Candlelove, I am so sorry Villanova lost to NC, but you can be proud of them for going as far as the Final Four. Today found me greatly enjoying Cheryl"s Black Canyon, I love it.
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